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Best cities to live in USA is always a rat race for the big guns. Nevertheless, the middle class also want to live in a big city. But there are many factors we need to consider about the city life. Many make this mistake and rush into acquiring expensive houses. While others rent apartment they can’t afford for 1 year.

However, when making a choice; remember there are things to look into before taking the decision. First, you should be able to pay for your house comfortably. And still have enough to live on. If you want to rent, you also need to get a place you can pay for the rent without engaging the police. Anyways those were like advise.

Best cities to live in USA

Furthermore, have you ever thought of how many kids or how large your family is. The weather – if it will be favourable to every household. Their school etc. This is because things like this matters before jumping to New York. ALSO READ ABOUT, BEST PLACES TO STAY IN BALI

Best cities to live in USA with family

Whether you live in USA for your families or with family; you need to live in a city where you can get good jobs. Also, you need to consider where the children school is located. So you don’t live in Nash county and be heading to Griffins township. The distance is much. Your healthcare access shouldn’t be far from you.

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit is a beautiful city to start with in US. The city is respected for the numerous industries. Also, home to many reputable organisation like; Sakthi Automotive Group USA – Amway Plant. Also, the Chrysler Corporation lies on Mound Road. Detroit is one of the best cities to live in US. It has lot of job opportunities. Moreover, there are many schools here too. The accommodation prices are good. Also, the restaurants and hotels are in high standards.

City Bridge in USA

The best cities to live in US

Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Rocky Mount is a nice city in Nash County. However, this city is near the Tar river. There’s a railway that convey people to and fro the city. Which is usually cheaper. The city is home to many tourist centres. While living in this beautiful city you can always visit; Rocky Mount City Lake and Park. The Koi Pond Brewing Company is always a good place to relax with your peeps. The city is the safest to live compare to others in NC.
Best cities to live in US.


Springfield, Illinois

Springfield is a scenic city in Illinois; the place is well known for Ozarks cultural festival. Also while living in this city you can visit many museums. There are nice bars and restaurants to chill. Springfield is a good place to settle. However, the population is also at the high side. It has affordable and attractive houses.


Chicago is an urban hub. All you ever want is in this city. Although, the cost of living is high. The beautiful environ and skyscrapers in this city looks lovely. There are free Chicago museums to visit. While in Chicago you will always get free Chicago tours. There are good jobs in this city. Also, the city owns a university but; the Chicago University is a private and non denominational school.

Best cities to live in USA 2020, 2019 and 2018

New York City

The mind blowing city in United States of America is almost everyman’s dream. Hudson River is near this beautiful city. The city is a commercial and cultural place. The Empire State Building lies in New York. Also, there are many tourist attraction in city of New York. Although the city is expensive to live. Unlike Rocky Mount in North Carolina. Life in New York is very fun. If you earn fat salary, you can try the city of New York.

Top 10 cities to live in us

  • Los Angeles
  • Las Vegas
  • San Francisco
  • San Diego
  • Houston
  • Phoenix
  • Atlanta
  • Maimi
  • Hollywood, Florida
  • Colorado Springs

Best cities in US to live

This is always a very decent place that has tourist attractions. The housing estate and jobs are easily access. Best cities in US to live is quite expensive. But they will bring you the best environ and help you think straight. Living in an area where there is noise, air and water pollution can cause toxins in the body. So if you can afford it then go for the best cities in USA.


Best cities in US to visit

  • Atlanta
  • Orlando
  • Dallas
  • Boston
  • Louisville
  • Colombus
  • Kansas City
  • Lancaster
  • Lakewood
  • Manchester, New Hampshire

Best cities in us to retire

Nash county

It’s important to know that after retirement; you should move to a lesser town so you will not incure much cost. Therefore, Griffins township, Nashville, and Whitakers is a good place for retirement. However, you can choose from the 30 places in Nash county to retire. Which are cities, towns and villages.

Best cities in US to raise a family

  • Alabama
  • Santa Clara
  • Elizabeth, New Jersey

Best cities in US to travel alone


Atlanta is a beautiful city in Georgia USA. The city accommodate many blacks. When thinking of a City in the USA to travel alone; do make it your number one choice. This is because the level of racism is not high.

Jackson, Mississippi

This is another beautiful place that individuals can travel to without having issues. Life in this city is accommodating since the people are more of black.

Miami Gardens, Florida

Also, Miami Gardens is another city that is cool for people to travel alone. The city is very beautiful and is home to the maimi beach.

Sea Port in USA

Do you know how many cities in us exist today? The United States of America has over 100 cities. where are sanctuary cities in USA – they are places where the locality choose to keep their resources to solve future challenges. Some of this cities include Jersey City and Plainfield. However, the major cities in US are also the best cities to live.

Best cities in US to visit during christmas

  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Miami
  • Los Angeles

They are also US cities with population. Although some of them have the best weather cities in US. Also, they are cities in USA with most skyscrapers. Many are the best cities in USA for vacation. They are best cities in usa for new years too. However, one of the best cities for immigrants in US. Finally, they also include as safest cities in USA for tourists.

Best cities in us to raise a family 2020, 2019, 2018

  • Lansing, Michigan
  • Kenosha
  • Vacaville

best cities for us expats

  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago

Best cities in us with public transportation

  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Springfield

Best cities in US ranked

  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • Dallas

Best cities to live in USA and Canada

Do you know that most of the cities listed; are the best for international students. Nevertheless, it’s best cities for families in US. These are the best cities in USA for jobs and for food. ALSO READ ABOUT, WHERE TO GET GREAT BUSINESS TIPS

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