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Most developed cities in Nigeria are the most popular and beautiful cities that we hear everyday. Although, there are others that are not popular but very beautiful city in Nigeria. It is no doubt that Nigeria has 36 States and Capitals. However, most of the Capitals are Cities. Also, apart from each City Capital; there are other cities in each state that people who don’t live in the state have no idea about. This article will help you know more of the most developed cities in Nigeria. Just like the previous post on largest cities in Nigeria.


List of State with Popular Cities

  • Abuja
  • Akwa Ibom
  • Cross River
  • Anambra
  • Delta
  • Edo
  • Imo
  • Kaduna
  • Kano
  • Lagos
  • Ondo
  • Oyo
  • Plateau
  • Rivers State

The above States are mostly the well develop State and Cities in Nigeria. ALSO READ ABOUT, TOWNS IN KWARA STATE

Most developed Cities in Nigeria

This list is according to the level of development; where 1 means most develop while 10 is less develop.



This is a major city and the most beautiful place in Nigeria, a planned city just like Dubai and New York. However, in Abuja which is the federal capital of Nigeria; there are other places that can be called cities. The below places in Abuja are nice cities to visit. ALSO READ ABOUT, LIST OF TOWNS IN DUBAI


Asokoro is a renown place in Abuja. Its qualifies as a City and is included on the list of our Most developed cities in Nigeria. However, Asokoro lies on the hill in central part of Nigeria; having an attractive scenic view when looking from a distance. It is home to an Island, Zoo, River, Aso Rock and Presidential Villa of Nigeria. Asokoro is such a beautiful place and can be compared to some cities in the United States of America.


The almighty Maitama is another beautiful place in Abuja; that is filled with luxurious houses and hotels, it is home to Millennium Park, tantalizing restaurant and many amusement centre. Maitama is a very nice and develop place in Abuja for the rich to settle. Anyone from Dubai or San Diego can live comfortably here without complaining; because the environment is very conducive.


This is another elegant city in Federal Capital Territory. Thinking of the best recreational; then you will find it here. The market leaves memories in the minds of people after visiting. However, Silverbird Mall lies in this area. The nightlife in Wuse is very fun. While in this city you will be exposed to rich Nigerian culture; especially in their songs and food. Apart from Silverbird, there’s also Pyramid Art and Centre, Omega Art Gallery and other places too.


Utako is very close and connected to wuse by Nnamdi Azikwe Expressway. Also, it is nearby to Central Business District, Mabushi and Jabi. However, the Shehu Yar’ adua way cut into this city. Utako is another paradise in Abuja with nice landscape. The high standard architectural work on both roads and houses looks great.


Wuye on the other hand lies very close to Utako. On the same Nnamdi Azikiwe Express. Also, it is the minor beautiful city in Federal capital of Nigeria. It is home to the National Hospital and the popular Package B Sports Complex. However, the road that links to Airport passes through its noise. Jabi Park is not too far from it. Wuye is a luxurious city just like Lekki and Victoria Island in Lagos.


We can’t list all the beautiful places in Abuja and forget Lugbe. Lugbe which lies in Abuja Municipal Area Council is home to luxurious hotels that are quite expensive. It is a very popular place in Abuja. However, you can get to this scenic area from Umaru Musa Yar’ Adua road and Airport road. ALSO RRAD ABOUT, ABUJA MUNICIPAL AREA COUNCIL to really know more about Lugbe.


One of the most beautiful place in Nigeria after Abuja is also the most expensive place to settle in Nigeria. It is home to many luring places that you will never want to leave after visiting. Lagos is know for many popular place. Maybe you need to ALSO READ ABOUT, LCC CANOPY WALKWAY the longest in Africa; to know what Lagos is made of. Below are few Elegant Cities in Lagos that you will really want to know about.


Ikeja is the capital city of Lagos State. It is home to Lagos administrative affairs. Also, the office of Lagos State Governor lies in this city; in a place called Alausa. Abuja is a very decent city in Lagos. Almost every popular hotels in Lagos owns a branch in Ikeja. Presken Hotel, Ibis, Airport hotel, and Other hotels have a branch here. The popular shopping mall, ShopRite lies very close to Alausa. No doubt Ikeja is a cool place to live and not too expensive like some part of Lagos.

