The town is in the southern part of the state bounded by Ozubulu town in Ekwusigo LGA in the north, Ihembosi and Ukpor town in the east, Ogbaru town in Ogbaru LGA in the west, and is closed to various towns which include Owerri to the north, and Onitsha at the south.



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Okija town which is the home of a prestigious private University the Madonna University. It is a popular town in Ihiala local government area of Anambra state. It lies in the southeastern part of Nigeria. Okija town is made up of 30 villages. And also one of the 10th district in Ihiala LGA. Among Uli, Ubuluisiuzor, Orsumoghu, Mbosi, Lilu, Isseke, Ihiala, Azia, Amorka.

Furthermore, it is in the southern part of the state. It shares border with Ozubulu town in Ekwusigo LGA in the north. Ihembosi and Ukpor town in the east, and Ogbaru town in Ogbaru LGA in the west. However, it is also close to various town. These include Owerri to the north, and Onitsha at the south.


Population in Okija

Okija town has a population that is more than 5,042 people. The inhabitant dwells on animal husbandry, farming, fishing, and hunting. The soil is fertile and favours agriculture. As a result of this the town is said to be the largest producer of food items; in Ihiala Local Government Area and Anambra state.

Resources in Okija town

The town has major produce in yam, plantain, palm oil, maize, cocoyam, cassava etc.
The topography of the land includes forest, hills, streams, and valley. This makes Okija more valuable. The town has various mineral resources and seafood. Also, any investor who comes into the land will never regret the investment.

The occupant of this town varies depending on their level of education and profession. Some are Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Artist, Politician, Civil servant etc. While others are bricklayers, marketer seller, fishmonger, taxi driver, cyclist etc. Life in Okija is fun and anyone living here has nothing to regret.

Language in Okija town

The indigenes of Okija speak Igbo language. Others are common Nigerian languages like Edo, Efik, Fulani, Hausa, Ibibio, and Yoruba. Foreign languages like French, English, and Portuguese are also taught in schools.

Food in Okija town

The indigene and occupant of Okija mostly eat the Igbo kind of food. Though has it garnished in special ways. Their food include banga soup, boli (Roasted plantain), orha and egusi (Melon) soup, ukwu (vegetable) soup. They also eat okra soup, archara soup, plantain, yam pottage and porridge (Awai), fufu, garri, jollof rice, maize, etc. The town has many and different kind of dishes. However, you may need to visit the town and see what they dwell on.

Festival and Culture in Okija town

The type of religion practice in this land is Christianity. However, there are few traditional worshippers that still live in this land. Although, they are not easy to find. Churches like the Roman Catholic, Methodist, and Redeem Christian Church are easily traceable. The people of this land have a very rich culture. They perform festivals like the new yam festival. Also with the beauty pageant. Which usually attract citizens in diaspora to come back to the town and participate. You can attend this year festival.

Social Amenities and Infastructure in Okija

The town has a world-class women and children hospital in Nigeria. The best Jesuit College, and University. There are Banks, Hotels Industries etc. There are also many dignitaries from this town. Dr. Ernest Azudialu Obiejesi the founder of Obijackson. And also, the managing director of Nestoil company is an Indigene. Also, there are 5 airports closed to Okija town. These are Asaba International Airport, Sam Mbakwe International Airport, Port Harcourt International Airport, Akanu Ibiam International Airport, and Warri Airport.


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