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There are a wide variety of hotels in Ogun state. Whatever your preference, they are all available. If it is luxury, for instance, you are sure to find it. Whether it is just comfort that is also realizable. The hotels in Ogun all speak the same language. Also, they offer similar services. For example, you enjoy affordable rates. Secondly, you can book online with immediate confirmation. And they boast of good reviews. With special offers and amazing deals, they thrive. Most importantly, there is an eclectic selection of hotels in Ogun.


 List of hotels in Ogun

  • Remo Majestic Hotel
  • Babcock Guest House
  • Ladgate Hotel
  • Caesars Court Hotel and Suites
  • Honeymoon Guest House
  • Meekad Hotels limited
  • Mokland Hotel
  • Kapital hotel
  • Eden Hotel & Suites

 Remo Majestic Hotel

Hotels in Ogun
Remo-Majestic Hotel

This is a 2-star hotel. Its location is along Afolabi Kehinde Avenue. This is just off Sagamu/Benin expressway. Despite its 2-star, people still patronize them well enough. This is because their service is off the chart. For instance, they have rooms in categories. Some of which are Executive, Ambassador, and Luxury. Others are, Presidential suite and Atlantic Suite. The rooms here are equipped with convenient amenities. Amenities such as; private bathrooms, flat-screen TVs, and wireless internet access. On the other hand, there are also hotel facilities. To list a few, a gym, bar/lounge, uninterrupted power supply.

 Places of interest near Remo majestic

  • Awolowo market
  • Mr Biggs
  • Club Revolution

 Ladgate hotel

The hotel has its site in Plot 9, Kemta Igiaba Housing Estate. Its location is in the beautiful city of Abeokuta. Similar to other hotels, they also have categories of rooms. They are Studio and Standard studio. In addition to these are Standard Double and Executive Double. Notwithstanding the duration, you will certainly enjoy your stay. As the amenities they provide are satisfactory. They also have over 80 rooms with air-conditioners. Ladgate however also puts in place several facilities. These facilities include; a restaurant, 24-hour front desk service, and constant power supply.

 Interesting places near Ladgate

  • FCE Osiele Shopping complex
  • Obasanjo Library (10 minutes’ drive)


 Ilaro Ogun (Hotels)

 April Suites

This is an accommodation that offers 4-star service. Though, the name has nothing to do with the month. Several hotels provide similar amenities, likewise the April Suites. Visitors enjoy free wi-fi. They also have access to laundry service. However, the room service can also take care of all needs. On the other hand, private parking comes at an additional price. Above all, April Suites is near the city centre. And it is one of the best hotels in the vicinity. Also, the average price for a room is £7000. This depends on the standard of the room.

 Gen-Preston Hotel & Suites

Gen-Preston hotel and Suites

It is very easy to fall in love with this hotel. The features are very welcoming. And the staff make it their duty to satisfy visitors. With several amenities, you feel at home. Firstly, the outdoor pool is very soothing. Other features as the lounge and restaurant are also very convenient. Another interesting thing is that it is family-friendly. As they also make children activities available. Lastly, there are nearby attractions. The Henna place for example is a good place for shopping.

 Yewa Frontier

Just like other hotels, it has the basic amenities. Also, Yewa Frontier has great reviews. Some of the visitors praise their customer service. In the same vein, they also get good reviews for their rooms. Apparently, they pride themselves in neatness and efficacy.


 Best Hotels in Abeokuta

 Celia’s Suites

Abeokuta hotels
Celia’s Suites

They have a good rating. And their reviews are awesome. This is because they offer satisfying accommodation. With a hot spring bath, you are already sold. Another attractive feature is its fitness centre. As people with love for exercise always make appearances. On the other hand, there’s a bar for the “drinkers”. Among other features are the barbecue and free wi-fi. The proximity to other parts of the city is very convenient.

 IBD International Hotels

It is a few metres from St. Peters cathedral church. Presumably, this may be relevant to church-goers. In the same vein, it is not far from the centre of the city. Very much like others, it can be quite evocative. That is, if you stay long enough. With free private parking-space you don’t spend much.

 Park Inn

Park Inn
Park Inn Hotel

It is quite expensive. Be that as it may, it is worth its pay. And you will certainly get your money’s worth. Park Inn is one of the best hotels in Ogun. Albeit, a cliche, a trial will certainly convince you.

 Other hotels in Abeokuta

  • Conference Hotel
  • Faskota Holiday home
  • Wise Hotel
  • Princess Lodge Guest House
  • Dikord Hotel and Event Centre


 Hotels for lease in Ogun

Several properties are for sale in Ogun state. These properties vary from lands to houses. While some are commercial, others are private. Additional real estate sales include shops, apartments, and flats. However, hotels are seldom on lease in Ogun. Most times, they are for sale.

 Locations of Hotels for sale

  •  No 7, Odi Iri, Abeokuta. Ogun State
  • Iyana Iyesi Sango Ota, Ado Odo Ota
  • Moshood Abiola Polytechnic road, Onikolobo. Abeokuta South
  • Likosi/Mosimi, Sagamu

 Hotels in Ota

Many of the hotels in Ota have similar features. That is to say, they all provide the same service. They however have different rates. As this may obviously depend on the quality of service. Sometimes, the prices are relative. It may depend on the standard of the room. Some of the amenities include,

  • Free wi-fi
  • Laundry service
  • 24-hour front desk service
  • Bar/lounge
  • Restaurant

List of hotels in Ota, Ogun.

  • Vintage Nest
  • Fatty K Hotel and Suites
  • Maridom Palace Hotel
  • Leksokky Hotels


 Cheap Hotels in Ogun

  • Batco Hotel
  • August Sixteen Guest House
  • O’lounge and bar
  • Honeymoon Guest House
  • Jambed Hotel and Suites

 Batco Hotel

One word to perfectly describe this hotel is affordable. That however takes nothing away from its service. Batco provides you with good amenities. As this is just like other hotels. Despite its price, it is safe and convenient. For example, there is a study desk in every room. There is also double-bed for bigger rooms. On the other hand, there are rooms of your choice. You could pick between single, and double room. These rooms go for as low as #1500 and #3000. That is Single, and double room respectively.

 August Sixteen Guest House

This is a hotel for any and everyone. It is because it is financially convenient. And certainly a good option. Visitors enjoy every benefit other luxurious hotels provide. As security, neatness and comfort is sure. Also, you have access to the building facilities. Some of which are the bar and in house kitchen. You can find the Guest House at Raji Gbadamosi Street. The location is in Ijoko, Ogun.

 Honeymoon Guest House

The guest house is just off Kosigiri Street. And it is at Alausa Bustop. Quite unusually, it has just one category of room. However, the rooms have the necessary amenities. From flat-screen TVs to King size beds. Furthermore, guest get to enjoy African dishes. As the restaurants and bar offer the best.

 Interesting places nearby

  • Green Legacy Resort
  • Olumo Rock
  • Fun Factory


Cheapest Hotels in Ogun

Sometimes people look for convenience. Other times, they search for luxury. But then, most visitors require affordable places. So, there are also very affordable hotels in Ogun.

  • Splendour Guest Inn
  • U & I Guest House
  • Jambed Hotel and Suites


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