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Amakama wooden cave lies in Isienyi-Ukwu town of Amakama. It is located in Umuahia south local government of Abia State. The wooden cave has a good proximity to the centre of the state. As the trip takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. That is considering the traffic of course. Interestingly, the cave is said to have a kingdom of some sort within. One with an army of bees present. However, the Amakama cave is actually an unusual tree. A tree that leaves you jaw-struck. Apparently, the tree is so hollow it has a lot of room. So much room that can take about 20 people. And possibly more.

Furthermore, the Amakama tree is as old as the community itself. Another fact about the tree is its historical relevance. According to the inhabitants, it served as a safe haven ages ago. As this happened during the slave trade period. People also benefited from the tree during the inter-tribal wars. However, the cave is situated in a calm environment. With its beautiful scenery, it makes for a good settlement area. Subsequently, the country will benefit from the construction of a standard tourism village.


 History of Amakama Wooden Cave

The wooden cave has over the years evolved. Despite this, it still serves the same purpose as it did years back. For instance, the cave still protects people that take refuge in it. Even in present days, it challenges any act of evil. Amakama wooden cave is a mystery altogether. And it has been in existence since time past. A few other trees have existed side by side the cave. However, the wooden cave is more active than others. This is as a result of the ancestor’s spirit that lives within.

To clarify, the forefathers of the land lived a righteous life. Therefore, they forbade anything that contradicted piety. So, when a chief priest of the Oracle dies, his spirit is invoked into the wood. And subsequently, an army of bees join in fighting for the people. That is against evil men within and outside the community. In addition, Isienyi-Ukwu also serves as a worship centre. As the Oracle also purifies those defiled.

According to tales, the gods of the kingdom intercede on behalf of the people. Even during the Nigerian/Biafra civil war, lots of Soldiers died. As the army of bees stung them to death. And sometimes, they die as soon as they made way into the kingdom. All of these showed Isienyi-Ukwu had little or no tolerance for evil. In the same vein, this helps to keep the purity of the cave. On the other hand, Amakama hosts a yearly August festival. However, the cultural ground is popular for more. Apparently, it has evolved into a safe haven for tourists.


 Reasons to visit Abia

The state was created almost 30 years ago. And since then, it has continued to grow. There is apparent development over the years. A perfect example is its rich tourism potential. With several exquisite sights, the state attracts more visitors. A few reasons to visit the state includes;

 The Long Juju of Arochukwu

Amakama wooden cave
Long Juju of Arochukwu

This is a cave with historical tales. Its long dark tunnel served as a path for slave trade transaction. For a while, it served as a court of arbitration. That is, they resolve local and tribal disputes. This was, however prior to the slave trade era. Eventually, slaves were sold and transported through this route. Afterwards, the site was recognised internationally. And this was a result of its significant role in creating history.

 The Azumini Blue River

Reasons to visit Abia
Azumini Blue River

Firstly, this is arguably the most visited place in the state. Its beautiful scenery is hard to overlook. Also, it is a perfect spot for relaxation. As the environment and coolness of the water refreshes you. With further development, there would be a renowned tourism resort.

 National war Museum and Ojukwu Bunker

Reasons to visit Abia
National war Museum

These establishments belong to the Federal Government. Apparently, these buildings house relics of the Nigerian civil war. Consequently, these relics are nostalgic. And they remind everyone of the evil of war. Most importantly, the Museums also serve as research centres.

 Traditional Festivities

Abia state has a variety of traditional festivals. These celebrations occur at different seasons during the year. Interestingly, almost all communities have their unique festival. For instance, there is an official state-owned festival. Ugwuabia festival is referred to as the Pride of Abia. Here, all the local governments showcase their culture.

 Other fun things to see

  • Vacation at Isuikwuato town
  • Museum of Colonial history
  • Veneration at caves
  • Visit to the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture


 Hotels at Amakama

Visitors can’t get enough of the Amakama wooden cave. Sometimes, they wish to stay longer. And so, they have to lodge in hotels. With good proximity, there are good hotels in the same vicinity. Many of them are classy and affordable. Above all, they offer great services. Here’s a list of some of the hotels.

 Chaise World Hotels

Amakama wooden cave
Chaise world Hotels

This is a 3-star hotel with good reviews. At affordable prices, Chaise offers good services. Some of the amenities include free wifi and a restaurant. Also, it is not far from the National war Museum. That way, you get to experience every part of the town.

 De Merit Hotel and Executive Suites

Hotels in Amakama
De Merit Executive Suite

The suite has quality service. It has similar amenities as other nearby hotels. And it is also very affordable.

 Other hotels

  • De Royal Legacy Hotel and Suites
  • Chaise world hotels
  • Rixos continental Resort
  • De Merit Hotel and Executive Suites
  • Villa Roy Hotel



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