Azumini Blue River in Abia State



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Azumini Blue River in Abia State is a stunning attraction site. Azumini is a town in Ukwa East local government of Nigeria. Also, its location is some 15 miles South of Aba. It is specifically, a few distance away from the commercial part of the city. However, Ukwa East to Aba is roughly an hour and 30 minutes. And this is also considering the traffic. Apparently, the town is famous for the Azumini Blue River. A visit to the city and you realize it is a stub.

Azumini Blue River in Abia
Azumini Blue River

 Features of the Azumini Blue River

The Azumini River is an epitome of nature and mystic. Its unique features attracts tourists from all over. As it possesses a wild and dangerous side. Also intriguing is the clarity of the water. It is so clear that you can practically see through it. For example, tourists say you can count the number of fishes that swim by. And even see the gravels as well. Another interesting fact is the cool surrounding. Its lush green and cool water calls out to you. As a result, Azumini is now a resort for tourists. And this is because of the pleasantness it offers.

Similar to the Caribbean Sea, the Azumini River is a crystal blue. That is the beautiful Bahamas Sea. Even though it is several feet down, the bottom white sand is quite visible. And you get a better view under the moonlight. Among other things clearly seen beneath the water are the brightly-coloured stones. These stones are an important piece for the Aba industry. As they are used as raw materials for their products. This is because of their clarity and purity. In short, Azumini is a good avenue to explore the countries’ natural wonders. Although, this is just one of many rivers in Nigeria. It is said that there is no river as blue or clear as the Azumini blue river in Abia State.


 Activities in Azumini

This location is an obvious centre of attraction. With its thrilling scenery, it has your attention. And a visit to Azumini presents several fun activities. Albeit, swimming is an obvious relaxing activity. There are more things to do here.

  • Picnics: There are chairs and tables available for picnickers.
  • Canoe riding
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Grilling Barbecues
  • Beach parties

 Top Cities near Azumini Blue River

  • Aba
  • Umuahia
  • Ahaba
  • Uturu
  • Osisioma
  • Ukwa


Umuahia is the capital city of Abia State. Its location is in the Southeastern part of Nigeria. Due to its location, it is found between Port Harcourt and Enugu. And its direction is towards the South and North of the city respectively. Furthermore, Umuahia is prevalently known as an Agricultural market centre. And it is a collection point for a few crops as; Yam, Cassava, Corn, and Palm Oil.

For a brief history, the city has a rich post-colonial history. One that is nested in the civil war. Umuahia use to be the second capital of the Republic of Biafra. While Enugu was once the first capital of the same republic. However, the Nigerian troops recaptured it after a long duel. On the other hand, Umuahia is quite an interesting place to visit. As mundane as it may look to an outsider, an experience will change your view. There are a few activities to prove the fact.

 Things to do in Umuahia

  • National War Museum
  • Ojukwu’s bunker
  • Abia Tower
  • D’Place
  • New Yam Festival
  • Kwa Ibo River

 New Yam Festival

Azumini Blue River in Abia State
New Yam Festival

This is an event with great significance in the Igbo community. It occurs annually, usually in August. That is at the end of every rainy season. The people of Umuahia takes greats satisfaction from this event. And this is because they produce Palm Oil on a large scale.


Tourists that visit the city usually add this venue to their Itinerary. The reason however is not so far-fetched. It is arguably the best restaurant in the city. As it serves every kind of food. From local to continental dishes. An example is the popular Nkwobi. A dish peculiar to the Igbo tribe. Another interesting thing about D’place is its indigenous artwork.

 Ojukwu’s Bunker

Things to do in Umahia
Ojukwu’s bunker

A structure that speaks volume history-wise. It is a marvel of Architectural and Engineering. The bunker was constructed during the civil war. Therefore, it is part of the National war Museum. As this happened after the fall of Enugu. Further details measures the bunker to be 26.9 feet deep. That is about 8 meters.



This city is located in the Southeastern part of Nigeria. It is also the epicentre for trading in the state. Its people are called Enyimba but mostly among themselves. Similar to Umuahia, its roads cross path with Port Harcourt. And other cities like, Owerri and Ikot. In the same vein, it is a collecting point for agricultural products.

Aba is an Urban settlement. It is a commercial region with a few towns and villages around. The city is well-known for its re-making of goods. As this is owed to their very popular craftsmen. Although it is a relatively small town, lots of people visit. And everyone who visits says there’s fun in the city. As long as you know where to look.

 Things to do in Aba

  • Jevinik
  • Aba Museum
  • Ariaria International market
  • Go to a Beer Parlour
  • Enyimba international stadium
  • ICONS Lounge

 Aba Museum

Things to do in Aba
National Museum of Colonial history

A visit to the National Museum gives you a visual tale of history. As the artefacts and artworks continue to attract tourists. They also tell a story of the various cultures and traditions. These cultures were however moulded by the Colonial masters. Additional findings include relics that date as far back as 1929.

 ICONS Lounge

This is a perfect chilling spot. As it will be more enjoyable for those that love the nightlife. Despite its steep price, it is no deterrent to most visitors. Most importantly, the experience is worth the price.

 Enyimba International Stadium

Azumini Blue River in Abia State
Enyimba International stadium

The stadium is home to the Enyimba football club. It is arguably the most successful football club in Nigeria. Azumini Blue river in Abia state has a good proximity to the stadium. So, you can do something different if you wish to.


 History of Blue Sea in Azumini

Another name for the Blue River is Nnennee Azumini. As aforementioned, it is located in Ukwa local government. A city in Abia state, the eastern part of Nigeria. Unknown to many, it use to be a route for slave trading. An activity that was peculiar in Igbo land. And apparently the country in general. The Blue Sea served as a hinder channel through which people were sold. As a result, the Blue Sea became very popular. And for a long time, humans continued to be transported via this route. Most importantly, it became a trade link between the Igbos and South-south states. Some others involved were the Opobo and Bonny people.

Interestingly, the Azumini blue River started from the Imo River. It goes through Ogbo hill waterside river via Blue sea. And it goes past Opobo and Bonny. Finally makes it way to a foreign land. Meanwhile, Nigerians call it “the white man country.” To get to Blue sea is quite a journey. You will have to pass through several cities in Abia State. Though you have to first get to Akwete before sojourning through the state. These places are however important slave trade sites in Nigeria.


 Hotels near Azumini Blue Sea

Azumini Blue River in Abia State is a fun place to be. Its captivating features are also a sight to behold. With several activities it offers, you are sure to return. Although staying at the river is not exactly feasible, there is a resort. While that may be possible, it may not appeal to everyone. That notwithstanding, there are hotels available. Some of the hotels are close. While some others do not have good proximity to the river.

Most hotels in Azumini have similar facilities. From free Wi-fi to restaurants and laundry services. The hotels also have good proximity to the airport. As well as other outlets available. Most importantly, you are assured good services. And they are very affordable. That is certainly an important factor to consider. Some of the hotels include;

  • Lekota Springs Hotel
  • Marrox Garden Hotel
  • Beverly Hills Hotel and Resort
  • Terminus Hotel



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