List of villages in Sweden Krogstorp Edenryd Ylinen Kassa Albacken Gränby Vappa Lilla Yxhult Härsbrotorp Kall Dalskog



Villages in Sweden are beautiful place to visit. Here is a list of the villages. Some of them have nice tourist centre. However, I’m not surprise. This is because Sweden itself is a beautiful country in Northern Europe. Water mostly surround this country. Some people will call it a peninsula. There are many villages in Sweden that many people do not know. That is why we bring to you some of the villages in Sweden.

List of villages in Sweden

  • Krogstorp
  • Edenryd
  • Ylinen Kassa
  • Albacken
  • Gränby
  • Vappa
  • Lilla Yxhult
  • Härsbrotorp
  • Kall
  • Dalskog



Krogstorp locality lies on Östersjövägen in Bromölla Kommun. Kommun is also Municipality in Sweden. The village is very close to Edenryd. Krogstorp was once a locality in Kristianstad County. Until the county was shutdown with Malmöhus county to form the Skåne County. However, there are other places bearing the name Krogstorp. Such as Krogstorp Björnlunda, and Krogstorps Gård. Also, one is in Kalmar County. The locality is an arable land for agriculture. It also has nice environ too. People from this village go to nearby city and town to have fun.


Edenryd lies on Östersjövägen road in Bromölla Municipality. It is a village in Skåne County. Which is also in Skåne Province in southern part of Sweden. This locality is not far from Nymölla and Valje. Also, the village is near Krogstorp. There is Edenryd bay were you can have a nice time. And also, watch the beautiful environ. Furthermore , the people go fishing too. This is because the village is close to the river. There are affordable hotels and nice restaurant in this site. The village looks peaceful as well. Life in Edenryd is fun.

List of villages in Sweden Krogstorp Edenryd Ylinen Kassa Albacken Gränby Vappa Lilla Yxhult Härsbrotorp Kall Dalskog

Ylinen Kassa

Ylinen Kassa lies on Sverige in Pajala Municipality. Ylinen Kassa village is in Norrbotten County of  Norrland in Sweden. When looking from the map the village is close to Kengis and Kardis. But it is much closer to Temppeliharju and Kassa. Although, Hietanen and Alanen Kassa is also closer to it. The village is not a dull place. One can easily locate Pajala and have fun there. Also, the nearest lake is the Pahtajärvi  Lake. You have access to many hotels in this village. The environ is very green too. This is a good place to rear cattle. Just like Krogstorp.


This is a village in Malung municipality. Albacken is one of the villages in Dalarna County. Which is in the region of Svealand of middle Sweden. However, there’s another Albacken in  Bracke Kommun of Jämtland County. The village is near Södra Mon. There is a CCM Hockey and Skandi Camp in this village. There are luxurious hotels in this place. Such as Café-Restaurant Fredsberg. There’s Museum like  the Corvey Museum Palace. Also, there are nice sight landscapes within this village. Such as Obudu Mountain Resort and The Chaola Temples. The village is full of tourist centres.


Gränby lies in Uppsala Kommun in Uppsala län. It is in the middle of Hökarbanan, Gränbybanan, and Väderbanan. The village is close to Vaksala. However, there’s also Gränby in Sigtuna Kommun. Which is in Stockholms Lan. Also, Gränby lies very close to Gränby Sportfält and Gränbyparken. This village is beautiful. It has many social amenities and infrastructure. Some are within it while others are close to it. Gränby is a good place to live. One can find a good job in the nearest town. It’s looks peaceful too.



Vappa is a village that lies in Enköping. Which is in Uppsala County of Uppsala in Sweden. However, it is close to vasterås when using the map. Although, it is not far from Bredsand. There are nice site close to Vappa. From Vappa one can go to Valla, Trogsta, and Ullbro to have fun. The tourist centres in this land are nice. There are luxurious hotels close to it. Also, the Restaurant has good treat. The vicinity is open to visitors. Crime rate is not at the high side here. The environment is green. And it close to waterside.

Lilla Yxhult

Lilla Yxhult is a village in Motala municipality. The village is close to Tjällmo when view with a map. The locality lie in Östergötland County. Also, the county is a Province in Sweden. Lilla Yxhult base near beautiful towns. Also, it has nice places around it. There are nice restaurant and relaxation centre. Stora Holma, Rubble and Tjällmo are nice places close to Lilla Yxhult. Life is not really expensive in this locality. The land is also good for agriculture. Other places that are arable are Baggetorp, Lidbacken, and Finspång. This part of Sweden is good to rear cattle. The closest Airport to Lilla Yxhult is Örebro Airport.


Härsbrotorp is a village in Hallsberg. However, Härsbrotorp is very close to Sandstorp and Kumlakärren. The Hultsjön lake is few kilometers from it. Also the village is near Gårdsjöberget hill, Svårighetens berg, and Lingerhult. Also, the Tisaren lake is within the village County. Härsbrotorp lies in Hallsbergs. Hallbergs is one of the municipality in Örebro County. Although, the county also lies in Närke. A landscape in Svealand of Sweden. Please note that there’s another Härsbrotorp in Gnesta municipality of Södermanland County. Albacken also lies in this province. There are lots of beautiful things to say about the village. But we will like you to take a tour to it. And see the nice lakes, hotels, and restaurant around it.


Kall is an ice village in Åre municipality of Jämtland County. It shares boundary with Berge. The village is close to Järpen from map view. However, there’s Kallsjôn within Kall village. Nevertheless, there is also Kall in Solleftea of Vasternorrlands County. The environ is usually cold. Kall lies in the Norrland region of Sweden. This village is a tourist site. There are hotels and restaurants around it. The Ski resort is also in it vicinity. Also, biking is very common here because of the presence of ice. When visiting Kall in Åre one need to get thick clothes to prevent cold.


Dalskog is also one of the villages in Sweden. It lies in Bäckeforsvägen of Mellerud Kommun. Which is in Västra Götaland Län. Although, the village was once in Alvsborgs Lan. The Alvsborgs was merge to form Västra Götaland. However, the County is also a province in Götaland. There is Lake Vänern close to Dalskog. There are many Resorts, Hotels and Restaurants in this village. The land is green. Also rearing of cattle will be a good idea here. Götalad region shares boundary with Norway. And it is closer to Denmark. As such shipping business is possible around here too.

Tourist attractions of Villages in Sweden

  • Biking
  • Ski resort
  • Pahtajärv
  • Tisaren lake
  • Lake Vänern
  • CCM Hockey
  • Gränbyparken
  • Gränby Sportfält


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