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UK towns with same name could be confusing. However this does not occur to the UK alone, it is everywhere. And you will find out soon. The country official name is the United Kingdom of Great Britain. The United Kingdom lies in North Western part of Europe. UK only share a land border with Ireland. It is surrounded by the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean to the East. The English Channel is to the south. While the Celtic Sea is to the South West. It neighbouring countries are linked through the sea.

UK neighbouring countries

  1. Belgium
  2. Denmark
  3. France
  4. Germany
  5. Netherlands
  6. Norway
  7. Faroe Islands (Denmark).

There are 4 countries that make up the UK. These are England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.Within these countries are UK towns that have same name.


UK towns with same name

  1. Halstead (Essex) and Halstead (Kent)
  2. Henley In Arden (Warwickshire) and Henley On Thames (Oxfordshire)
  3. Hensol (Glamorgan) and Hensol (South Glamorgan)
  4. Holt (Norfolk) and Holt (Wiltshire)
  5. Hungerford (Berkshire) and Hungerford (Wiltshire)
  6. Hythe (Hampshire) and Hythe (Kent)
  7. Stamford Bridge (London) and Stamford Bridge (East Riding of Yorkshire)
  8. St. Ives (Cornwall) and St. Ives (Cambridge)
  9. Newport (Wales) and Newport (Isle of Wight)
  10. Gillingham (Kent) and Gillingham (Dorset)
  1. Halstead (Essex) and Halstead (Kent)

Halstead is a town in Essex. It is near Sudbury and Colchester. And has over 11,000 population. It is a land of refuge. While Halstead in Kent is a village. It is near the London Borough of Bromley. And with barely 1200 population.

  1. Henley In Arden (Warwickshire) and Henley On Thames (Oxfordshire)

Henley in Arden lies to the Wes of Warwick. It is obviously a small town in Warwickshire.It also close to Redditch and Birmingham. The town is home to Henley-in-Arden College. On the other hand. There is a Henley On Thames of Oxfordshire. It is close to Reading at the North East and Oxford to the South East. It has an increasing population of almost 12000.

  1. Hensol (Glamorgan) and Hensol (South Glamorgan)

Hensol Castle is a building use for ceremonial activities. The building is in it 5th century now. It also an amusement park. It is North of Clawdd Coch. The Castle is in Vale of Glamorgan. In the Wales of UK. The other part of Hensol is filled with Hotels, lake, resort center and vineyard. Hensol is a town in South Glamorgan of Wales.

  1. Holt (Norfolk) and Holt (Wiltshire)

Holt is a town and electoral ward in Norfolk. It is at the North to Norwich. And East to King’s Lynn. Whereas Holt is a village in Wiltshire. And lies North East of Bradford on Avon. The two Holt are in England.

  1. Hungerford (Berkshire) and Hungerford (Wiltshire)

Hungerford is a town in Berkshire, England. And it is surrounded by Newbury, Marlborough, Salisbury and London. The other part of Hungerford shares border with Wiltshire. It lies within North of the Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. In Bath Road.

  1. Hythe (Hampshire) and Hythe (Kent)

Hythe is a town in Hampshire. The town is near Southampton Water. In the district of New Forest, Hampshire, England. Also, there is a town called Hythe on the edge of Romney Marsh. It lies in the district of Folkestone.

  1. Stamford Bridge (London) and Stamford Bridge (East Riding of Yorkshire)

Stamford Bridge is just a stadium in Fulham City . In the South West of London. Where Chelsea Football Club is located. On the other hand Stamford Bridge is a village on the River Derwent.The village lies on the county of the East Riding of Yorkshire. They are both in England.

  1. St. Ives (Cornwall) and St. Ives (Cambridge)

St Ives is a town in Cornwall. It is near the Barbara Hepworth Museum. A beautiful town that has 4 beaches to visit. The St Ives lies north of Penzance. It is also on the coast of Celtic. At the west of Camborne. While the St Ives in Cambridge is also a town in the county of Cambridgeshire. That is East of Huntingdon. And also North West of Cambridge. The two town are in England.

  1. Newport (Wales) and Newport (Isle of Wight)

Newport is a town in Gwent county. It is in the North East of Cardiff. And also in South East of Wales. It lies on the River Usk. Meanwhile the other Newport is a principal town in the Isle of Wight county in England.

  1. Gillingham (Kent) and Gillingham (Dorset)

Gillingham is a town in Kent. On the River Medway. It is in the South East of England. It neighbouring towns are Rochester and Chatham. Also Gillingham is a town in North Dorset. That lies on B3095 and B3081 road. In the county of Dorset England.


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