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Alot of us usually wonder how to catch some adventure while on holidays; a day in Disneyland should attribute alot to your next holiday plan. Infact, Disneyland should be one of the places you should consider exploring; once we have been able to get rid of the current global pandemic, Coronavirus. There are elite restaurants, metaphorical flower plants and a thousand fun things to do lingers about in every Disneyland. Infact, a single day is not enough for someone to explore all the adventurous activities in Disney. However, it was founded on the 27th of July, 1955. Nevertheless, the fun park is one which holds in prestige; the awesome works of it’s founder, Walt Disney. Also, it comes along with other establishments for tourists and visitors to have memorable moments at the park.

After visiting a couple of amusement parks with his kids; Walt Disney came up with the idea to create a place like Disneyland. This is because he felt other parks were lacking certain qualities of adventure. Since its opening in 1955, Disneyland has had series of expansion in different parts of the US. Such as the New Orleans in 1966, Critter Country in 1972, Mickey’s Toonstown in 1993 and Star Wars: Galaxy Edge in 2019.

Disneyland has the largest number of tourist visits than any other theme park around the world with over 760 million visits per year. Although, it was first built in Anaheim, California. However, it now has branches in different parts of the world.

A day in Disneyland


Location to experience A day in Disneyland

In 1971, Disney theme park was opened in honour of Disney who died in 1966, making it Florida ‘s premiere tourist location. Therefore, the theme park was called Walt Disney World. Furthermore, in 1983, another Disneyland opened in Tokyo, Japan. Also, Euro Disney; the Disneyland in Europe opened in Paris in 1992. And eventually in 2005, another was opened in Hong Kong. Moreover, Cartoon characters created by Walt Disney lies around the surroundings of every Disney theme park; telling stories behind the artworks. Some of the characters involve Mickey Mouse which has been a major break through for Disneyland. Others are Snow White and the seven dwarfs, Cinderella and Pinocchio .

Disneyland daily schedule

Disneyland worldwide opens 24/7 a week. But still has different timing for different activities. With help of the Disney resort calendar a day in Disneyland is fun fill. Although, you can get to know when is best to acquire your desired adventure . Since it opens at exactly 9:00am to 8:PM from Monday to Friday. Also, it opens same time on Saturday but closes by 7:00PM and 10:00AM to 4:00PM on Sunday. To kick start your day in Disneyland:

Get a Single Park Ticket

When taking a day in Disneyland you are not to acquire a ticket that you would keep for more than your crunched time. Therefore, you’ll have to use up your crunch time well that you wouldn’t really have any worries about not having enough fun.

Book a Magic Hour for a day in Disneyland

If you’re staying over at the Disney resort. Then you can decide to get an extra hour at the park than other regular guests. Your magic hour can last up to 15 hours if you join on time at 7:00am. That’s much time to spend with kids and love ones.

Arrive on Time

Check park hours in order to have alot more fun. Although, it is impossible for anyone to explore the whole of Disneyland in a single day. Go early in the mornings, in order to avoid crowdedness or late at the night around 10PM. In order to acquire ultimate enjoyment of your money .

Pack Food and Snacks

Although, you can make reservations for dinner and launch. It is advisable to pack your own food and snacks in order to reduce cost. Still, don’t relent to try out some mouth smacking candies from stores around.

Single Rides

Consider riding single, in attractions that have long waiting line. Nonetheless, if you’re going in group; it is worth the wait. So that you and your family or friends can make the most of the attractions together. Also, make sure to know which attraction you’re getting a Fast pass for even before you join in the waiting lines. As a day in Disneyland will really be fun.

Disney fun game


Plan Your Day Ahead

Preparing before you leave your house will do you alot of good. As you’ll be sure of how you want to spend your day at the park. If you fail to prepare; you might spend most of the hours you should use in catching fun on deciding what to do as there are a thousand activities that happens in a role .

