List of countries with nice towns and villages 



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List of countries with nice towns and villages 

Nice villages to visit around the World. There are many beautiful villages in the World to visit. That are cost friendly and you can still have your comfort. We will be talking about different villages across the globe. This will be from Africa to America, Asia to Oceania and Europe.


Nevertheless, Africa is a beautiful place to explore. Africa tours has a great deal for it investors. Most part of the African world have not been explore. While some are just starting and others are good. The 54 countries in Africa is a place of comfort to relax and become the greater you. Algeria has the largest landmark. So therefore, we will look at one of its village.

Nice Villages to visit 

  1. Kabyle
  2. Okposo
  3. Linha São Pedro
  4. Lindenhurst
  5. Hainan
  6. Jetaral
  7. Bondi
  8. Lindenvale
  9. Hinton Charterhouse
  10. Förderstedt


Kabyle village is an ancient village to visit in Algeria. After carefully using the satellite to locate this village. We can say that Kabyle lies on 2éme rue at Rue des Frères Saadallah. When looking at it from the map the village shares boundary with 9 province. These are Béjaïa, Bordj Bou Arréridj, and Boumerdès. Others are Bouïra, Jijel, Médéa, Mila, Setif, and Tizi Ouzou.  It is also close to El Eulma and El Achir. The village is somewhat close to Tunisia. Kabyle is a large community in Algiers.

There are two political party in this village. These are The RCD (Rassemblement pour la Culture et la Démocratie) meaning Union for Culture and Democracy. And also, The FFS (Front des Forces Socialistes) it means Socialist Forces’ Front in English. They are the Berber ethnic group. They speak Kabyle. However, Kabyle people are hard working. Also, they welcome visitors. Majority of them are Muslims. There are lot of fun in this community. Starting from the mountain climbing to the amazing sea shore. You will enjoy the Casbah of Algiers, Djémila and the Beni Hammad Fort beautiful environ.


Okposo village lies in Inua Abasi. This is in the Eastern part of Ibene local government area. Which is in Akwa Ibom state in Southern part of Nigeria. However, Okposo is close to Mbo, Obio Iyata and Etak Isip Or. The Okposo people are from Ibeno ethnic group. Also, they speak the Efik language. The closest country to this village is Cameroon. Okposo people are very loving and caring. They accommodate visitors. And also prepare their best cuisine for visitors. The political party reigning is PDP meaning People Democratic Party. This village is not too far from Ikot Itie Idung in Nsit Atai where the NYSC Camp lies. The beautiful environ in Okposo will make you want to stay forever.

Do you know that while in Okposo you can visit Akwa Ibom International Stadium. Maybe you just want to do some sporting activities in the stadium. Have you thought about the Akwa Ibom International Airport? Also, the Ibom Plaza and Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Centre will thrill your mind. Should you have little changes in the body then Ibom Specialist Hospital is for you. Also, you can go to Ibom eLibrary to make a research. Although, Play Terrace Lounge and Bar is only for members. So you may have to register. This is what you will enjoy when visiting Okposo in Ibeno. It is a nice village to visit.

Linha São Pedro

Linha São Pedro is a village in Cândido Godói municipality. This is in Rio Grande do Sul in the southern part of Brazil. Linha São Pedro is close to Guaporé and Serafina corrēa when looking at it from the map. Linha São Pedro is a green settlement close to Argentina. The village is beautiful and has many trees and grasses. The village is trace from German ancestors.

Also, the major political party in this village is Brazilian Democratic Movement. The common language in this village include Portuguese and German. Wondering what is special about Linha São Pedro? First, it a land of identical twins. Also, it a nice village to visit. The tourist centres like Fortaleza Canyon, Cascata do Caracol, Maria Fumaça are within Rio Grande do Sul state. Although, it may take you more than 6 hours to get to Ronaldinho de Assis Moreira in Porto Alegre. To see His beautiful mansion. Am sure you will enjoy the mountain scene, hotels and restaurants here. The Brazilian style of food is amazing. Note Linha São Pedro is another cool place to retire.


Lindenhurst is a beautiful village in Babylon town. Which is in Suffolk County and also on Long Island. This is in New York, USA. Lindenhurst is a nice village to visit. The village is close to Amityville, Copiague, West Islip, Melville and Wantagh. Also, Bay Shore is not too far from it. The closest country to this village is Canada precisely Ontario and Quebec. The political party here is the Babylon Town Democratic Committee.

Also,  the major language here is English. Others are Polish and Spanish. Most people living here are Dominican and Ukrainian ancestry. This is the reason why you should visit this village. First, the Long Island beaches is worth visiting. It an amazing place to tour. Also, the Venetian Shores Park, Babylon Town Hall Park, and the Venetian Shores Beach will really give you fun. Never forget the Van Bourgondien Park it a place to remember. Kids love this place a lot. The tourist attractions here are nice. The luxurious hotels and restaurants are welcoming.


