Opobo town



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Opobo town

Opobo town lies in Rivers State. The Niger Delta part of Nigeria. The town is better describe as an island. In the southern part of Nigeria. The town makes up the 21 Local government area; in Rivers State.  It shares border with Akwa Ibom state. Opobo town is made up of several communities. They are Queenstown, Kalasunju and Oloma. Also, Ayaminimah, Iloma, Minimah and Okpukpo; are parts of it. The Iwoma, Ekereborokiri, Kalaibiama and Epellema makes it up. The town experience tropical rainforest.


Opobo is part of the constituency in Rivers. Which is the Nigerian National Assembly delegation. The headquarters of the town is also in Opobo. It is very close to Nkoro and Bori in Rivers State. However, close to Ngwa at the north. Then east to Annang and Ibibio. The town was found on the 25th December 1870. The founder of Opobo town is Jubo Jubogha. He is also called King Jaja of Opobo. The present paramount ruler is Dandeson Douglas Jaja V. The former COAS Kenneth Minimah is from this town. He was the  former Cheif of Army Staff of Nigeria.

Towns and villages in Rivers State

Here is a list of populated; towns and villages in Rivers State. Port Harcourt, Bonny, Opobo, Nkoro and Okrika. There are Abalama, Bori, Abonnema, Bane and Elele too. Then the Ahoada, Igrita, Ataba, Buguma and Emohua are not left out. The final list are Igwuruta, Odiabidi, Onne, Rumuokoro, Omoku and Okobie.

Population of Opobo town

Opobo has a population of about 214,700. According to the 2016 city population project. The town is an island with a great population. The majority of the people are youth. The common job here is fishing and farming. The town is rich in crude oil. The town is well develop. It has nice building with good roads. They are many professional work to do for school graduate.

Festival and culture in Opobo town

The Indigene of this town are ijaw. They live by the custom of ijaw. The most common rite is the Egiribite and Bibite. This is an initiation perform by women. A woman must be 50 years and above to do this. Also, she must have grown up children. It is usually perform to show the prosperity of the woman. This rite is expensive to perform. It is for the rich. There is also Opobo regatta.  They also practice Igbadai a kind of divination. They are also faithful Christians in the town. The people of this town are good people. They welcome visitors. It is a peaceful land to live.

Languages in Opobo town

Opobo people speaks Izon. The Indigene are also called Opobians. Others speak Igbo a trading language. English and Pidgin English is common here. Hausa and Yoruba is not popular. And also Ibibio is not common.

Foods in Opobo town

The delicacies in this town are majorly the Niger Delta foods. The Akwa Ibom and Igbo food is not left out. The town is rich in palm produce, yams and plantains. They have vegetables as well as tropical fruits. They have enough sea foods. Which are clams, fish, oysters and periwinkles. The people here eats Polofiyai. It is a soup made with palm oil and yam. This town also eats Ignabeni. Others are Kekefiyai, Gbe, Kalabari fulo, and Owafiya. They eat foods like  Geisha Soup,  Kiri-igina, Opuru-fulou, and Onunu. You can travel to Akwa Ibom in 5 minutes away by boat.

Social amenities and infrastructure in Opobo town

The town is a well developed place. It has electricity and pipe borne water.  There are also some good roads. There are schools and hospitals in Opobo town. This place is a good environ for investment.  The government here are at work. The closest airport to the town is Eket and Port Harcourt.


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