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Ago Iwoye is a city that sits in Ijebu-North Local Government. The city has its location in Ogun State. And it is on the Western part of Nigeria. Also, the city houses the state university Olabisi Onabanjo University. However, the existence of the school dates far back as 1982.

Ago Iwoye is among the major towns in the local government. Oru, Awa, and Ilaporu are some of the towns. Consequently, there is a large number of indigenous people in the area. Meanwhile, the Ijebus occupy about every community. In addition, many of its people are traders. As a result, there are several markets all over town. Further business in the town includes timber trade. Therefore, sawmills are also available around town.


 Ago Iwoye Nigeria

This is a relatively small town in the province of Ogun state. It has its position in the Southern part of Nigeria. And it has a close proximity to Lagos. Interestingly, the town is not very big compared to others. That notwithstanding, it has 7 districts across town. In addition, there is a big hospital amongst other small ones. As earlier stated, it also has a university campus in the town.

 Map of Ago-Iwoye

Ago Iwoye Map

Ago Iwoye is one of the most populous city in Ogun state. It may be a tad difficult to ascertain its actual landmass. And this is because it is only a town in the Ijebu North local government. So, Ijebu North has a land area of 967 km2. To clarify, it is 373 sq mile. Furthermore, it has a 3-digit postal code of 120.

This western town has a latitude of 6.942359. Its longitude is 3.921554. Also, the geographical coordinates are: 60 56 32.4924” N and 30 55 17.5944” E.

 Nearby cities and towns


  • Oko-Odo (2.9nm)
  • Nene (3.6nm)
  • Odo Ekerin (2.9nm)
  • Mobarode (2.6nm)


  • Imope (3.6nm)
  • Ilapore (1.6nm)
  • Oru (1.5nm)


  • Sabo (2.3nm)
  • Awa (2.0nm)
  • Eyinodo (3.0nm)
  • Idi-Egun (4.1nm)


  • Oke-Eri (4.2nm)
  • Odoyanta (4.2nm)


  Population of the town

The country takes a census every few years. This exercise gives an estimate of the countries’ population. In other words, every part of the country has a specific number of inhabitants. However, ago Iwoye is within the Ijebu Ode local government. That is to say, the population for the town is categorised with the local government. The last census dates 2016.

  • Abeokuta North _ 276,500
  • Abeokuta South _ 348,200
  • Ewekoro _ 76,600
  • Ifo _ 750,000
  • Ijebu North _ 390,200
  • Ijebu Ode _ 218,600
  • Ikenne _ 165,700
  • Odeda _ 152,300


There are a wide range of hotels in Ago. Many of which are very affordable. Hotels are however not the only inns in town. Suites, Apartments, and Guest Houses are also available. These inns are well equipped with the right amenities. As they certainly provide good services. And they have good proximity to places like; Ijebu Ode and Ikenne. A few of these hotels include;

  • Shelcy Guest House: This inn has several features. This includes a bar and restaurant. Also, they provide a 24-hour front desk. And the room service is up to par.
  • Hollandas Hotel and Resort: This is a 3-star accommodation. It faces a beachfront. Most importantly, the service is top class. And it boasts of features as a terrace and a nice garden.
  • Hush Hotel: Similar to other accommodations, it has the common bar and room service. However, not every hotel has a tennis court like ‘Hush’. Free Wi-fi is also available.

 Other Hotels

  • Grand Inn and Suites
  • Havillah Cottage
  • Conference Hotel and Suites
  • Limelite Hotel
  • Rolak Hotel and Suites


 Companies in Ago Iwoye

Several companies operate within and outside Ago. Although, many are located outside the town. They are still very accessible. This is because of the close proximity to the town’s vicinity. Some of the companies are;

  • LBC lord Bashy centre
  • Aluminium fabrication of Nigeria
  • Animal care services konsult
  • Olyk Emposi ventures
  • OK Lucien concepts
  • Suptol Designs

 Businesses in the town

  • K Best Laundrette and Home cleaning
  • ShutterStock Granite
  • Olumide Kelvin Estate agency and Management
  • Whales Investment Limited
  • Ty Doze DJ Services

 History of Ago Iwoye

As at 1515AD, Ago Iwoye had a different name. The original name of ago Iwoye is Orile-Iwoye. Another name for it is Wojaiye. Also, the first ruler was Kehinde Akingbade. With the title Ebumawe, he ruled the city. At the time, multiple birth as twins is seen as evil. And sometimes perceived to bring misfortune. As a result, they kill the babies.

