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Ubulu Uku town lies in the heart of Aniocha South. A Local Government Area in Delta State. It is also a Niger Delta town. Ubulu Uku is at the West and East of River Niger. The town is near Issele Uku at the North. Then Ubulu Unor at the South. Ogwashi Uku is at the East. While Obior is at the West. There are more than 20 quarters in this community.



The names are as follows.

  1. Enugu Iyi
  2. Abuedo
  3. Ogbeani
  4. Agbonta
  5. Akpama
  6. Isho
  7. Akwu
  8. Illo Akwu
  9. Ogbeofu
  10. Idumu Osume
  11. Ani Janet
  12. Abugba
  13. Ogbego
  14. Ugbah
  15. Udo
  16. Onicha Okpe
  17. Onicha Uku
  18. Idumubo
  19. Aniuje
  20. Ani Ekei
  21. Aniefekide
  22. Idumu Udala
  23. Ogbe Etiti
  24. Ogbennta
  25. Onije
  26. Idumu Ishonu
  27. Idumuede
  28. Agbonta Udoogwu
  29. Idumu Ugbo
  30. Animkpu
  31. Aniagbala.

The community experiences two peak rainfall. This is common to all the towns in the southern part of Nigeria. This town use to be the largest oil palm company in delta state. However, garry making and oil palm business; use to be the main occupation of the mothers. Others includes farming and cloth waiving In Nigeria, Just like the town of Opobo.

Population of Ubulu Uku town

The population of Ubulu Uku town as of 2006 was 104,711. Now, the population has an increasement to approximately 150, 000. The people in this town do farming and hunting. There are also many professional jobs for graduate to do. The town is rich in minerals like caoline and the common petroleum mineral.


Festival and Culture of Ubulu Uku town

Monarchy leadership is practice in this place. The present family ruling is Ofulue family. The community usually have 3 festival in a year. These normally take place from September to November. The New Yam Festival is highly celebrated. The next is Inne; it takes 7 days. The first six days is for the youth at night. The 7th day is always for everyone. The festival is for traditional worshippers. Iwu festival is general in Delta state. It is a peaceful festival. It is fun to be part of this festival. As it is rated one of the best in the early Bendel state. Which usually consists of Edo and Delta.

Language in Ubulu Uku town

The indegene speaks Delta Igbo as their main language. English and other Nigerian languages. English is the official language. Igbo is the language mostly spoken here. There are other foreign languages taught in schools. Some are French, Portuguese etc.

Food in Ubulu Uku town

The people of this community; eats majorly the Deltan and Igbo food. Which is also the Niger Delta type of food. The town eats all sorts of assorted seafood and bush meat. They are Banga soup, Ukhodo (Yam and Unripe plantain dish), Owgho Soup, etc.

Social amenities in Ubulu Uku town

The Educational aspect is not left behind. Ubulu uku has ten primary schools and more than six secondary school. It is home to the best school in Delta State. The Saint Anthony’s College. ALSO READ ABOUT URATTA. There’s a general hospital here in this community. Also, two missionary houspital. And two private hospital. There’s a standard community bank. The Ubulu Uku micro finance bank. There are good roads and pipe borne water. There are also good hotels were one can spend a nice time. The community is free from flood. And has a good topography. There is an ongoing construction of College of Health by the government of delta state. And also the Police headquarters that will be completed in the nearest future. The town is a beautiful place to invest indel and they welcome visitors. You will like here trust me.

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