Obudu town is found in the Northern district of Cross river state, South-South of Nigeria, it is a Local Government Area and also the headquarters of Obudu Local Government.



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Obudu town is in the Northern district of Cross river state. The South-South of Part of Nigeria. It is a Local Government Area and also the headquarters of Obudu. Obudu town comprises of 11 district. Which are Alege, Becheve, Bette, North Oban-Liku, Obudu (rural), Okpe, South Oban-Liku, Ugang, Unpe, Utanga, and Utugwang. Obudu is close to Benue state. It’s also close to Vendakya, Bekwara, Ogoja town and Obanliku local government area. Where The Obudu Moutain Resort lies on the Obudu Plateau. Which is also close to Cameroun.

Obudu has rural and urban settlement. Fact remains that Obudu is home to tourist center. The Obudu Moutain Resort is in Obanliku Local Government formerly; called Obudu Cattle Ranchi. It was discovered by Mr. McCaughley, a Scottish in 1949. Also, it was develop in 1951. The place is just 30 minute drive from Obudu. Bebi Airport is also within the environ of Obudu. The Obudu Ranch International Mountain Race; also make the town a fun place to live. Furthermore, there is Obudu Dam which generate power from the Waterfall area.


Obudu town is found in the Northern district of Cross river state, South-South of Nigeria, it is a Local Government Area and also the headquarters of Obudu Local Government

The town indeed is worth tagging Home Of Tourism. With the above mentioned places. And with the fact that the Calabar Cemetery which has 16 commonwealth burials. Including Mary Slessor tomb a Scottish missionary is also found within it reach. Other social amenities and infrastructure in the town include Hotels, Hospital, good roads and Electricity. There is Ultra-modern Civic Centre, Stadium and Margaret Ekpo International Airport. Obudu has an upper hand in the Human Resources Development Scheme. Also, with Integrated Rural Development, and Road Construction and Rehabilitation.

Population in Obudu town

Obudu has a great population. According to the 1991 census Obudu was 84,799. Then in 2006 the population grew to 161,457. From the last project in 2011 Obudu has 186,650 people. Therefore it shows that it present population maybe more than 186,650. The people here who are without formal education are mostly farmers, cattle rearers and fishermen. While the Literate are in the healthcare sector, oil, and gas, engineering, law firm etc.

Religion in Obudu town

The town of Obudu is a Christian town. And most of the churches in this areas are Catholic, Cherubim and Seraphim. There’s Assemblies of God, Faith Tabernacle (Winners chapel), Celestine Church etc.

Food in Obudu town

The type of food eaten here is similar to Akpabuyo town. And some are also eaten in Abiakpo town. These foods include Afang soup, Atama soup, Abak Nmong Nmong Ikong and Afia Efere (white soup). Also, Ukwogho Etidot ( Efik Bitter leaf soup), Edesi isip (efik coconut rice), Efere Etighi (Okra soup), and Edikaikong Soup. Others are Iwuk Edesi (Native jollof rice), Ekpan Nkwukwo, Abak Afang (banga soup), Efere Ine (Fisherman’s soup), Iwuk Ukom (plantain pottage), and Yam (Udia) with Ukang.

Language in Obudu town

The indigene of Obudu speaks English, Boki, and Akwa Ibom language. Some also speak Benue. This is because of the common border they share. While English is the official language in Nigeria. Boki is a major language in Obudu. Yache, Utugwanga, Ukelle, Mbube, Igede, Ekajuka, Bekwarra, and Bette people are also in Obudu. Though they are also in Yala, Ogoja and Obanliku Local Government Area.

This makes the town very beautiful. I’m of visiting here again. You can plan your next trip to here. I love this town. I hope you will too.


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