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Abiakpo town is a major town in Ikot Ekpene local government area. It is in Akwa Ibom state, southeastern part of Nigeria. The town is near Uruk Iso, Uwa, and Ikot Akpan at the west. Then Ikot Obon Edong and Ikot Inyang at the east. Although, looking at it from the center one can say Uruk Iso is left of Abiakpo. A little walk or motorcycle from Main park can take you to Abiakpo in few minutes. The town is nearer to Ikot Ekpene Main Park. It lies along Ikot Ekpene – Uyo road. Abiakpo is found in the Annang tribe or ethnic group of Akwa Ibom.
Abiakpo meaning “Orthopedic surgeon”. The name is from the fact that it indigene is good in massaging bones. And also, any fragile on the body. The town comprises of 10 community. The names are Ikot Ebituen, Ikot Awak, Ikot Akpan Omon, Ikot Essien, and Ikot Idem Etim. Others are Ikot Ebieyem, Ikot  Akpan Oduk, Ikot Ukpong, Ikot Effiong and Ikot Inyang. The current village head is Ete-idung Obong Francis Udoeboi. He is assisted in the
administration of the community by various family head. Also in conjunction with the women and youths wing of the village. While in Lagos State, Abiakpo Ikot Essien Development Union is led by Mr. James James Udohayah. With a dynamic team of men and women from various works of life.
Abiakpo town

Population in Abiakpo town

Abiakpo in Ikot Ekpene has a population that is approximately 19,0326 people. They are Farmers, Hunters, Motorcycle riders, Traders, Civil Servants, Business Associate and Diplomate, Teachers and Students. Others are Engineers like Phone Repairer, Computer Repairer, Contractors, Civil Engineer etc. Medical Practitioners,  and Lawyers.

The town is a very beautiful place. Where development is gradually taking charge. Abiakpo has primary and secondary schools. Some of them are from the state government. While others are private. The town is a peaceful environment where people can run to for a holiday.

Resources in Abiakpo town

Prices of food items in this land varies. It is in proportion to the cost of production and distribution. While some people complain that some items are expensive in Abiakpo. Those items are cheaper in another part of the country and vice-versa. These people can boast of high yield of Cassava production, Palm Oil, and Palm wine. Also, there are Plantain, Banana and other fruits grown in the town.

Food in Abiakpo town

The major food eaten here is Egbank nkukwo, Afang soup with fufu, and Edika Ikong soup. They also eat potatoes, rice and beans, Atama soup, Arbak etc. And many other Akwa Ibom state delicacies. Also, the restaurant or eatery kind of food is available here too.

Social amenities in Abiakpo town

The people of this land are industrious. Also, they live peacefully with one another. The town is the home of trade. Nothing lacks in this town. People don’t need to travel afar in other to get medical attention or emergency need. There are educational, sport centres or any of such benefits. Abiakpo is where I can refer to as “My Home”. In an actual sense, one living in London will not regret having Abiakpo as a hometown. There are good reasons for one to move down from London to Abiakpo for Honeymoon, tour, and holidays. So as to experience another small beautiful town.

The town is rich in social amenities and basic infrastructure. Technology is virtually taking over the land. I see this town to be a very popular place in Nigeria in few years to come. Also the European officials also parade this town for reasons. Visiting Abiakpo was fun and my team really enjoyed it. Abiakpo is home to many government officials and prestigious people in the state. The country and in the diaspora. The closest Airport to this town is Akwa Ibom State International Airport located at Uyo.

Language in Abiakpo town

Languages spoken or heard here is what we refer to as Annang. They speak English (official language), and Pidgin (low-level English). Other languages of Akwa Ibom is also spoken. Such as Efik and Ibibio from other tribes living in the town. How0ever, Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa are also spoken by migrant from other State. French, and sign language is also thought in schools. Also, other European languages like Portuguese in some private school.

Religion in Abiakpo town

The people of this land are mostly Christians and few idol worshipers. Although are not easy to find around. However, this is because information has been passed across that the land is strictly for God. And any indecent should be destroy. The major churches in this land are Assemblies of God, and Apostolic Church. Also, they are Redeem Christian Church of God, Christ Embassy, Winners Chapel, Methodist Church and other churches.

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