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The best towns to visit in England are usually the most cultured. Whether old or new, there are several towns situated in every part of England. First of all, the nation’s history has a great effect on British culture. So, the traditions of England are very much embedded in the towns and villages. And these towns are filled with monuments that wow visitors.


 Best Towns in England

There are so many beautiful places in England. Although the towns are not as big as the cities, they flourish in culture. Also, the country boasts of a great heritage. And the towns are where to experience history and fun first-hand.

  • Bath, Somerset
  • Canterbury, Kent
  • Oxford, Oxfordshire
  • Chichester, West Sussex
  • Salisbury, Wiltshire
  • Painswick, Gloucestershire
  • Penzance, Cornwall

 Oxford, Oxfordshire

Oxford is an academically inclined town. Colleges situated here also contribute to the beauty of the town. The university’s botanic garden for instance is an old attraction sight of the town. Similarly, the Ashmolean Museum is the oldest in the country. In addition, the university garden is an open place for the public to have picnics. Further visits to the trendy Cowley’s shops and music venues are bound to make your visit worthwhile. After that, the 12th-century church of Iffley lets you experience the historic and modern culture.

The town of Oxford is a full package. There are so many places to visit and things to see. While you explore the mixture of old and modern, you also get to wine and dine. Amidst all of these, most importantly, you get to have fun. A few other attractions in Oxford include;

  • A day trip to downtown Abbey
  • Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology
  • Oxford sightseeing River cruise
  • Oxford Kayak tours
  • Laser Kombat Fun game

 Bath, Somerset

The streets of Bath is filled with historic building that number roughly 5000. A stroll in the vicinity feels like an outdoor museum. Moreover, the architectural merit of the buildings is an A-grade. The Thermae Bath Spa is however the highlight of every visitor’s stay. Soaking in the waters of the Bath after a long day can be very relaxing.

Several towns in England boast of historic buildings and heritage. Bath, in the same vein, prides itself on historic sites and custom tours.

  • Tour through Victoria Art gallery
  • Trip to Stonehenge
  • Krowd Keepers: Magic Theatre
  • Bath Skyline

 Painswick, Gloucestershire

A budget-friendly town that allows you to explore with little or no worry about expense. It is also one of the best towns to visit in England. With a variety of things to see, you are bound to increase the duration of your holiday. In short, Painswick is a must-visit town on the itinerary. As a result, there are some sights and landmarks to visit.

  • St. Marys Painswick: The very lovely church is worth visiting. Also, people take care of the trees and gardens.  They even look like a place straight out of a movie.
  • Painswick Beacon: A perfect place to go cycling and hiking. With a climb high up, you get a view of the whole town.

Other attraction sights include;

  • Art Couture Painswick Gallery
  • Stroud Farmers’ Market
  • The Malthouse collective


 Towns in Southern England

England is a country that has so many beautiful places to see. Cities like London and  Manchester certainly have several fun things to offer. The Southern part however have the little towns and villages. And these towns give you a different experience from that of the big cities. Although some things define the country like old cottage doors, creeping vines, and crooked rooftops. There is definitely more to the Southern English countryside than these.

 List of Towns

  • Bibury
  • Cambridge
  • Lalock
  • Castlecombe
  • Broadway
  • Warwick


Towns in Southern England


This is an attractively tiny village. It is located in Wiltshire. And this part of the country gives you an experience of the old English lifestyle. A visit to Lalock takes you back centuries with its historic cottages and beautiful Abbey. Also, National Trust owns the town so they protect the vicinity well.


Southern England Towns

This is a town everyone should visit. Every part of this place screams beauty. Although it is situated within Cotswold, it has arguably the best streets in this part of the country. Arlington Row is the prettiest street in this location.


This is the perfect place to unwind. There’s a lot of fun here including punting upon the waterways. This location is however just 45 minutes away from London by train. It is also one of the smallest and picturesque parts of Southern England.


The stunning buildings and charming houses are beauties to behold. Further visits to the town hall market offers you local crafts. In addition to what the market offers are beautiful antiques and local produce. It is definitely one of the best towns to visit in England.


 Medieval Towns

The amazing history of the Island is very intriguing. And that is what brings people back to England. The beautiful cities and towns, the attractive sites and architecture to mention a few. Fortified medieval citadels are also no exceptions.


Medeival Towns in England

A fortified city, built once upon a time to defend against the Danes. Although, most of what remains of the castle was developed in the 14th century. It is however regarded as one of the finest pieces of defense structures in the country. Among other historic cities, Warwick is certainly very old. And also home to one of the oldest universities in the UK. On show to the public are excellent Doric design as well as the gorgeous Gothic Beauchamp chapel.


Medieval towns

For years past, Ludlow continues to be an important strategic site in the country. As it also boasts of several historic buildings. As a result, it is one of the most unspoiled of England’s medieval towns. Meanwhile, it is situated within the borders of England and Wales. Another interesting fact about the site is its position on the top of a hill. It creates a great view of the countryside along with the Ludlow castle.

Amongst the best towns to visit in England, there are a few other Medieval towns in the country includes;

  • Stirling
  • Durham
  • Portsmouth
  • Armagh
  • Caernarfon


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