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Beautiful European Villages – Have you ever thought; what makes your village beautiful? If not I’ll like to give you some major factors of a small town that should be consider beautiful. 10 Most Beautiful European Villages That Will Blow Your Mind. ALSO READ ABOUT, BEST TOWNS TO VISIT IN IRELAND

Beautiful European villages

A beautiful village has mind blowing landscapes. Also, it has natural feel that doesn’t require too many maintenance. It is clean and the people have a rich culture. That is welcoming to tourists and other foreigners. Who will likely visit the town to take a chill pill; during specific periods of the year. The people are known to be productive in certain industries. Also, they take pride in teaching others the basics of their business. However, in all seven continents across the world, we have thousands; if not millions of places that stand with this quality. Although, today we’ll be taking brief looks at ten most beautiful villages. You can explore in Europe; when next you want to leave your home town.

Most beautiful Village in Europe
  1. Ronda, Spain

West to the province of Malaga, we find a mountain top village with only 35,000 inhabitants. Who take pride in standing tall with rich historical culture. However, it has huge influence on certain 19th century artists. Which are the Ernest Hemingway and fashion designer Giorgio Armani. Also, the village historical sights. That’s a must see when visiting. Also, others are the Pounte Nuevo bridge; plaza de Socorro and Palacio of the Marqués de Salvatierr. Which are major tourist location. Its Moorish architectural patterns can be dated back; to as early as 6th century BC. They are mostly Islamic converts to Christianity. Their most celebrated festival features all kinds of activities. This including theatre, music performances, flamenco and, of course, bullfighting. It is the Pedro Romero festival held early in September every year.


2. Hallstatt, Austria

This small lake village with less than 1000 occupants. However, has churches that date to the 12th century. Also, a buzzing market square, and plenty of cozy, candlelit restaurants. Moreover, the Hallstatt people are known for their industrious production of salt. Which reflects in the name of their town. It rich archaeological backgrounds; linked to the Celtic people of early iron age. The village experiences over-tourism with most of its visitors coming from China. Therefore, you should join the queue and stand a chance to making yourself; a worthwhile network during vacation.

3. Rye , England

In East Sussex, England , you can find Rye. ALSO READ ABOUT, SHIPLEY BRADFORD ENGLAND. It’s a small independent borough. Which is only 2 hours drive away from London St pancreas International. Also, St. Mary’s Parish Church tower and the Ypres Tower, which are its two oldest buildings; can be traced back to the medieval era. Which has terra cotta roofings and timbered walls.

4. Ribe, Denmark

In the whole of Scandinavian, we find the oldest city Ribe, Denmark. Which dates back even later than the eighteenth century. Also, the small entity consists of timbered architecture on cobblestone pillars. It consists of an approximated number of about 8,170 people. ALSO READ ABOUT, PLACES TO VISIT IN GERMANY

5. Giethoorn, Netherlands

Venice of the Netherlands, built on water; can only be plied with both or ice skate in the winter months. The city consists of 2,620 people, known well for their beautifully built farmhouses.

6. Castelluccio, Italy

Castelluccio, built at the peak of Appenine Mountain Range. With one side of the mountain filled with snow white fields. Also, the other a collection of colourful flowers; that enhances the tropical mountain. You should consider visiting around May/June. When the entity is flowering. In 2016, an earthquake almost wiped away all of these beauty. But some if its less than two hundred occupants are back to maintaining these nature’s glory. Also, with tasteful mouth-watering restaurants and art shops for visitors to explore.

7. Flam, Norway

This tiny city which holds the worlds’ steepest railway, Flamsbana. Welcomes all ships coming through the vast Sognefjord of Norway. Its three hundred and fifty occupants occupy the colorful houses and Green hills. A train ride would help you surf through all of its snow flaked mountain of Myrdal. ALSO READ ABOUT, COLDEST PLACE IN CANADA

8. Kastraki, Greece

Undoubtedly, Greece is known; to have numerous beautiful cities and villages. But this red-roofed village, Kastraki, becomes home to wildflowers. That covers the countryside mainland of Greece. Also, filled with sky stretch pillars of medieval architecture. However, it now houses the popular Meteora monasteries; a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The village is occupied with only five hundred and sixty occupants. Who keep clean its beautiful environs and hosts tourists from across the world.

9. Auxerre, France

In Auxerre, half-timbered churches and the iconic clock tower. Can be found in Route des Vins Bourgogne (Burgundy Wine Trail). Which is popular for the production of best wines. From Chardonnays to other sparkling wines. Burgundy, houses wine vineyards, beautiful French houses and Abbeys. Which is one of the most beautiful towns in France. However, it’s historical architecture which dates to the medieval and renaissance era. Makes it to be awarded; as the village of arts and history (“Ville d’Art et d’Histoire “) in 1995. It is because all of its historical works has been protected overtime.

10. Reine, Lofoten Islands

With only three hundred and fifteen occupants living in this small town. That holds a couple of frozen beaches. Majestic fjords and colorful fishing villages. Just above the Artic circle, is 190 miles away from Tromso, northeastern Norway. The village’s yellow, stilted houses is surrounded by icy sea. Also, with it artfully arranged mountains.

European villages

  • Reine, Lofoten Islands
  • Rye, England
  • Ribe, Denmark
  • Hallstatt, Austria
  • Auxerre, France
  • Kastraki, Greece
  • Flam, Norway
  • Castelluccio, Italy
  • Giethoorn, Netherlands
  • Ronda, Spain

European Villages for Sale

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Beautiful European villages

You should put at least one of these mind-blowing villages on your bucket list. When next you are visiting Europe. I can tell you that it would be an awesome experience. Why were european villages isolated? well, this was because of the second world war. However, many of the villages are gaining attractions. Are there European villages for sale or in USA.

European village palm coast

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Small European villages

I will recommend this places as the best european villages for christmas. This is because they are charming European village to settle. Also, they are the cheapest. Do you know European eco villages, will like to talk about this. The smart villages exhibition is a good idea. I love it. Some of this places belong to; the European association of freight villages europlatforms. However, there are European stork villages network too. ALSO READ ABOUT FINDORFF BREMEN GERMANY

European villages in USA

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Eastern european village

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