Dubai taxi and prices



Dubai taxi and prices are somewhat convenient. The city’s public transport is quite vestigial. So, it is a taxi centric city. Be that as it may, the use of a taxi is quite expensive. But then, getting around Dubai is almost impossible without taxis. However, finding a taxi is pretty easy. And the ride is very comfortable. As you have access to the air-conditioner. The fair is considerably cheap. Also, there are different ways to find taxis. One of which is flagging down on the road-side. Another way is to call for a radio-taxi. Lastly, you can get a taxi from one of the 50 official ranks. Furthermore, there are also vehicles the government approves. Meanwhile, the Dubai taxi corporation usually operate these vehicles. And they use regulated taximeters. In short, the use of a taxi is the best way to explore the city.



First of all, the average journey price in Dubai is £6. The taxis don’t have a stipulated fee. That is for journeys within the city. So, based on the distance covered they use a taximeter. Also, the taxi fares vary relatively. This is because it depends on a few conditions. Firstly, the price of the ride depends largely on your location. Another condition is the time of day. The price per kilometre however always remains the same.

The rate per kilometre is always 0.45£ (1.82 AED)

From 6:00 – 22:00 the fare is 2£ (8 AED)

From 22:00 – 6:00 is 2.20£ (9 AED)

Interestingly, the base fare can increase. This usually occurs when the hotel calls a taxi for you. And the fare ride will increase to 2.90£ (12 AED). Still, the price per kilometre remains the same. Also, there is an additional fee when you keep a taxi waiting. For an hour, the charge becomes 6£ (25 AED).

Dubai Taxi  Tips

  • The taxis in Dubai accept major credits.
  • Tipping the taxi driver is not mandatory
  • Baby-seats are not standard in the taxis.
  • Ensure the drivers resort the taximeter base

 Dubai taxi prices from Airport

Generally, the minimum taxi fare is Dhs12. Therefore, you pay at least that amount for any distance. So, they calculate your fare depending on your distance. However, the fares from the airports usually vary. This also depends on the distance travelled.

 From Dubai International Airport;

  • Bur Dubai: Distance (16kms). Estimated cost (50-60 AED)
  • Palm Jumeirah: Distance (43kms). Estimated cost (79-99 AED)
  • Dubai Marina: Distance (37.6). Estimated cost (80-92 AED)
  • Emirates Tower: Distance (16.6). Estimated cost (41-55 AED)
  • Atlantis: Distance (41.8). Estimated cost (90-112 AED)


 Sharjah to Dubai taxi price

The taxi price between these locations differ. That is to say, there are discrepancies in the fare. And this is just between the day and night time. The price is different for the same duration.

During the day, the cost of fare is 9£. This is between 5:00 and 24:00.

At night, the taxi price is 10£. Between the hours of 0:00 and 5:00.

 Taxi fares in Sharjah

  • Distance (3 km) _ Estimated Cost (22.50 AED)
  • Distance (5 km) _ Estimated Cost (28.50 AED)

Note: These prices also differ depending on the time of day. Besides the distance, time is also a considerable factor.

  • Distance (10 km) _ Estimated Cost (43.50 AED)
  • Distance (15 km) _ Estimated Cost (58.50 AED)

 Dubai taxi vs Uber Prices

Apparently, there are several ways to get around in Dubai. And the easiest way to do that is by car. So, movement is easy even if you don’t have a car. The likes of Uber, Careem and local taxi make that possible. While they are all efficient, some are more affordable.

 Cost of hailing a Taxi

For Dubai taxis, the most affordable is the regular taxis. And so they call them the economical option. Another is the van taxi. This taxi takes as many as six passengers. Lastly, there is the DTC Limousine service. They provide Chauffeur vehicles. And they refer to them as a business service.


 Taxi Fares

 Regular taxis

The cost of fare between 6 am and 10 pm is AED 5. While it costs AED 5.50 between 10 pm and 6 am. However, the minimum fare is AED 12. Also, there are additional costs per kilometre and per minute. They are fairly inexpensive. As they cost AED 1.91 and AED 0.50 respectively.

 DTC Limousine

Dubai taxi and prices
DTC Limousine

With a similar timing to the taxis, they cost AED 7.5. It also shares the same minimum fare as the taxi. Unlike the taxi, the additional cost per kilometre is AED 3.5. And the additional cost per minute is 0.5.

 Van Taxi

Van taxi
Van taxi

The base fare is AED 7.5. While the minimum fare is AED 12. The additional costs are the same as the regular taxis.

Furthermore, the taxi fare from the airport is slightly higher. The minimum fare for both the taxi and van is the same. And it costs AED 25. Though there is a charge of AED 2.05 per kilometre. Meanwhile, the DTC limousine from the airport is also AED 25. As the additional charge per kilometre is AED 3.25.


 Uber Rates

Uber taxi
Uber ride

This form of transportation offers three forms of service. There is SELECT, BLACK AND UberXL. They are similar to the Economy, Business, and Max options of the regular taxi.


This option has a base fare of AED 5.40. And the minimum fare is AED 15. On the other hand, the additional cost per kilometre is AED 2.38. While additional cost per minute is AED 0.20.


Unlike the taxi, the base fare is slightly higher. It costs AED 10.17. The minimum fare is AED 20.34. And the additional cost per kilometre is AED 1.93. As the additional cost per minute is AED 0.81.


The base fare is AED 13.22. At a high cost, the minimum fare costs AED 25.43. Additional cost per kilometre is AED 2.70. The cost per minute is AED 0.81.

 Taxi price estimate

The taxi fares in Dubai are usually exact. So, they estimate the cab prices. However, the actual fares differ due to different reasons. Firstly, the time of day is a determinant factor. Secondly, it sometimes depends on the available route. Also, different car companies have different prices. As there can also be mistakes in collecting prices. Lastly, Dubai taxi and prices are not always constant.

 Taxi fare estimate

  • Distance (3 km) _ Estimated Price (18 AED).
  • Distance (5 km) _ Estimated Price (22 AED)

For longer distances;

  • Distance (10 km) _ Estimated Price (32 AED)
  • Distance (15 km) _ Estimated Price (42 AED)



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