Major Towns and villages in Ijumu LGA



Ayere in Ijumu Kogi State is a community in the western part of Kogi. This is in central part of Nigeria. Ayere is in the northern part of Ijumu. It is the biggest community in the northern part of Ijumu. It is closer to Kabba, Ogidi, Ogale and Ajowa in ondo state. Also, 5 roads link to Ayere. These are Kabba Ayere, Ogidi Ayere, Ogale Ayere, Ajowa Ayere and Ayere Auga road. Ayere is one of the communities that make up Ijumu. There are about 20 autonomous communities or more in Ijumu Local government area. Another name for Ayere is Uwu. The River Niger and River Benue meet at Lokoja. The type of climate here is Tropical. The rain fall mostly in Summer.

History tells that the founder of Ayere is a hunter. The name is Olohunrere He and the wife hails from Ile-Ife. It is said that they both live in Ayere. Although, the wife later relocated to Oke Aba. She lived there and gave it the name Kabba. So Ayere and Kabba are husband and wife. Also, the Oro that is celebrated in Kabba that non indigine cannot see; an indigine of Ayere male can see it. “Ayere mo Okaba mo enitarin emo” meaning Ayere knows; Kabba know but the person did not know. The middle person is Ogidi. However, there are five major quarters in Ayere

Major Towns and villages in Ijumu LGA

Quarters in Ayere in Ijumu Kogi State

  1. Okomi
  2. Eebu
  3. Erike
  4. Ajoh
  5. Ogbe at  Eke (Lafiaji) and each quarter has a chief each.


Major Towns and villages in Ijumu LGA

Although, there are other smaller communities in Ijumu. Some of them are part of the list below. While others are not in the list. But are now autonomous communities.

  1. Aduge
  2. Aiyegunle
  3. Arimah
  4. Ayeh
  5. Ayere
  6. Ayetoro
  7. Ekinrin
  8. Iffe
  9. Igbolayere
  10. Iluafa
  11. Iluagba
  12. Ikoyi
  13. Iyah
  14. Iyamoye
  15. Iyara
  16. Odokoro
  17. Okoro

The headquarter Iyara is not too far from Ayere. There suppose to be a direct road from Ayere to Iyara. But there is a mountain which prevents that. However, people from Ayere first travel to kabba then to Iyara. Ayere is close to Ondo state, Ekiti, and Kwara.

Neighbouring State to Ayere in Ijumu Kogi State

  1. Ondo
  2. Ekiti
  3. Kwara

Population Of Ayere in Ijumu Kogi State

Ayere has a population of over 10000 according to census. The people of this community are into farming and hunting. The women like to do garri processing and Trading. The community is a village. The topography of the soil is not good. However, you may find Iron and ore in this village. Also there are cashew nuts here. The percentage of youth in Ayere community is more than older people.

Festival and culture in Ayere

Ayere has a rich culture. They are Okun people. The festival in this village is similar to some part of Nigeria. Such as the Epa festival. Although the Okun people live close to Ebira people and may have some common. The Egungun festival and Ilewo culture is common among the Ayere people. There are both Christians and Muslims here. Also there are traditional worshippers too. Some people still engage in Orisa and Ifa worship.

Languages in Ayere community

Ayere speaks Oyuwu Language not Uwu. However, people mistake the real language to Uwu. But the indigenes of Ayere have confirmed that Uwu is another name for Ayere. Also, the people of this community speak English. The people here are educated. Yoruba is also a major language. Ebira and Tiv are also spoken here. Hausa is spoken by migrant from neighbouring state.

Foods in Ayere

There are varieties of food in Ayere. Although we will list few of the food. The indigen of this community delight in Pounded yam and Obe Ogun. They also eat Feregede, Amala, Fufu, Eba, Yam and garden egg. Rice and beans is also common. There are lots of bush meats in this village to eat.

Social Amenities and Infrastructure in Ayere

In terms of development, Ayere is not developing as it should be. Although it has 2 secondary schools and 4 primary schools. Furthermore, the people drink well water and stream water. There are also discouraging number of borehole too. The only thing to boost about is Electricity. The power system is very encouraging in Ayere. The Government needs to atend to the rehabilitation of the roads in Ayere community in Ijumu Kogi State.

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