Shipley Bradford in England is a town that lies in the city of Bradford. Which is in the State of West Yolkshire of England, UK. The town Shipley is nearby to River Aire which is just about 30 minutes drive. Shipley Bradford to Leeds – is also not far from Leeds. Although it may take you almost 2hrs or more; to get to the the Liverpool canal which is in North Bradford.

Interesting places to visit when in Shipley Bradford

  • River Aire
  • Shipley Library
  • Shipley Market hall
  • Shipley College Salt Building
  • Naylor Cars, Ltd

River Aire

is a river of 148km that passes through Shipley; to other towns and villages in West Yorkshire of England. It’s a recreational center for people in Leeds and Bradford. You can go for fishing, site tour and do many things while in River Aire. But always go along with your safety equipment.

Shipley Library

this is where you can get any book of your choice and study for exams. Also you can make research on anything you wish using the library facilities. Shipley library is a good place for student to study.

Shipley Market hall

these is where you can do all your shopping. Things are not too expensive here because of the student.

Shipley College Salt Building

is a college for higher education. It is a community school in Saltaire village. Feel free to take a walk around it’s beautiful environs.


Shipley to bradford forster square will take you 14 minutes; when driving on a distance of 4km. The train will be more lesser. A friend once spend 8 minutes using training on a weekday but at weekends you could spend 10 minutes.

Top sights in Shipley

  • Shipley Glen Cable Tramway
  • Salts Mill
  • Cartwright Hall
  • Saltaire URC Church
  • Leeds and Liverpool Canal
  • Roberts Park, Saltaire
  • Lister Park
  • Northcliffe Park


What to expect in Shipley Bradford

if you are visiting Shipley for the first time. Shipley Bradford in England is a town for students. The town is home to Shipley College Salt Building. However, there are people of different race in this town. There is a Market in Shipley. When in the market you will find a small bus station; to commute back to your destination. Nevertheless, in Shipley Bradford you will find trams, railway and canal; which can be use for easy movement.
When visiting Shipley Bradford in England for the first time; ensure you plan your accomodation properly. ALSO READ ABOUT, UK TOWNS WITH SAME NAME

Furthermore, Hotel Ibis Bradford Shipley will give you a good treat. You will get a free WiFi and a breakfast. Also some give parking space for your car. Although, you can consult the Whitegates Bradford Estate for accommodation. Or visit Priestley Estate & Lettings Agents Bradford. The cheapest and standard place you could get in Bradford for a week is 75£ while Bremen is 250€ for a month. I think accommodation is cheaper in Findorff Bremen than in Shipley Bradford.


Which cities/towns in England would you recommend for a first-time visitor

Shipley Bradford is a good place to visit. This is because of it’s environs and development.

Population Of Shipley Bradford in England

The town is a small place in Bradford. However, the population is more than 15,500 now. This is because of the presence of college and other tourist sites. The town is mostly occupied by the youths. Unlikely Griffin township in Nash County; that is good for people retiring.
Shipley Bradford Weather – the weather here is better compare to Findorff Bremen. It is not too cold. One from Africa like Lagos State Nigeria; could adapt easily.
Shipley Bradford Postcode – has 475 active postcode that ranges from BD16 to BD 18. Although few of the BD18 are not active. The total number of post code in Shipley is 817. Moreover, the BD9 and BD19 are not active.

Festival and Culture Shipley

There is a theatre and cinema in Shipley. Where people go to watch movies and perfom concert. There is usually Fairport Convention in this town. The people in this town celebrate the Shipley festival and Saltaire festival. Most of this activity are done in Victoria Hall. There are usually, monthly basis event in Shipley. Shipley is an English town; so they have the English culture.

List of festival in Shipley

  • Saltaire Vintage Ho
  • Bradford Beer Festival
  • Saltaire Holistic Health Fair

Food in Shipley Bradford

There are all kinds of meal in this town. The traditional diet includes vegetables, cheesi, seafood and fries. Also, there are lot of delicacy to enjoy here. There’s Chinese, American, and Italian foods enjoy. Shipley Bradford restaurants are doing good work to keep their visitors.

Language in Shipley Bradford in England

The indigenes speak English, although some speak other UK languages. However, there are many languages spoken here. Some include Cornish, Polish, Scott, and Welsh. Others are Slovak, French, Spanish, German. However, there is a trend of Asian languages like Bengali, Chinese, Gujarati, Punjabi and Urdu.

Social amenities in Shipley

Furthermore, Shipley is a well develop town. The roads, trains and trams is a prove. There are luxurious hotels in Shipley Bradford. However, the closest Airport to Shipley is the Leeds Bradford Airport. There is a good standard of education here. That is why most students do not leave the town after graduating. Also, there are High schools and college in Shipley Bradford. Shipley Bradford is the best town to live in England.

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