The Ijebu people are a part of the Southwestern Nigeria. To clarify, these are the Yorubas. In times past, Awulaje was the only Kingdom. And its seat of government happens to be Ijebu Ode. Further development of the kingdom gave rise to geographical divisions. These divisions are however characterised by association. Meanwhile, others are grouped by society and political ties. To sum up, 3 towns form these divisions. They include; Ijebu-Igbo, Imusin, and Ago Iwoye.

 Ago Iwoye Crisis

About 15 years ago, a brawl ensued in the town of Ago-Iwoye. This incident occurred between the students of OOU and the palace of Ebumawe. Firstly, there had been a plethora of deaths among students. They made complaints concerning the palace’s militia. These complaints included harassment of students. And this happened in their homes and on the streets. Apparently, the local vigilantes were also a problem. Due to this, the students embarked on a protest at the palace. During this protest, several students died. Many more were injured. This was as a result of a sporadic shooting from unknown culprits. Although they eventually dispersed. The students returned to the palace at night. And they set the place on fire.

This incident caused an upheaval in socio-economic activities. After that, the student union refused to go back to class. This is because they did not feel safe. Most importantly, the students petitioned the State Government. Apparently, they requested for the safety of lives and property. On the other hand, the Association of Nigerian students demanded justice. They requested a panel to make inquiries into the deaths of their colleagues. Further demands include the relocation of the campus to a different town.

Years after this incident, Ago-Iwoye is relatively peaceful. The ruler at the time is still in power. And he receives accolades for his peaceful reign. 15 years after the incident and it is all in the past. There has continued to be peace and order in the town. Besides the occasional disputes and fights between students. Moreover, some others resorted to spiritual resolve. All in order to prevent a reoccurrence of the crisis.


 OOU Ago Iwoye Admission list

Ago Iwoye
Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU)

Admission list is the names of admitted students into an institution. This list is usually released by the schools. And this is done after an entrance exam. In some cases, after a screening exercise. However, not all applicants are offered provisional admission. In the same vein, Ago Iwoye follows the same process. In addition, this list comes in batches. The first batch is the merit list. Other lists as the 2nd and 3rd come afterwards.

The OOU admission list includes names of all accepted students. And this goes for all undergraduate programmes. Although, programmes for post-graduates are also available. Candidates that write the exams check their results through the school’s portal. This includes the Direct entry students.


  1. Go to OOU admission status portal
  2. Enter your JAMB Registration Number and Password (Use your Surname as password for first login)
  3. Lastly, click the “login” button to access your OOU admission status.

 OOU Courses

  • Physics
  • Sociology
  • Geology
  • Political Science
  • Mass Communications
  • Statistics
  • Accounting
  • Business Admin
  • Chemistry
  • English

 OOU Admission Requirements

A few requirements must be met to gain admission into OOU. This goes for both UTME and Direct Entry students. Firstly, you must meet the school’s Post Utme cut off mark. Another is the O’ level result. Finally, you have to pass the Post UTME screening test.

 UTME Candidates

  • Participants must have at least 5 credits in O’ level. They must include Mathematics and English. Likewise, credits in relevant subjects.
  • Candidates must have a minimum score of 180.

 Direct Entry

  • Candidates must satisfy the O’ level result requirements. However, this pertains to the course of study.
  • Candidates with ‘A’ Level/HND/OND/NCE/A’level/JUPEB Results/Certificate or First Degree can apply.
  • Candidates with Diploma must have minimum of upper credit. However, this has to come from an approved institution. Also, you must apply through JAMB.



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