Victoria Island

Victoria Island in Lagos is more like the city of Angels. It is a very beautiful place and home to many skyscrapers. The popular Oriental Hotel and Landmark event center lies here. You need to visit VI as it is popularly called to behold it’s scenery. VI is home to many big organisation, foreigners and the big guns of Nigeria. Property in Victoria Island is very expensive. However, many of them are own by the Politicians and top Business Men in Nigeria. Also, Victoria Island is home to the 1004 estate which holds over 1000 apartment. Nevertheless, there’s ShopRite in this city where you can easily do shopping.


Ikoyi as of Year 2000, used to be a city that people go crazy for. It was actually the most beautiful place in Lagos before VI and Lekki came into existence. Everyone wanted to work in the beautiful environ of Ikoyi. Nevertheless, Ikoyi is the most expensive place to live in Lagos. It is home to Osborne and Bourdilon estate. Not only that there are many monuments and places in Ikoyi. Ikoyi is for the high class people of Lagos.


Is a peninsula in the Eastern part of Lagos. Just like Abuja; Lekki is a planned city in Lagos, Nigeria. It is home to many tourist attractions and resort centres, such as beaches, Park and hotels, restaurant etc. Lekki is been managed by the LGAs in Lagos. However, they are Epe, Ibeju-Lekki, and Eti-Osa. Lekki is home to the Lekki Free Trade Zone, and the Lekki-Epe International Airport. Lekki British School and American International School of Lagos lies here. Also, the Italian International School. Lekki is also home to ShopRite. There are a lot to really talk about this City but we will stop here. ALSO READ ABOUT, ROMANTIC PLACES IN LAGOS



Is an ancient city in Lagos. It is home to the National Stadium, Teslim Balogun Stadium and National Art Theatre. Also, there is a Magistrate Court in Surulere. The former governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Raji Fashola once lived in this City during His tenure. Surulere lies in Mainland of Lagos State; unlike VI, Ikoyi and Lekki that are all position at the Island. Although, Ikeja is also on the mainland. Accommodation in Surulere is cheaper to afford than the other cities listed here. Both the rich and poor lives in Surulere that is why it is a very fun place to settle. There are lots of resorts centres in Surulere. Luxurious hotels and restaurant are easy to find. Surulere is a business hub in Lagos and is also home to ShopRite.

Cross River

Is a tourist State in Nigeria. It is another beautiful State after Lagos. The most beautiful places are below. ALSO READ ABOUT, OBUDU TOWN


Is a very beautiful city in Cross River. Also, it is the capital city of the state. Calabar is home to University of Calabar, Calabar Free Trade Zone and Tinapa; a resort centre that draws tourist. Calabar is no doubt a beautiful place and home to many tourist attractions. Almost every place in Calabar has a story you can tell.

Ekpo Abasi

Is home to Cross River University of Technology in Cross River State. Ekpo Abasi is a very beautiful place to settle, it environ is so green and has lots of resort centres for one to relax. There are many fun places to check-in while in Ekpo Abasi. I wish to visit Ekpo Abasi again.


Marian is a very beautiful place in Cross River State and has the largest market. Mariam is just like Ikeja in Lagos. Although, it is more quiet compare to the noisy environ of Ikeja. The city is a very decent and neat place to live. Nevertheless, the city is very affordable unlike some places in Calabar. ALSO READ ABOUT, AKPABUYO TOWN


Rivers State

Rivers State is an Oil rich state in Nigeria and home to Okrika Refined Petroleum Oil Jetty. Also home to Islands and Port. It is an industrial city that is very develop but the cost of living is high. ALSO READ ABOUT, OPOBO TOWN RIVERS STATE

Port Harcourt

The biggest city and capital of Rivers State, it is a very rich city and sometimes been compared to Lagos. It is home to Uniport; the University of Port Harcourt and many tourist attraction. Also, accommodation and life in PH as it is popularly called is expensive.

Akwa Ibom

Akwa Ibom is another beautiful State in Nigeria and know for it calmness. The oil producing state is fast developing and home to the longest beach in Africa; that is the Ibeno beach. There are many fun places in this state which many come to relax during festive period.


