Ogbaku town is a major town in Mbaitoli LGA (Local Government Area) in Imo state, Nigeria. The town is directly south to Abuja and lies along Onitsha-Owerri Expressway



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Ogbaku town is a major town in Mbaitoli LGA (Local Government Area). it in Imo state, Nigeria. The town is directly south to Abuja. Also, it lies along Onitsha-Owerri Expressway. Few drives away from it can make you be in Owerri city. Which is the state capital. However, the town consist of 18 villages. This tells you that Ogbaku town is a very big place to be. The town is one of the autonomous community. Others are Ogbujioma-Ogbaku, Okwu-Ogbaku, and Isi-Ogbaku. That are guided by four traditional rulers. Ogbaku is head by Sir Eze Ben Onyeanwu. The Ogbaku autonomous comprises of Umuaku, Umudogu, Umunnomo, Umunyashi, and Umukabiri.


However, it is the father to many other towns. That are present in the state today. Facts remain that Crude Oil is in Ogbaku. This great land also has a popular market. Which draws people from north to south in the state to it eighth day market. Which is “Oriegbaku” all for commercial purpose.

Population in Ogbaku town

Ogbaku is a land where any industrious man can survive. With a population not less than 164,425. They choose to do farming, garri production, palm oil drilling, and palm wine tapping. There’s also Palm nut trade, fufu production, and hunting. The land is a home where you can buy anything that can be cook in a pot. In other words, it is a center for commercial activities. Also, there are teachers, doctors, engineers, civil servant and other professional in Ogbaku town. Life in Ogbaku is classify into two, majorly the rich and the poor.

Food in Ogbaku town

The typical food eaten in Ogbaku town is a common food that is available in other Igbo state. Having a one on one talk with a friend He told us few foods. Which are Egusi soup, Orha soup, Banga soup, Isara soup, Archara soup, and Olubu soup. Others are Okra soup, Okhazi Soup, Yam Pottage and porridge, Rice, and Bean. I know some are still missing but let stop here.

Religion in Ogbaku town

The dominants of this town are mainly Christians and some Traditional worshippers. The common churches in this land are Roman Catholic, Pentecostal, Anglican and other rising churches which we classify as the nowadays church.

Language in Ogbaku town

Common languages in the town include English, Broken English, and the general Igbo language. The broken English is another version of English that is easy to learn. And also understand without much education. They are mostly spoken by the elderly ones in the town who are not educated.

Social amenities in Ogbaku town

One can look at Ogbaku and describe it as a “Vill”. The town has 2 secondary schools. One is named after it. Which is the Ogbaku comprehensive secondary school for both boys and girls. While the other secondary school is only for boys. And 5 primary schools are also build for the town. The town owns a cottage hospital that collaborates with the state teaching hospital IMSUTH (Imo state teaching hospital).

There are 4 airports close to Ogbaku town. However, one of the closest is Sam Mbakwe International Airport. During the festive period like Christmas, people use the international airport to migrate to any city or country of their choice. Sam Mbakwe International Airport experience more customer in Christmas and New Year season than another period. The post office and a pipe borne water are also available in Ogbaku. There is also electricity in this town.


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