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Ikorodu town in Lagos is a city that is located in the north-eastern part of Lagos, Nigeria. It is situated about 36 kilometers north of the city. However, the town is surrounded by the Lagos Lagoon to the north. Moreover, it shares a boundary to the north with the Ogun state. Nevertheless, it has many nearby major towns. And they certainly constitute their own local development council area. All of these towns happen to have their own traditional rulers. The Yorubas call them “Obas”. Some of these nearby towns include; Egbin, Ijede, Isiu, Igbogbo, and Bayeku. And these towns make up the Ikorodu Division. However, there are 6 administrative units derived from the existing local governments. These units include; Imota, Ijede, Ikorodu-North, Ikorodu-West, Ikorodu, and Igbogbo/Bayeku.

For several decades, Ikorodu town has continue to grow with a large industrial area. Furthermore, the town has many factories that contribute to its development. Ikorodu is fast-growing, with the help of the people from the many smaller towns within its vicinity. More importantly, the main industries in the town are trading, farming, and manufacturing. Above all, there are several functional industries in the town. The presence of several branches of banks is one of them.


Ikorodu in Lagos Zip Code

A Zip code is a postal code with a format that consists of five digits. Zipcode was introduced in the year 1963. However, the authorities introduced an extended five digits a few years later. The extended code certainly helps to specify locations. And this was done by adding four digits and a hyphen to the already existing five digits.

The zip code is used by the United States Postal Service (USPS). ZIP is an acronym for zone improvement plan. However, Ikorodu local government zip codes are also known as Ikorodu postcodes. So, towns situated in the same district all have the same zip code.

District:  Ikorodu LGA (Rural)

These are all the towns in this district sharing the same zip code (104101). A few of the towns found in this district includes;

  • Abe Abo
  • Abule Ajeregun
  • Abule Igbira
  • Agodo Nla
  • Aleke
  • Araromi Ikorodu

 District: Irepodun

The towns in this district share the zip code – 104102. However, some of the towns are;

  • Apeje
  • Baiyeku
  • Agunfoye/Igbogbo
  • Abule Eko
  • Fadahin
  • Gbagbowa


 Ikorodu in Lagos

The Ikorodu town has an estimated population of about 2 million people. To clarify, it is the second-most populous local government area in Lagos. In 2006, the population of Ikorodu record 535,619. The Ijebu speaking part of the Yoruba people occupies the modern Ikorodu local government. Furthermore, this was way back as the 17th century. So, the people of Ijebuland found the settlement in Ikorodu. Some Lagosians were part of the few to pioneer settlement in Ikorodu. Nonetheless, they  established a fishing trade on the shore of Ikorodu. However, this happened during the dynasty crisis of the nineteenth century. And the socio-economic interaction with the people of Lagos aids the town’s development.

The proximity of Ikorodu to Lagos has brought about an influx of people into the town. This movement of more people helps to grow the economy of the exurb. Also, Ikorodu continues to be the fastest-growing town near the Lagos metropolitan. However, this is owed to the legalized ruling of the town by traditional rulers. The only two families solely recognized to take up the mantle are the Rademo and Lasunwon royal family. Meanwhile, traditionally, Ikorodu is divided into 3 broad parts. This is done because democratic ruling becomes an easy transition. The three parts include; Aga, Ijomu, and Isele.

 Ikorodu in Lagos Postal Codes

Postal codes or zip codes vary according to locations. To clarify, the same pattern goes for Ikorodu in Lagos. Several locations within the local government use different postal codes. A few are listed below.

 Oba Ayangurins’s Palace

Areas within this location make use of 104211 as their postal code.

 Isale I

Locations within this vicinity make use of 104212.

 Lowa Estate

The postal code used here is 104213.


The streets in this location use 104214.


Areas within this location make use of 104221 as their postal code.

 Abule Abon

The streets here make use of 104222.

 Ori Okuta

Locations within Ori Okuta use 104223.


Areas in this location use 104224.


 Ikorodu to Epe

Ikorodu in Lagos is a Nigerian city located in the north-eastern part of Lagos. Meanwhile, Epe is said to be a Netherland city. It is located nearly north side to Ikorodu. The geographical distance between Ikorodu and Epe is 52km (32.4 miles). Also, it is a long distance to travel. However, Ikorodu and Epe are connected by more than one route. The journey via Ikorodu-Epe road is about 55.9km. It takes approximately 1hr 47 minutes to reach your destination.

Airline Route: Distance, Flight Time from Ikorodu to Epe

Going by the geographical distance of 52km:

A flight speed of 500km/hr takes 6.3 minutes to get to Epe.

Flight speed of 700km/hr takes 4.5 minutes to get to Epe.

A flight speed of 900km/hr takes 3.5 minutes to get to Epe.

Distance between Ebute Ikorodu in Lagos and Epe

The traveling distance between Ebute-Ikorodu and Epe by road is 63.81 km. An average speed of 112 km/hr by road gets you to either destination within 34 minutes. However, the calculated distance between these two destinations by air is 55 kilometers. And the difference in distance between air and road travel is 9km.

Estimated Travel Time between Ebute Ikorodu and Epe

  • 30 mp/hr (48 km/hr) _ 1h 19 minutes
  • 40 mp/hr (64 km/hr) _ 00hr 59 min
  • 50 mp/hr (80 km/hr) _ 00hr 47 min
  • 60 mp/hr (97 km/hr) _ 00hr 39 min


 Ikorodu Hotels

There are several hotels in Ikorodu varying in; room size, good room service, facilities provided, and good locations. At good rates, some of the hotels let you make reservations. You can also confirm it right away.

  • Eco Signature Suite:

    Eco Signature Suites

This hotel is a 2-star hotel with great reviews. It is located at 9c Animashaun Street, Itasin Estate, Ikorodu. The suite provides satisfactory services like; air-conditioned rooms, wi-fi, good parking lots. There is also enough space in the vicinity for recreation. Most importantly, it is very affordable and costs only #3,600. Secondly, the suite has good proximity to Murtala Muhammed International Airport. You don’t have to worry much about missing your flight. It takes less than an hour to get to the airport above everything else.

  • La Belle Hotel and Event Centre:

    La Belle Hotel

It is located at 126 Owutu-Isawo Road, Ikorodu. A 3-star hotel that costs #6,000. La Belle offers great service with big discounts on the rooms on occasion. The restaurant also serves good tasty meals. The culinary skills will keep you yearning for more. The presence of event spaces however helps visitors stay close for those out of town. Contact number for more information; 08097374314

  • 1st Delightsome House and suites:
Delightsome house and suites

A hotel that gives you the satisfaction of home. This is a classy suite that offers several amenities. Further features as nice restaurants, a bar for those that decide to unwind with a drink or two. It is also family-friendly providing special activities for kids too. The hotel is situated in a good location with close proximity to places like; a few stores, restaurants, a mini-stadium, and the Murtala Muhammed International Airport. It is located in Delightsome street, off Ijede Road, Surulere Bus stop, Itamaga, Ikorodu.



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