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Cities in South Africa are nice tourist attractions. Although, they have few cities compared to the United States. In South Africa there are only 9 Province with 20 or more cities. However, the cities are based on preferences. This include population, provincial city, municipality etc. The Western Cape of South Africa has bring in more foreigners; to the Country because of its tourist attraction.

Province of South Africa

  1. Western Cape
  2. Eastern Cape
  3. Northern Cape
  4. North West
  5. Free State
  6. Kwazulu Natal
  7. Gauteng
  8. Limpopo
  9. Mpumalanga

The cities in SA as it is popularly called are much. We will only write about few of the cities and what makes the city lively. Also, the cities will be from each province of the country.

Scuderia Johannesburg

Many of the cities in SA are fun, developed and lovely to stay. Although, sometimes citizens of the country makes violence to foreigners. Who live among them. Causing lot of trouble which usually lead to xenophobia. Example is one which was between the citizens of Nigerians. ALSO READ ABOUT, BIAFRA IN ABA STATE

Sun city in South Africa

Sun City which turns 41 in 2020 lies 203.2km away from Johannesburg the largest city in South Africa. And seat between Pilanesberg and the Elands River. However, it is one of the biggest resort centre in North West Province of the country. This Casino is very luxurious to behold. The property worth millions of dollars if to be converted to money. Also, there are luxurious hotels, restaurant and bush bars around. While in this place, you can use the outdoor pools. Or the water parks around. Kids can go on gaming view and other activities. Sun City is number one Casino in SA. Sun city south africa resort is a most visit.


Do you know cities in south africa with the largest white populations is Johannesburg. Also, it is one of the most beautiful city in Gauteng.

What is the whitest city in South Africa? However, Stellenbosch has made history in South Africa as the only whitest town. Making Western Cape the whitest province.

Complete list of cities in South Africa Wiki

  1. Bhisho
  2. Bloemfontein
  3. Johannesburg
  4. Cape Town
  5. Durban
  6. Pretoria
  7. Pietermaritzburg
  8. Polokwane
  9. Nelspruit
  10. Mahikeng
  11. Kimberley
  12. Port Elizabeth
  13. Mitchell’s Plain
  14. Thohoyandou
  15. Upington
  16. East London
  17. Sandton
  18. Ekurhuleni
  19. Emfuleni
  20. Mangaung

Best cities in South Africa to visit


Is a major city in Eastern Cape of South Africa. The beautiful city is home to many government offices. The elegant building are very attractive and has quality designs. While in this city you may check-in at Nelson Mandela Museum. Other places are Dwesa Cwebe Nature Reserves and Wild Coast Beaches.


Which is the capital of Free State; in SA is home to the Bloemfontein Golf Club. Also, there is a stadium and many National Park. There is a Naval hill and SA Armour museum in this city. However, the city is well know for it’s annual rose festival. Nevertheless, the Sand du Plessis theater a world class theater is in this city. The Bram Fischer International Airport lies here.

Biggest city in South Africa


Jozi or Jo’burg as it is popularly called is a gold mining settlement. Also, one of the biggest city in Gauteng with a population of over 12 million. The city is home to many tourist attraction. Such as the Museum, and Pilanesberg National Park Day Trip. The Gold Reef City is a beautiful place to visit while in Johannesburg. Also, there’s Lion & Safari Park Day Trip that you can also visit.

Fun place to visit in South Africa

Cape Town

Which is one of the capital cities; of the country is a peninsula city. It is a beautiful and attractive city to visit. One of the best city in South Africa to visit. Cape Town is famous for its beautiful scenery, beaches, museums and wine farm. However, it is a scenic natural landscape. Visiting Cape town is not a waste of money as there are lots fun to catch. The luxurious hotels and restaurant are great.



Durban which is one of it kind in KwaZulu-Natal. Is a unique city. It was one of the city used for South Africa 2010 World Cup. The beautiful beaches surrounding the city are cool to visit. Durban is popular for it modernisation. Also, it is the 3rd most popular city in South Africa. However, the popular Gateway Shopping Mall in the world is also in Durbam. The city is rated 23 in the world for best street foods. You need to visit Durban; to really understand and see how beautiful the city looks


Pretoria the seat of the Presidential Villa; is very a attractive city, that lies on Apies River in Gauteng. It is also seen on the Magaliesberg mountains. However, the city is also called Jacaranda City. This is because of the numerous system of trees in it’s environ. Pretoria is an ancient City founded by Marthinus Weasel Pretorius in 1855. While in this city you will enjoy seeing the museums, Church Square and the Freedom Park. The traditional meal and culture is amazing. The nightlife is fun as well. There is no dull moment in Pretoria.


Townships in SA

  1. Soweto
  2. Umlazi
  3. Katlehong
  4. Tembisa
  5. Khayelitsha
  6. Soshanguve
  7. Mamelodi
  8. Ibhayi
  9. Sebokeng
  10. Mabopane
  11. Chatsworth


Soweto is a large and popular township in SA. It lies in Johannesburg. Soweto simply means South Western Townships. The city has the develop and under develop part. Although, living is cheaper here. While living in Soweto you need to be careful on things you do. So that you don’t get into trouble.


It is on the coast of KwaZulu-natal. It is another popular town in the country with fun places. There is one uniqueness about this town. Umlazi always try to stand out among other township. Also, it has it unique plate number as NUZ. The festival celebration is always classic. The amusement park lures one into visiting.



This beautiful township is also in Johannesburg. It is close to Germiston when viewing from the map. When visiting this township; you can take advantage of visiting the wildlife conservation. The museums and other attractive site in Ekurhuleni.


