Ekwusigo town is a popular local government area in the heart of Anambra state, which could be traced in the southern part of the country’s federal capital.



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Ekwusigo town is a popular local government area. That lies in the heart of Anambra state. Which is in the southern part of the country’s federal capital. The town also lies in the southeastern part of Nigeria. However, it is close to Onitsha. Also, it headquarter is in Ozubulu. The town consist of four towns namely; Ichi, Oraifite, Ihembosi and Ozubulu. However, these town in Ekwusigo also gave birth to so many villages. And this makes Ekwusigo a big landmark.

Population in Ekwusigo town

As of 2011, a census project by the state government proves Ekwusigo to have a population of 182,240. Now it’s population will surely be great in size. The people of Ekwusigo are not lazy. Although are mostly farmers, hunters, teachers, motorcyclist, and traders. There are also Civil servant, Doctors and other professions. Life in this town is what we call “as you led your bed so you lie on it”. The people are well known for their trade lifestyle. Every indigene in here knows how to increase the value of his product. For instance, an Ekwusigo son can start a business worth of 5,000 naira and growth to 500,000 within a short time.


Religion in Ekwusigo town

The people of Ekwusigo have few traditional worshippers. Although, they can be better describe as idol worshippers. While Christianity has a greater mark of worshippers in the town. “Akpu” deity is what some elderly people of Ekwusigo practice till date. Those bald head men will tell you that they are worshipping the gods of their father. Howeve, they can’t bow to the gods of another man’s land.

Social amenities in Ekwusigo town

Ekwusigo has a total number of 36 government built primary school. it scattered around it 4 major communities. Which are Ichi, Oraifite, Ihembosi, and Ozubulu. The town also has eight secondary schools. Which are only boys, only girls and mixed for one to make a choice. The local government council is doing everything possible; to make sure that it indigene are well educated. And also, to understands the value of education.

There are few cities that are closer to Ekwusigo. These are Makurdi, Benin, and Enugu. The people from the earlier mention cities find their way to Ekwusigo. Usually for their various purposes. About 4 international airports and 1 local airport are close to this town. But the international Airport of Asaba is the closest to Ekwusigo.

Food in Ekwusigo town

The dominants of Ekwusigo delight so much in what they eat. Therefore, they don’t joke with what goes into their stomach. Most of the food eaten in Ekwusigo are Abacha (African salad). They also eat Palm wine and Isi-ewu (goat meat), Ukwa, Olubu soup and fufu. Others like Nkwor-ubi, Orha soup, Archi soup, and Egusi soup. They also eat the Nigerian general food e.g. rice and stew, jollof rice, coconut rice, rice and beans. They like yam, water yam, potato, yam pottage and porridge.

Language in Ekwusigo town

They speak all kinds of languages. This is because there are other tribes in the town. Some speak Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, English and broken English. But Igbo language is widely use throughout the state than other languages.
Ekwusigo is a developing town. It has several basic amenities and infrastructure. The roads, hospital and schools are well built and constructed. There are pipe-borne water and electricity supply throughout the town. Life is good in Ekwusigo and its occupants are living happily.


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