A Day at Disneyland VHS

The VHS constitutes series of videos, films, attractions and background music from Disneyland. However, the VHS is carried out with music lyrics displayed on a board. While the music is played in background for people to sing along. Although, the idea first came in 1986. Zip -A-Dee -Doo -Dah as its first volume. However, followed by Under the Sea as its second; Circle life in 1994 and other series as well as ‘Let’s go to Disneyland Paris’.
During the 35th Disney land anniversary. Disneyland fun was release along with under the sea theme in August, 1990. Furthermore, in Europe and Japan; a sequel video was also dropped titled ‘Let’s go to Disneyland Paris’. All these are things which makes a day in Disneyland more fun.

Disneyland in a day for Adults

One of the main aims of the Disneyland innovation was to create a theme park; which would create atmosphere for both adults and children to partake in fun activities. Nevertheless, there are certain attractions which an adult can partake in while kids might not be allowed to partake in some.

A day in Disneyland



SA rocket like vehicle ride in Space Mountain; will take you beyond reality into a world of celestial bodies and flying stars. Also, 3D motion contributors will take you to a star tour on a Starspeeder1000. Furthermore, you can get rid of your nostalgia in a star wars launch bay and also collect art from star trader .

Downtown Disney

Nevertheless, local shopping stores, restaurants and hangouts are available for adults to chill out. Also, fun stores such as World of Disney, D-Street, the Disney Dress Shop, Curl Surf, Pandora Jewelry and Wonder Ground Gallery hang around. As well as restaurants like Tortilla Jo’s Mexican restaurant and Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria. Furthermore, two Starbucks coffee shop can also be found Downtown.

Disneyland garden

New Orleans Square

This part of Disney land is highly love by Adults. This is because of the Haunted Mansion Doom Buggy tour; around the frightful mansion. Therefore, sites such as the 999 unearthly specters, including the Ghost Host, Madame Leota, and Hitchhiking Ghosts are a must catch up. Also, a Blue Bayou cruise on the waterfall will get you sailing to Pirate Grotto, the popular Pirate of the Carribean. However, this will really make a day in Disneyland an amazing one.

Adventure land

On a 12 person ride, you’ll be taken cliff -hanging through the Temple of Forbidden Eye and Gate of Doom to Indiana Jones Adventure. A Jungle cruise is also available where you come in contact with nature ‘s wonders such as Elephants, wildflowers, Tigers, Gorillas, etc. However, main street US, Fantasy land, Critter country and Frontier land are some of the fun features of Disneyland for adults .

Notre Joli Chateau


A Day in Disneyland Paris

Although, formerly Euro Disney Resort. The Disneyland in Paris has a golf course, shopping mall, resort hotels, an entertainment complex, Disney nature resort and two theme parks. This happens to be the only Disneyland property own completely by Walt Disney. Furthermore, Disneyland park and Parisian resort are the two theme parks and also most visited amusement parks in Europe. This Disneyland is located in Cheesy, France. The park celebrated it 25th anniversary in 2017.

A Day at Disneyland 1991

In 1991, Disney opened a theme park, Westcott centre. Which had similarities with the Epcot centre. It was later shutdown and replace by the California Adventure theme park and it’s still under construction.

Things to do in Disneyland For Both Adults & Kids.


Try kicking off on some self prank by trying to climb the Matterhorn plus Space, Big Thunder Mountain and Splash all at once.

Disney mountain


Drink At Mickey ‘s Fun Wheel

Disney offers its own version of AMF in a concoction of vodka, gin, tequila, lemonade, blue Curacaos and other splashes. Also, make sure you don’t get too light headed while having fun at Cove Bar.


Go to Hell

Fantasy lands of top Disney characters are built up for everyone to have a feel of what it feels like to be one of Disney ‘s creations. A train ride with Mr. Toad ‘s Wild Ride will take you to the end of Satan’s playground. This feature is only available at Anaheim Disneyland. And will make a day in Disneyland for fun.

Disney world

Fake Your Death

Meet one of Disney’s crew member to help you false your death by acquiring a death certificate. This sounds crazy right; but it would be fun telling someone you’re dead. While showing them your death certificate, they ‘ll assume you’re a ghost .

Have a Fantasyland Ride on a day in Disneyland

Dress up as your favourite Disney character. You stand a chance to experience what it feels like to be a Disney character. When you get to Happiest Place on Earth. If you’re Captain Hook, you might have a little difficulty getting into the fantasy ride. Enjoy a day in Disneyland.

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