Is on the East Rand of Gauteng. A beautiful looking township of it kind. Also, it is a developing township. It home to malls and railway. There are nice hotels and job opportunities in Tembisa. However, the name of this township brings the memory of the black and white race in 1957.


Is in Cape Town of Western Cape. It is the fastest developing township. It is a beautiful area to live. Also, has good fun places that will thrill you. Lots of natural habitat are very close to it. While in this township, you can visit the mouth watering places in Cape Town. You will enjoy it traditional cuisine and delicacy. The night life here is always grooving.



It’s wouldn’t be nice if you don’t check-in Chatsworth. Which lies in eThekwini municipality, KwaZulu-Natal., It is a beautiful place with it’s green environ. Having tall trees and good building with architectural design. The township is a cool place to live. Life here is fun.

Best cities in South Africa to live

  1. Johannesburg
  2. Cape Town
  3. Durban
  4. Pretoria
  5. Bloemfontein
  6. Bhisho
  7. Pietermaritzburg
  8. Polokwane
  9. Nelspruit
  10. Mahikeng
  11. Kimberley
  12. Port Elizabeth
  13. Mitchell’s Plain

The above list are top 10 most expensive cities in south africa. Although, it is not in orderly arrange.

What are cities in SA?

They are usually large settlement with high population. Also, the environment are always well develop and full of industries for people to work.


How many cities are in South Africa

There are majorly 20 cities. However each municipality has it’s own city. What major cities are in south africa? They are usually classified on population, provincial and municipality. These are also cities in south africa map.

What are some cities in South Africa

  1. eThekwini
  2. Tshwane
  3. Makhado
  4. Madibeng
  5. Buffalo City
  6. Thulamela
  7. Mbombela
  8. Msunduzi
  9. Matjhabeng
  10. Rustenburg
  11. Bushbuckridge
  12. City of Matlosana
  13. Nelson Mandela Bay
  14. King Sabata Dalindyebo

Cities in south africa by population

  1. Johannesburg
  2. Durban
  3. Bhisho
  4. Cape Town
  5. Polokwane

The above cities in south africa list are taken very important because of the population. However, they are nice cities in south africa to visit. They are cities in south africa wiki or Wikipedia; would love to add to it listi. Also, seen as cities in south africa by size.


Capital city in South Africa


The capital cuties in South Africa are majorly 3. This is because the Federal government shared their seats of authority to different province. However, Pretoria is mostly recognise as the capital of SA. Since the office of the President lies there.

Meanwhile, Bloemfontein is use for judiciary affairs. The office of the Chief Justice lies in this city. All supreme cases concerning the country are judge in Bloemfontein.

Cape Town which is use for legislative activities; is a very beautiful and fun place to visit. A port city and a peninsula in South West of SA

  • Pretoria
  • Bloemfontein
  • Cape Town

Most expensive cities to live in south africa are Pretoria, Bloemfontein and Cape Town. However, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria are the wealthiest cities in South Africa.

Explain why landfills in many cities in south africa are a problem

It is a problem because some of them causes pollution. While others occupy the portion; which should be use to construct houses. Making a worst cities in south africa.

Largest city in South Africa

  • Johannesburg
  • Cape Town
  • Durban

Capital cities of each province in South Africa

  1. Western Cape – Cape Town
  2. Eastern Cape – Bhisho
  3. Northern Cape – Kimberley
  4. North West – Mahikeng
  5. Free State – Bloemfontein
  6. Kwazulu Natal – Pietermaritzburg
  7. Gauteng – Johannesburg
  8. Limpopo – Polokwane
  9. Mpumalanga – Nelspruit

Some of these places are the coastal cities in South Africa. Some are the cheapest cities in South Africa to stay. While others are the coldest cities. Pretoria, Bloemfontein and Johannesburg remains the cleanest citiy in South Africa. Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban are famous cities in south africa. They are also the finest cities in South Africa. However, they are financial cities in South Africa. Some are gay friendly cities in South Africa.

Which cities in South Africa have uber?

Most cities in the country uses Uber. Same as Nigeria too. However, they are the hottest cities in South Africa. And are historical cities too. They are usually the best honeymoon cities in SA.

How many cities in SA

However, from the total number of cities in this post. It therefore shows that; there are 34 cities currently in South Africa. But the major are 20 cities.

Highest crime cities in South Africa

Nyanga in Cape Town is more dangerous than any. Although, there is no city in South Africa that doesn’t engage in crime. However, crime cities are the major SA cities.

Highest paying cities in South Africa

These are Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. Others are Pretoria and Bloemfontein.

Highest altitude cities and places in South Africa

The are KwaZulu-Natal 11,322 ft, Free State 10,741 ft, Eastern Cape 9,905 ft and the Mpumalanga 7,648 ft.

Lost city in South Africa


An ancient city in South Africa; was destroyed because of the civil wars in 1820s. It was a major city in SA. And contributed to the success of the land. Until it was abolished.

Dirtiest cities in SA

Sometimes the dirtiest city is always the most populated place. Johannesburg in South Africa is the dirtiest. Meanwhile, the Cape Town is the cleanest.

Top dangerous cities in SA 2020, 2019, 2018

  • Pietermaritzburg
  • Pretoria
  • Durban
  • Johannesburg
  • Port Elizabeth
  • Cape town

They are the most dangerous cities in South Africa. However, the also include in the top 10 most dangerous cities in south africa. In the past SA has had many issues of rape and murder. This is really affecting the reputation of the country. Most of it’s cities appears; in first 17th list of the world crime rate. However, this is not good for a tourist nation.


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