Biafra news today in Aba is the talk of the town. Biafra once lie in the South Eastern part of the Nigeria. A kingdom for the Igbo nation. Which are make up of Anambra



Last updated on September 11th, 2020 at 04:19 pm

Biafra news today in Aba is the talk of the town. Biafra once lie in the South Eastern part of the Nigeria. A kingdom for the Igbo nation. Which are make up of Anambra, Abia, Ebonyi, Enugu, Imo. However Aba stands as the largest LGA in Biafra. Although it is still the largest among the Igbo state. This king of Biafra did not last long. The nation was succeeded in a civil war by Nigerians. However the kingdom is still hoping to get her independent. Apart from the major Igbo. The Biafrans are also in other states. Such as Rivers, and, Delta. History says that the Akwa ibomite, Ijaw and Cross rivers are part of it.

Biafra news today in Abia

There are many people who have criticised Biafra. Although the Biafrans are never give up people. A brief story tells that the agitation was from late Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu. However, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike started the MASSOB. But later the idea was abolish. Presently Nnamdi Kanu leads the Biafran group IPOB. However, They hope to make a dream come true. Many people are against the idea. Both in Aba and abroad as it cost the lifes of many people. The Indigenes lose their lives because of the agitation. Also, the police has stopped the people of Aba from the usual protest. There is news that says that a tricyclist man was killed. This is because He did not give bribe to Fulani Soldier. Also, the people of IPOB are angry for not seeing the pictures of the arrested Soldier. After the annoucement of His arrest.

Biafra news today in Aba is the talk of the town. Biafra once lie in the South Eastern part of the Nigeria. A kingdom for the Igbo nation. Which are make up of Anambra

Also, Biafra news today in Aba – is about someone who was traveling to Aba from Port Harcourt. According to the person; they were talking about Biafra. And hope for actualisation some day. Only for them to be kidnapped and some were killed because of the discussion. But this story seems to be false. Also this kingdom just lost a coordinator. Who is the Powerline Alaoji coordinator in Aba. In the province of Aba. Also, there’s a report that says. Soldiers were beating and shaving male childrens hair. Who have dreadlocks on them. Two young men build Aeroplane and a car. Nevertheless, the Biafran believes to have 7 nation state. All the state will be Autonomous in future. For now, this is the Biafra news in Aba.

Biafra news on criticism

Many Igbo Indigenes in Nigeria do not like this idea of Biafra. Mr Kenneth Okonkwo do not wish for this as well. He is not in support of the idea. Also, other Nigerian celebrities do not like it too. The Federal Government of Nigeria has arrested many of the people. That is seeking for the nation to split. It is obvious that the Great Britain are not in support of this idea. Also many world power nations are not hitting on Nigeria. Everyone is playing safe.

Biafra news in Ebonyi

However, the people of Ebonyi are not fully in this. Many have been warned to stay away from this. The people of Biafra are angry with Senator Ike Ekweremadu. The Umu Obom traditional ruler was kidnapped. This took place in Agbogugu a community in Awgu LGA.

Population of Biafra and news today in Aba

The people of this Kingdom have a large population. However, the population is similar to that of Aba. This is because many are Igbo. And the Igbos are the Biafran. Although, the death rate may be acting on it. Since there are always series of attack. Nevertheless, Aba has more population than any part of Abia. With all the popular market. The Ariaria international market draws lots of visitors to Aba. However, Ogbor Hill contributes massively to Aba population. Also the people of Biafra are numerous. As such one could not really say the precise number. Since many of them are in overseas.

Languages of Biafra in Aba

The people here speak Igbo. Many speak other dialect. This is because they mostly travel around the world. While some live in different part of the world. However, the language of Biafra in Aba is Igbo. Others also speak Hausa, Yoruba and Ibibio.

Tradition of Biafra in Aba

The people here maintain their traditions. The kind of food they eat is unique and different from other part of Nigeria. The dressing in Igbo land is lovely. They have nice attires. And always stand out. The festival here is worth viewing. They way of life here is cool. This people are also friendly.

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