Romantic places to propose in UK



Finding the best romantic places to propose in UK can be quite challenging. However, there are several special venues to make it happen. Popping the question itself is a special thing, finding the right spot is also as important. Whether your preference is scenery.


 Best Romantic Places in UK

  • Th London Eye, London
  • Llanddwyn Island, Wales
  • Cameron House, Scotland
  • Lake District
  • Palladian Bridge, Bath
  • North Yorkshire Moors Railway, Yorkshire
  • The Fountain of Love, Berkshire
  • Hot Air Balloon, East Sussex
  • In a Yurt, Cornwall
  • Somewhere Personal

 The London eye, London

Best romantic places in UK

This venue, over the years has become very popular. And this is due to the great scenery it offers. A lot of folks, citizens and foreigners alike have turned the London eye into “the” proposal spot. Also, the venue is quite affordable. And so appeals to the eye as well as your pocket.

 Lake District

Controversial as it may seem, it is one of the most beautiful places in Britain. Definitely one of the best romantic places to propose in UK. The entire district screams romance with all its features. Its got forests that provides adventure. Another setting is its captivating sunset brightening the scene. Also, a somewhat getaway log cabin.

 Llanddwyn Island, Wales

An Island is always a beautiful place for holidays and vacation. Although, it is not exactly cheap, it is definitely a beautiful place to get hitch. Amazing views of the Snowdonia, long walks along the coast are pleasing memories in addition to the proposal.

 Cameron House, Scotland

The house happens to be located on the Loch Lomond side of Scotland. A very attractive site with appealing views. With its rich and impressive heritage, you are inclined to building memories hard to forget. A place you just may never want to leave.

 Somewhere Personal

As beautiful and fascinating as these other places earlier mentioned may be. There is definitely no place like where both parties find personal. While other spots may give the romantic vibe you desire. Whether, its where you both had your first kiss or a first date, it will always be memorable to you both. And of course treasured.


 Valentine Places in UK

For everyone in love and willing to have a fun time with their other half. Everyone has a preference as to how to have a nice time. Also for couples hoping to either tie the knot or propose perhaps. While there are several romantic places to propose in UK. From the gratification of a comfortable hospitality to adventure, excitement. There’s something for everyone.

 Lake District, Cumbria

Here, Nature sets the mood for both parties. Its adventure all the way in this part of UK. Couples could go for long walks, hiking, hill climbing. Although not a proper camp, dinner is also had in front of a log fire. The Lake promises an unforgettable experience.

 Cliveden House, Buckinghamshire

Valentine places in UK
Cliveden House

A finely built mansion occupied by royals as Earls and dukes. However, it is now owned by one of UK’s most expensive health spas. A romantic and relaxing time with the other half. It also provides relaxed treatments like a massage. While it is primarily meant as a romantic relaxation centre. The Cliveden House could also serve as a wedding venue.

 Gretna Green, Dumfries and Galloway

Valentine places
Gretna Green

As much as things may have changed here since the 18th century. It is still very much a charming place to spend the day of love with your partner. Couples in the past have tied the knot here, specifically in the Blacksmith’s shop. Meanwhile, in the past it became famous as a venue for runaway weddings.

 St. Agnes, Cornwall

UK valentine Spot
St. Agnes

For places to propose in the UK, this is favourite for a lot of people. Perfect for long walks, enjoying the breeze along the coast. Presence of a beach always appeals to folks. It also provides an impressive and stunning view of the vicinity from uphill. And of course, seafood is assured for the food enthusiasts.


Getaways and romantic places in UK

  •  Roman Bath
  •  Fairy Pools
  • Windermere

 Roman Bath

A unique place, offering so much. With several activities included in your itinerary, it is hard to run out of anything to do here. Whether a weekend get away or a day trip, it promises to be fun and romantic.

 Fairy Pools

The fairy pools can be found among a number of Islands in the sea. Specifically, the Isles of Sky, the largest Island of the Hebrides in Scotland. It is actually documented as one of the Top ten romantic places in Scotland. Its impeccably clear waters gives the river a fine scenery.


The lake side, definitely a romantic spot. Whether a stroll by its bank or a boat ride. It certainly produces a romantic gesture of the sort. Also included is a cruise in an hot air balloon. Looking over the waters, emanating from it complete romance.


 Romantic Dinner places in London


Romantic dinner places in London
Hide in London

Hide is a calm, pleasing and serene restaurant. It also serves as a bar, whichever your preference may be. It has got good lightening and décor giving the environment a romantic ambience. Also, the staffs are very charming and welcoming. With its tasty menu of food and drinks that helps keep the conversation going. Albeit, somewhat expensive its hospitality is quite satisfactory.


Romantic dinner places in London

A southern-American themed restaurant, that’s giving its neighbouring restaurants a run for their money. It attracts customers with its bright atmosphere and exotic dishes. Segmented into different sections, it features a proper dining room and open kitchen. It also provides a surround sound system feeding the people with good music to serenade their evening. The restaurant provides great service that encourages one to come back again. Its rooms are cosy with seductive lighting. A proper romantic setting.


London romantic spot
trulla, London

One of London’s favourites. Its space is usually limited, customers finding it hard to get a seat. It is among the favourite romantic places to propose in UK. Filled with romantic features; tasty meal, brightened atmosphere and impressive service. In addition to all of its very welcoming features, it is very affordable.


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