Hainan village lies in between the Upper Thomson and Old Upper Thomson road. This is in Thomson of Central region of Singapore. It is close to Tagore industrial Estate. Hainan village is also, close to Lower Peirce Reservoir. Although, part of it has been taking by the Thomson Park. The village is almost not in existence because of the new plan of Thomson Nature Park. The closest country to this village is Malaysia. However, the People’s Action Party (PAP) rules the nation. Also, there is a place in China that also have this name Hainan.

In Singapore the people call this village Hainanese village. History tells that the village is an ancient one and was abandoned. Fact remains that Singapore is converting most of it villages to town, city and tourist centres. While some are now Estate. There are few villages in the country. You may travel to this settlement and see it as the Thomson Nature Park. Please don’t be surprise. The place is a nice village to visit. The environ is green. There are lot of tourist attractions, Hotels and Restaurants to visit.

List of countries with nice towns and villages 


Jetaral is a Peninsula settlement in Fuhai County. This is in Altay Prefecture, in the Nothern Xinjiang Province of China. The settlement which we refer to as a village is close to Qiganjidie and Hoboksar Mongol Autonomous County. Which is in Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture in Xinjiang. The closest country to this village is Коскора, in Zaysan District of Kazakhstan. Also, it is close to Sagsai in Bayan-Ölgii of Mongolia. The place is a nice tourist centre to visit. The beautiful environ around the site is amazing. Also, the mountains, desert, nature reserve and lake in this part of the world is so nice. The weather is usually cold and is snowy too.

The population in this area is much. Also, they have nice Chinese food that you will delight in. You will find Carmel in one of the neighbouring towns of Jetaral. While in this village, you can visit these places venly Lake of Tianshan, Kanas Lake and Khunjerab Pass. Also, Flaming Mountains, Muztagh Ata and Khüiten Peak are so nice places to visit. Even though there are a bit far. If you are the shopping type then Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar is for you.


Bondi is another nice village to visit in Australia. Bondi lies between North Bondi and Tamarama. It is also close to Waverley, Queens Park, and Bellevue Hill. The village is in Waverley Council, a local government area in Sydney. This is in New South Wales State of Australia. The closest country to this village is New Zealand precisely the Southland. This locality is a very beautiful village in Sydney.

There’s a Bondi beach, a retirement settlement called Bondi Beach Astra Retirement Village. There is Bondi Baths an ancient land mark that attract tourist. Also, there are many Aboriginal art gallery in Australia. These two is a nice tourist centre, the Coo-ee, Walangari Karntawarra and Diramu Aboriginal Dance and Didgeridoo. Also, the Waverley Cemetery is an iconic place of remembrance. The Jac+Jack Bondi Beach and the Tamarama Beach is amazing. You will surely like the Bondi to Coogee Walk Tour. There are also luxurious hotels and restaurants and shopping center. Such as the Westfield Bondi Junction. Apart from English as the language spoken, Spanish is also another language that is common here. Labor and Liberal party is popular in Bondi.



Lindenvale is a village that lies in Main Road of Tawa. This is in the Northern part of Wellington in New Zealand. Lindenvale is close to Kenepuru, Greenacres and Ohariu valley. The village is an Oceania village; that is one of the villages in Australia or Oceania continent. The closest country to Lindenvale is Australia. Particularly, Ridge Road in Corunna. This is in Eurobodalla Shire Council of New South Wales in Australia. Lindenvale is a beautiful place in Tawa with many Christians. There are also hotels and nice restaurant to visit. The village is green and you will really enjoy life here. Greenacres is a nearby community that will thrill your mind. Lindenvale is also a cold place. Also, do not forget to carry your winter clothes along when visiting this village. It is also a nice village to visit.


Hinton Charterhouse

Hinton Charterhouse is a village near Ridgeway. In the Bath district. At the North East of Somerset, England. Meanwhile, the Hinton In The Hedges is also a village in South Northamptonshire, England. The village lies in west of Brackley. This place is just like a town to many countries. The beautiful environ is so nice to visit. There are luxurious hotels and restaurants here. I recommend Hinton Charterhouse in England as a nice village to visit.


Förderstedt village lies very close to Staßfurt. Also, it is close to Calbe and Nienburg. Which is located in Salzlandkreis. The state of Saxony-Anhalt in Germany. This locality is a salt producing area. However, Staßfurt  use to produce the largest amount of salt. The people living in this village can easily visit Schloss Gröna for fun. The Historical landmark in Calbe is a nice place to check-in. Also, there is a zoo close to this village too. The Staßfurt Zoo is close to Förderstedt.

The zoo has animals of different breeds that are eye catching. There are two museum close to it. The Löderburger See is a nice water skiing site to visit.  This village is such an amazing place to visit. Also, because of the tourist centres around it. This place is also a nice village to visit. Oceania For now, there are no villages or permanent resident in this continent. But there are lots of airports in this continent. People who visit this place are scientist that are carrying out research. But in the nearest future we hope for settlement like a nice village to visit. Although, the majority will be from UK, France, Argentina, Chile, Australia and New Zealand.

List of countries with nice towns and villages

  1. Algeria
  2. Nigeria
  3. Brazil
  4. Unite State of America
  5. Singapore
  6. China
  7. Australia
  8. New Zealand
  9. United Kingdom
  10. Germany


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