Kasbah Tamadot in Morocco



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Kasbah Tamadot in Morocco


Kasbah in Morroco is referred to as the central part of a town. The Atlas Mountain is where you find the Kasbah Tamadot in Morocco. This 28-bedroom hotel is situated at the top of the valley. And its advantageous position gives you a good scenery of the surrounding region. In addition to its cool scenery, the Mount Koubal and a few traditional Berber villages also dots around the vicinity. Furthermore, the Berber language tells Kasbah Tamadot to mean “soft breeze”.

This magical retreat certainly gives you an experienced holiday to remember. Reviews from past customers are a big encouragement for example. That is to say, the hospitality of the hotel speaks for itself. Also intriguing are the cozy bedrooms and Berber tents.


 Weather in Kasbah Tamadot

The hotel is open almost every season of the year. With so many things to offer, you are sure to have a good time. Long walks at the Toubkal National park, warm day by the pool are fun experiences to experience during your stay. The hotel is closed only briefly in mid-January for routine maintenance. Meanwhile, December, January, and February are the coolest time to visit. This season helps you get cozy with a nice book in front of a fire. And an average temperature of 13c lets you enjoy a midday swim.

In April, the temperature ranges between 120 c and 240 c. While it is pleasantly warm during the spring, with little rainfall. On the other hand, it becomes very sunny in August. It is however about 100 c cooler than in Marrakech. In conclusion, it gets cooler and less intensely hot in the autumn months. Also, you get to experience snow at the top of the Atlas Mountain. This happens towards the end of September.

 Things to do

There are lots of activities to help you have a good time during your stay. Whether indoor or outdoor, the hotel certainly has different options to pick from. The duration of your stay in Kasbah does not take away the fun experience. So, the Berber experience applies to all packages however long or short the period.

 Cinema Nights

Cinema night

They offer free movie nights every Monday and Thursday. And this is done mostly during the summer. Also, a variety of movies are shown in the open, under the stars. Similar to cinemas, they also offer popcorn.

 Day Excursions by Car

Things to do

Among fun things to do at the retreat is a trip to the exurb. The ride to other parts of the city screams adventure.

  • The Scenic route to Marrakech: This journey takes about an hour. The drive gives you a great view of the mountains. Above all, it gives you a feeling of the neighboring towns.
  • Tin Mal Mosque n’ test: Firstly, you get to see the 12th century Tin Mal Mosque open to Non-Muslims. And you can also enjoy lunch from the local cafes.
  • Tadmamte, Ourika Valley: Great scenery from the ancient and isolated villages.
  • Kik Plateau to Moulay Ibrahim: This destination is a local pilgrimage town for Moroccan Muslims.


What is a Kasbah in Morocco?

Citadel in Morocco

A Kasbah is referred to as old fortresses or citadels. Kasbah in Morocco could be an entire town. Sometimes, it is also referred to as a single building. For instance, these buildings or cities usually look more like mud castles. Secondly, they come in different shapes and sizes with high sturdy walls. Also, almost every Moroccan village has a Kasbah that a living Sheik or king once lived.

For centuries past, Kasbahs continue to prove useful in civilization. They are sometimes lavishly decorated but they also serve as protection and safety for families. Further use of the Kasbahs is that they served as guards against invaders. And they are a must-see on the tour of Morocco. In short, Kasbah is a place for all race to share their belief, faith, and history.

 Kasbahs in Morocco

  • Ait Ben Haddou in Ouarzazate
  • Kasbah Telouet
  • Kasbar Taourirt in Ouarzazate
  • Kasbar Amerhidil in the Oasis of Skoura (Ancient)

 Kasbah Morrocan Restaurant

There are several exquisite restaurants within the vicinity of the Kasbahs. The people are very friendly, in other words, they have good service. Most importantly the food is very fresh and delicious. From home made-meal to the continental dishes, the meal is set to leave you salivating.

  • Kasbah cafe Raykjavic
  • Kasbah Moroccan Hookah Lounge
  • La Kasbah
  • La Kasbah de Fes
  • Kasbah Grill

 Kasbah Morocco Hotel

The Kasbahs in Morocco are usually built in different shapes and sizes. Similarly, the Kasbah hotels also come in the same way. With a wide variety of rates for the rooms, the package offers great satisfaction.

  • Kasbah Tamadot:"<yoastmark

Richard Branson’s retreat gives an ultimate luxury holiday. A five-star hotel that provides certain amenities as; stunning swimming pool, lovely garden, and a nice hilltop view.

  • Amanjena:

    Kasbah Hotel
    Amanjena Hotel

This is a 5-star world-class hotel, located just 12 km from Marrakech. It has about 39 rooms and a variety of pools to chill in. A lounge and good massages are amongst things to look forward to.

  • Kasbah Agafay:

    Kasbah Agafay

You get to unwind and relax at the poolside and the spa. Also, take long walks in the gardens. The foodies can also have their fill with the nice restaurants available.


 Kasbar Ouarzazate

Ouarzazate is a city and the capital of Ouarzazate province. It is found in the Draa Tafilalet region of South-central Morocco. In Morocco, this city is a primary tourist destination during holidays. In addition, a big part of the town’s inhabitants are the Berber speaking people. The Berbers are responsible for the well known Kasbahs around Ouarzazate.

Within the city are so many sights to behold. Excursions all over would give insights into the towns and their history. However, there are also several nearby interesting attractions outside the city.

 Sights around Ouarzazate

  • Fint Oasis
  • Atlas film studio
  • Ksar Ait Benhaddou
  • Tizgui Waterfall
  • Tifoultoute Kasbah
  • Iguernan Nature Reserve



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