Towns in Ondo State



Towns in Ondo State are almost innumerable. This is because there are several local governments. And every local government also has towns in each district. Ondo is a south-western state in Nigeria. Akure, its state capital is the largest town in the state. Created in 1976, Ondo was a part of the defunct Western state. Moreover, it shared a province with the now sole Ekiti state. Although Akure served as the provincial headquarters, Ekiti was later created in 1996.

Officially, Ondo state came to exist on the 1st of April 1976. At the time, the state had nine administrative divisions. All were of the former Western states of course. These divisions include; Akure, Owo, Akoko, Ondo, Ekiti West, Ekiti North, Ekiti Central, Ekiti south, and Okitipupa. On the other hand, Ondo state has a vast landmass. Its size is about 14, 788.723 square kilometres (km2). With its location, it has a few states on its border. To the north, it has Ekiti and Kogi state. While in the south there is the famous Atlantic Ocean. However, Oyo and Ogun states lie in the western part. Lastly, it is bounded by the Edo state in the East.


 People and Culture of Ondo

Towns in Ondo
Ondo’s culture

As it is a western state, it is mostly occupied by the Yorubas. There are however different dialects of the Yoruba language. Some of which are; Apoi, Idanre, Akure, Ilaje, Akoko, Ikale, Ondo, Ijaw, and Owo. Despite being just a somewhat miniature part of a macrocosm – Nigeria, Ondo proves very resourceful. Its people are also very industrious and hospitable. In addition to this, its predominant indigenous people are well educated. As a result, it is regarded as one of the most educationally advanced states in the country. With a population of over 3 million people, there are more males than females. However, the common occupations there are fishing, trading and subsistence farming.

The people’s way of life epitomises their culture. From example, their mode of dressing shows where they come from. Another is dancing as well as their local foods. In all, the culture of the Ondo people can be very intriguing. Other interesting facts about its culture is the antiquities and artefacts. These artefacts are however well preserved in the traditional ruler’s palace. As they are now national monuments.


Yoruba is the primary language in Ondo. That notwithstanding, there are several dialects. So, here is a list of the languages. Each local governments, however, speak different dialects.

  • Akure _ Akure
  • Odigbo _ Ikale, Ondo
  • Ose _ Edo; Emai-luleha-Ora
  • Irele _ Edo, Ikale
  • Okitipupa _ Ikale, Edo
  • Ilaje _ Ilaje
  • Ondo _ Ondo
  • Ese-Odo _ Izon, apoi
  • Akoko South West _ Emai-luleha-Ora
  • Akoko North West _ Àhàn; Akpes; Arigidi; Ayere
  • Akoko North East _ Ikare-Akoko; Akpes; Arigidi; Emai-Iuleha-Ora; Ayere
  • Others _ Okpamheri


 Towns in Ondo

The towns in Ondo state all belong to one local government or another. Also, there 18 local governments in Ondo state. This list includes some of them.

 Igba Toro L.G.A

For Igba Toro District;

  1. Iwoye
  2. Osi
  3. Awule
  4. Aponmu
  5. Ita-Oniyan

For Oba Ile District;

  1. Eleyewo
  2. Araromi
  3. Owode
  4. Bolorunduro

 Akoko North east/North West L.G.A

For Irun/Surulerei District;

  1. Ojeka
  2. Italeta
  3. Igbooji

For Oke Agbe district;

  1. Iyani
  2. Oyin
  3. Afin
  4. Oke-Agbe

 Irele L.G.A

For Igbinsin District;

  1. Ojo camp
  2. Ago Unolo
  3. Ebute Oko
  4. Dugbolu

For Ajagba District;

  1. Ayadi
  2. Onitorotoro
  3. Logbosere
  4. Ajagba


 Attraction Sites in Ondo

There are quite a number of interesting places in the state. As well as fun things to do.

 Owo Museum of Antiques

Attraction sites in Ondo
Owo Museum of Antiques

This is a national museum preserved for visitors. People from within or outside the country get a feel of the Owo historical value. With its many wood, brass, and ivory carvings you understand the people and its neighbouring villages.

 Idanre Hills

Attraction sites in Ondo
Idanre Hills

A beautiful natural landscape that never ceases to amaze visitors. Its scenery and exquisite features also call the attention of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. That is, its inclusion on the list is basically as a result of its natural and cultural landscape. Another interesting fact is that its people use to live in the boulders. And this happened for almost a millennium.

 Igbokoda Waterfront

Towns in Ondo
Igbokoda waterfront

The waterfront has its location in Ilaje local government. It is also one of the longest territorial waterfronts in the country. However, not many towns in Ondo have such features. An additional feature is the fishing terminal. As this will certainly interest tourists. It is also about 142 km from Akure, the state capital. Other towns in Ondo state envy Akure for this.


 Eateries (towns in Ondo

 Bliss world Hotel Restaurant

The facility is about 12km away from Akure airport. A hotel and eatery that speaks luxury. Also, their experienced chef is sure to feed you local and international meals.

Contact: 40, Fajemirokun Avenue, Plot Block 1, Ijapo Estate. P.O.Box 86 Akure.

Tel: +234 (0)706 203 1999, 805 297 9199

 Chicken Republic

With no introduction per se, this is one of the fastest-growing food franchise in West Africa. Although, the menu is no surprise to many. Some include Ice-cream, Sandwiches, burger, and Fried Chicken. You can practically find the Chicken Republic in almost every town in Ondo.


Towns in Ondo have very hospitable hotels;

 Sunny Sky Hotels

This is another luxury facility with great facilities such as; reading table, cable tv, and air conditions. Also, there are about 40 rooms with refrigerators in each of them. In addition, it also provides other services like restaurants, bars, and laundry.

 A & T Presidential Suites

Hotels in different parts of Osun provide a variety of services. Many of them are luxurious and well furnished. A & T Suites in the same vein offer great services. Some of them are conducive relaxation and maximum security. Subsequent services the customers get to enjoy includes; a swimming pool, internet facility, and uninterrupted power supply. These are however basic for towns in Ondo State.

 Raphilo Hotel

This hotel may not be as extravagant as others, yet it provides the necessary comfort. Besides, that is the aim of every inn. Moreover, it is well built for tourists, business travellers, and family groups. Above all, your stay comes with a free breakfast of coffee, bread, fruits, and some snacks. In addition to it all, they also provide day and night security.

 Other Hotels

  • Emperor Hotel and Suites
  • Bliss World Hotel
  • Solton International Hotel and Suites
  • Esporta Suites


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