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The National Museum of colonial history was commissioned in 1985. This physical archive has its location in Abia state. That is the eastern part of Nigeria in Africa. Apparently, the museum’s building is also a national monument. In the 1890s, parts of the building ware brought from Britain. And eventually assembled at Akwete. So, it became a trade station because of this. Meanwhile, it has a collection of objects that relate to the country’s colonial period. Also, some of the objects symbolise Nigeria’s path to nationhood. Among these objects are also old Nigerian money. As well as relics of the slave trade era.

The Museum building was a different thing back in the day. Yes, it has a totally different look today. However, it used to be in ruin. And its renovation made it better for official use. The museum was once the old consulate building. And had its location in No. 6 Ikot Ekpene Road, Aba. After a while, there was a process of transfer. With several changes, the museum came into existence. This, however, included erecting other buildings. As this geared towards a proper museum complex. Furthermore, ethnographers also contributed to the creation of the museum. For example, they collected materials on colonial matters. Other materials included write-ups and culture documents.

Eventually, the museum was officially commissioned. This happened on March 8, 1985. And the then Governor of Abia State did the honours. His name is Brigadier Ike Nwachukwu.


 Purpose of the Museum

On March 7, 1985, Dr Ekpo Eyo gave a pre-commissioning brief. To clarify, he was the founding father of the Museum. He also said the Museum is a unique one that stands out. Not only in Nigeria but also across Africa. With further words, he gave several uses of the Museum.

  1. To show the diversity of the nation. Despite leadership by Imperialists, the variety in tongues and traditions form a nation.
  2. It gives a descriptive transition from the colonial era to independence.
  3. Provides relaxation for visitors. This includes a kitchen and other facilities. An example is the provision of African meals and drinks.
  4. It also aids students in their write-ups about time past.

The Museum is filled with several collections of items. These items, however, depict historical events. And they display the events in the form of photographs and articles. Meanwhile, the museum has 415 historical collections. There are also 310 ethnographic objects. And 151 archaeological write-ups are also on the list. To sum up, this order of display is very effective. It makes it possible for the public to appreciate history. And also understand the story they tell. An apparent advantage of the museum is its good location. The good road, restaurant, and hotels also add to the excitement. A visit to the national museum colonial history is certainly worth it.


 Things to do at the National Museum

  • Take a tour of the entire building
  • Engage the curator in a discussion. Ask questions and be informed.
  • Take pictures and have an archive of your own
  • Also take notes for research purposes

 Places similar to the National Museum

  1. Kalakuta Republic Museum

    National Museum of Colonial History
    Fela Kuti’s Kalakuta Museum
  2. Mindscapes Children’s Museum
  3. National Museum Calabar

    Similar places to the National museum
    National Museum Calabar

 Interesting Places near the National Museum of Colonial History

The museum in itself is a fun place to be. This is especially true for those into historical facts. However, for those that want more besides history. There are other places to see besides the museum.

  • Aba town Hall
  • Grail Center Umahia
  • The Grail Message Center, Aba
  • Temple Gate Polytechnic

 The Grail Message Center

Interesting places
The Grail Message Center

This message is by Ad-ru-shin. It is a new spiritual movement. And they dedicate themselves to spreading the work in the Light of Truth. Also, the movement dates back as the 1940s. The movement is present in over 50 countries worldwide.

 Temple Gate Polytechnic

National Museum of Colonial History
Temple Gate Polytechnic

The polytechnic is a private tertiary institution. It is located at Osisioma local government of Abia state. Besides students, researchers also visit the school. There are interesting events at the institution. For instance, you have the matriculation. Here, freshers wear gowns and celebrate their introduction into the school. Likewise, the convocation is also to celebrate the final year students. As they receive awards and certificates. The institution has six faculties;

  • Faculty of Industrial and Applied Technology
  • Faculty of Engineering Technology
  • Hospitality and Related Technology
  • Business and Management Technology
  • Faculty of information studies Technology
  • Environmental Design of Technology


 Hotels near the Museum

Some of the nearby hotels include;

 Novotel PortHarcourt

The hotel has great customer service. Its interior designs are exquisite. And they give you a certain warmth that’s relaxing. Most importantly, they have proper amenities. Some of which includes; a pool, fitness centre, and free wifi. Another advantage is its close proximity to the airport.

 Grand Decent Hotel and Suites

Over the years, visitors continue to give good reviews. For example, they say it is a very nice place to be. Also, the environment is always neat. With a standby generator, light is constant. Above all, you are assured of very good service.

 Swiss Spirit Hotel and Suites

Another name for this suite is Awesome. Although it is not an official name, it obviously worth it. That is to say, people do have a good time here. From the service to the hotel facilities, it is apparently awesome. There is also the occasional discounts. People are definitely inclined to return with all of these.

 Other hotels;

  • La Kings Hotel
  • Toa Hub
  • Meritz Hotel and Suites
  • Daneto Hotel
  • Hotel Presidential


 Restaurants near the National Museum of Colonial History

For those who foodies, there a few eateries nearby. However, even those who arent also need to eat. Here’s a list of restaurants close to the National Museum of Colonial history.

  • Asia Town restaurant
  • Blue Elephant
  • Burns and Batter
  • Sky bar

 Nearby Attractions

  • SOK Lounge
  • Pleasure Park
  • Port Harcourt Zoo
  • TheBoss Lounge
  • Mbonu Emerem Museum of Art
  • Latter_Day Saints



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