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Positano in southern Italy is a civilise village that lies in Salerno province of Campania region and borders the Amalfi coast along the Sorrentine Peninsula. A very attractive tourist centre that people come to spend special time with love ones and family and friends. Positano Italy is known for its beaches, cafes, boutique and the topography of the land such as narrow street and steeps. There are luxurious hotels and restaurants that you will gaze at am be amaze of the structure. Also, there’s an ancient Byzantine status of the Virgin Mary in this village. However, the easiest way to move from this village to other towns is usually a hiking trail called The Sentiero degli Dei.


Positano Italy Weather

Do you know that May and September are the best time to visit Positano. The weather is always cool. During January and February the temperature usually drop to 11°C. However, in summer the weather is not usually very hot but humid. Although, dry but you will always have a bright weather that is lovely. During the winter it becomes because of the cool sea breeze wind. Also, Winter is always long and could be wet too. These is the weather for Positano Italy.

Fun places to visit in Positano Italy

This exotic village is know for it beaches, restaurant and nice architectural design of White, Pink, and Yellow colour. It is a beautiful place for couples to spend Valentine and Honeymoon. Also, it’s home to romantic getaway for families, friends and lovers. You can choose to go on mountain hiking, or visit the Santa Maria Assunta Church. Its another attractive place to check-in. Also, remember it a church so you can always worship there. Nevertheless, you can always go on a boat ride. These are the fun places to visit

  • Church of Santa Maria Assunta
  • Laurito Beach
  • Hotel Poseidon
  • Dimora del Podesta
  • Path of the Gods Hike
  • Medieval Saracen towers
  • Blue Star Boat Tours
  • Da Adolfo


When to visit Positano in Italy

visiting this tourist attracting village in March and November is not always bad. That is if will really like to explore Positano when people are not really much. Then thee Amalfi coast should be included in your bucket list. Am sure you will enjoy the beaches around and small shops. When visit this awesome place; you will enjoy the luxurious hotels in different rate and affordable prices.

Also, the summer is just perfect for those that loves nightlife and clubbing. Do you know that in November many resort centres tend to close because of the weather. So it is important to make findings about this before traveling. Especially during the All Saint’s Day. When to visit this village is very important.


Neighbouring Places to Positano

  • Amalfi
  • Sorrento
  • Pompeii
  • Herculaneum
  • Capri
  • Naples
  • Salerno
  • Atrani
  • Ravello
  • Li Galli

Positano Italy Hotels

There are quite a number of hotels in and around this place. Also, with various prices. All ranging from 3 Star to 5 Star hotel. You will get the best while in this village. Although we call this countryside a village but it could qualify as a city to other countries around the world. Furthermore, below are a list of luxurious hotels to check in and enjoy your trip. Positano is actually the most expensive place to visit in summer in Europe.


  • Hotel Poseidon
  • Le Sirenuse
  • Hotel Marincanto
  • Hotel La Bougainville Positano
  • Art Hotel / Hotel Pasitea
  • Hotel Covo dei Saraceni
  • Hotel california Positano
  • Le Agavi
  • Hotel Eden Roc Positano
  • Hotel Palazzo Murat

Positano Italy Map

It lies near Montepertuso and Arienzo in Campania region. This is how Positano sits on map. However, you can get to this place through train from Vietri sul Mare in West Salerno by using train. Also, a bus can convey you to this village from Sorrento and this could take 45 minutes of your time. The nearest airport on this map is Naples; so people from to Naples and then take bus from Rome or Sorrento or Salerno to this amazing tourist site.

Population Of Positano Italy

Do you know that this village is an ancient site that was destroyed by volcanic eruption. However, among many other towns and Villages since 100 BC it still exist till today. In 2017 the population hit 3,942 although it population is usually 4000 people. But in Summer it may increase if census is taken because that is when people usually tour this site.

Now you know that this village has been in existence for long. Also, they indigenes are into fishing, and trade. When you visit the village; you will likely come across many shops and fisher men. While others work in Salerno and Sorrento and come back by train.

Beautiful places in Italy


Festival and Culture in Positano

The kind of life and things they do here will amaze you. But it’s all fun anyway. Maybe you haven’t heard of Boat Tours; people in this part of the world take turns on Boat Yours. However, there are companies that take people on this. However, in April get ready for Cartoons on the Bay.

The people of this region take out their time to celebrate the animation sectors. Also there’s usually a fish festival in Fornillo, Street Food Festival, Positano Teatro Festival, and Zeppola Festival. Nevertheless, the Christmas and New Year festival is not exemptional. You will really enjoy your stay here because every months comes with an event.

Food in Positano Italy

There’s nothing to worry about as the Italians has sumptuous meal that has sweet sansation. The fresh fish and shrimps from the shore has great size and are tempting. While in this village you could eat redfish, blue fish, bream, octopus, molluscs, and sea urchins are the best cuisine in this part of the world. You need to have a taste of pezzogne and Limoncello you will want to remain here the rest of your life. There are nice resort centres and restaurants and these are Casa e Bottega, Da Vincenzo Positano and Next 2.

Language in Positano Italy

The common language here is Italian. Although, the indigene of Positano speaks with Neapolitan Dialect. However, visitors who visit this village will find it challenging speaking with the occupants as many do not understand English. Except for those leaving in cities like Milan, Turin and Palermo.

Social Amenities in Positano

There’s nothing you will look for in terms of development that you will not get in this village. However, the closet Airport is in Naples, the hotels are high standards, the tourist attractions and resort centres and restaurants are just perfect. There is enough electricity to keep your business moving.

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