Uyo is the biggest city and the most expensive and classic place to live in Akwa Ibom. It is home to the international airport and the stadium. However, Uyo has the biggest roundabout and a world globe installed and its rotate by hydraulic motor. There are many notable things about Uyo. Uyo could be compared to Abuja municipal Area Council

Ikot Ekpene

Ikot Ekpene is not too far from Uyo. It is an ancient city in Nigeria and even existed before Nigeria gained independent. This is another nice place to stay and enjoy the peaceful City of Akwa Ibom. It is home to many resort centres and nice road. Ikot Ekpene is cost friendly. It is not as expensive as Lekki in Lagos. Infact this is a good place for the middle class to settle and startup a family. ALSO READ ABOUT, ABIAKPO TOWN. A place in IK


Oyo sometimes refer to as “On Your Own” is another beautiful state in Nigeria with Ibadan in mind. It a Yoruba ancient settlement and has lots of attractions. The state is another cool place to enjoy the rich culture of The Yorubas. Oyo is home to a popular place called Igbo ora; that attract visitors from different part of the world.


This is the largest city in Africa by landmark. Also, the third most populous city after Lagos and Kano in Nigeria. The city is a very nice place to live and one of the most developed cities in Nigeria; especially in Yoruba land. Ibadan is home to many tourist attractions and resort centres. Feel free to explore Ibadan


Imo is the sunrise of Igbo land with new development and infrastructure. However, the state is doing everything to set a high standard for its indigene. ALSO READ ABOUT, OGBAKU TOWN


Which is the capital city of Imo and the most develop place is home to many luxurious hotels and estate, the bush bars and restaurants in Owerri is quite tantalizing. Nevertheless, Owerri is also the most developed cities in Nigeria.


Anambra which earns the name Business Hub of Nigeria; is a nice place to settle. Especially when you are Business oriented. Furthermore, with the popular Onitsha and Iweka Market Anambra is the best city to buy and sell. ALSO READ ABOUT, EKWUSIGO TOWN


Is the capital city of this Igbo land in Nigeria. It is home to many institution and hospitals. Awka is a good place and a develop city in the Eastern part of Nigeria. When next you are planning on a trip to the East; never forget to include Awka.


You can read about Okija here OKIJA and find out about Obijackson.


Delta borders the River Niger and Edo state in Nigeria. It is another beautiful state and home to UBULU UKU town. It another fast developing state in Nigeria.


Asaba is the most develop city in Delta and it is also the capital city. However, Asaba is home to beautiful maidens and natural resources. The luxurious hotels and building designs are perfect. The city is home to almost all the international facilities Delta has.


Is an ancient city and can’t miss the list of most developed cities in Nigeria. The city is unique in its own way and attract visitors from different part of the country because of the Standup comedy shows that usually takes place. It is a cool place for anyone to live and start life.


It is has many history behind it origin and how they are able to survive till today. Its Benin City is a perfect place to stay in Nigeria.


Benin is the capital of Edo state and one of the most beautiful place people run to for hideout. Also, Benin city is an ancient kingdom and a very powerful dynasty where some people believe they can go there to seek for power. It is a City that is really promoting its standard of Education. Its also home to many amusement park and fun places.


This is a state and a City in the northern part of Nigeria that is not lagging behind. The Emirs of this land are putting things in place gradually. Nevertheless, Kano is a very beautiful place to stay in the north.


Just like Kano it is another beautiful city in Kaduna State. It is among the most developed cities in Nigeria. Kano and Kaduna in northern Nigeria are far developed that other cities. Although, Maiduguri was trying before the sudden invasion of terrorist attacks that has really destroy many parts of the city.


Ondo is another Western part of Nigeria that is developing. The state is know for Agricultural works. Also, home to natural resources.


Akure is one of the most developed cities in Nigeria of Ondo State. It is popular for it bush bar and restaurant. Also there are luxurious hotels here.


Plateau State just like the name is a plateau in Nigeria. Popularly known as home of tourism and peace. It is the coldest state in Nigeria and 12th largest state in Nigeria.


Jos which sometimes snow is the most beautiful city in Plateau State also home to many tourist attraction. Also, it is the capital of Plateau State.


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