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Best honeymoon destination in October; is like a rat race for many. As they continue to search for a cooler place. October which is a very hot weather for many countries; could also be cool for others. However, you have plans for your honeymoon. But don’t know the best destination in October. Then never get too worried about the best places in October for Honeymoon. Like we discussed on our previous post about Honeymoon destinations in USA.

Honeymoon should be a time in the life of couples to relax and have special time with each other. Honeymoon is when to show your spouse love and make he or she feel your love. Most times, couples prefer not to work during their honeymoon. However, do not let the hot weather of October spoil your fun. We have a list of honeymoon haven destination for our readers. Lucky enough the Europe, Asia, America and Australia is not that always hot but mild. Except for Africa which usually have a hard weather.

Best honeymoon destination in October

  • Positano in Campania, Italy
  • Húsavík in Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Obudu in Cross River, Nigeria
  • Takama in Victoria, Seychelles
  • La Plata in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Cornwall in Ontario, Canada
  • Marina Bay, Singapore
  • Gorge Town, Malaysia


Positano is a hill village in Amalfi coast. Which is in the province of Salerno, Campania region in southern Italy. However, Positano is the village you will see when coming from the West across the Amalfi coast. It is close to Naples and Sorrento. You can drive or use a public bus to arrive at this hill village. The cliffside village is known for its pebble beachfront and also the narrow steep streets that is filled with cafes and boutiques.

The village has the icon of Virgin Mary which dates since 13th century ago. Also, the Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta is very attractive and has a majolica-tiled dome. While in this small beautiful town; you can decide to go hiking on The Sentiero degli Dei. Which link the village to many other town. Positano is as beautiful as the Sirens of Li Galli. This vertical honeymoon destination is just perfect for you. The colourful houses in this  village stands bright. However, you can decide to fly a boat just to enjoy the beautiful environ.

Húsavík in Reykjavik, Iceland

Husavik is another beautiful village that is very close to Akureyri. Which is in central North of Iceland. It is popular for geothermal baths. A very seductive village that everyone dreams to visit. While in this village you can go for Whale watching with your partner. It is a unique place in Iceland. However, it is not far from the city capital of the country. Husavik has gained the name Europe’s whale watching.

However, this Husavik is very close to Skjálfandi Bay. What makes it more attractive is that; the village lies in the middle of a mountain and sea. So you can go hiking or go fishing if you care. Although, with a little population around 2000 people. Eagle Airline is the most popular flight company that flies passengers from Húsavík to Reykjavík. Fosshotel Husavik is another beautiful resort centre that you can lodge with your spouse. A 3 Star hotel that has sea view. This village is also home to Húsavík Port. It is a perfect place and the best honeymoon destination in October to visit.


Best tourist Continent

  • Europe
  • Africa
  • America
  • Asia
  • Australia


Obudu is a renown tourist destination in Cross River State of Nigeria. The town is also an LGA which means Local Government Area in the state. It is a town that is close to Akwaya in Cameroon. However, bordering several places in Nigeria. Some of the places include Benue, Bekwara and Bette. This town is home to Obudu Mountain Resort. Also, it is near Oshie Ridge of the Sankwala Mountain. The town usually hold a Ranch International Mountain Race. So you are free to feed your eyes while in this town. Nevertheless, there are many features as well as recreational facilities in this town.

Furthermore, it is close to the Bebi Airport. And also home to Obudu Dam. However, the town holds the most recommended destination vacation and its known for this. The beautiful environ of this place are so cool even in October. To get to this mountain; you need to use a cable car. The Europeans and Americans visit this town a lot. Even the tomb of Mary Slessor lies close to this town. Obudu will be the best honeymoon destination in October for you and your spouse while in Nigeria the giant of Africa.



Takama is a beautiful place in southern Mahe in Victoria of Seychelles. It is home to many tourist attractions. Although, having a roughly 3000 population. Takama is a district and home to Takamaka Green Village. However, it is close to Anse Cachée at the southern tip of Mahé. While Anse Intendance is at the west coast. Takama is popular for it resort centres such as The Banyan Tree Resort. Meanwhile, farming and fishing is a major occupation of the villagers in this district because of the type of natural habitat they have. The district also promote tourism. As there are many beaches here.

In Takama you will find some luxurious hotels like Banyan Tree Resort. Although, the Allamanda Hotel is small but; this suits the culture of the Seychellois. Also, the Chez Batista is a nice place to check in. There are lots of island around Takama. Infact, Seychelles is an island country in East Africa that receives tourist round the world.

La Plata

La Plata is a beautiful city in Buenos Aires; the capital of Argentina. Also, it is the administrative headquarters of Buenos Aires. La Plata is just like the ABUJA MUNICIPAL TOWN that is they are all planned cities. The city is known to exhibit natural history from the populy La Plata Museum. One thing that will wow you about this city is the diagonal roads. Also, the neo-Gothic Cathedral lies in this city. Furthermore, it houses the German Renaissance building.

La Plata has 765,378 population. The opera house Teatro Argentino de La Plata is another valuable asset in this city. An ancient building. But still stands firm as the pride of the city. This few places makes the city more exciting. Estación del Ferrocarril Roca is a giant building with a good architectural design. The Plaza Dardo Rocha is another fun place named after its founder Governor Dardo Rocha. There is also Estadio Ciudad de La Plata. A stadium to practice all kinds of sport. However, the Palacio Municipal is another unique place in this city.



Cornwall is a cool city and one of the best honeymoon destination in October. Never forget how cold Canada is. But at this time its becomes better. The scenic environ of the city is just the perfect place for couples. However, Cornwall is in Eastern Ontario and the administrative headquarters to three counties. Which are te United Counties of Glengarry, Stormont and Dundas. Also, the city is close to Saint Lawrence River. It is a major place where people from it neighborhood visit. Towns and Villages or Communities near Cornwall are Mohawk, Long Sault, St. Andrew, Ingleside, Avonmore, Apple Hill, Lancaster, Glen Walter, Williamstown, and Martintown.

Do you know that Cornwall is a gateway; starting from Montreal to other places in Canada. It is a Port City. Also, there are beaches in this city. While Canal connect different places together. The popular places to check in while in Cornwall includes, the Aulstville Theatre which  is use to perform live shows. Benson Centre is a recreational centre and its open to both citizens and visitors. Cornwall Aquatic Centre is a nice place to swim. Also, the Cornwall Community Museum is a must visit. There are alot to see when in Cornwall. After all it is honeymoon time.

Marina Bay

If you haven’t been to this city then you probably haven’t explore the best cities in the world. Everyone knows Singapore is one of the best tourist destination to explore. Marina Bay is a city that has a bay; it lies just at the very central of Singapore. Portraying the wealth of the city. Although, the city was planned and own by the Las Vegas Sand. It is close to Straits, Marint South, Downtown Core and Marina East. However, other famous building in this city include, Marina Bay Financial Centre, and Asia Square.

While in this city you have access to 7 rail station. Each of them serving the city by conveying people to different destination. The Esplanade, Promenade, Bayfront, City Hall, Marina Bay, Downtown and Raffles Place are really making things work well for this city. The city boast of a comprehensive transportation network. Furthermore, Marina Bay and its environ is a beautiful place for honeymoon.

George Town

George Town is the capital of Penang. A multicultural city in the heart of Malaysia. Just like the George Town in UK. This city is know for its architectural building. Designed by the British. The Chinese also have a signature through; the shop building and religious places especially mosque. The city has well design Skyscrapers and mall.

There’s a railway for trains to convey people and the Verdant Penang Hill  peis were people take a tour. It is the 3rd most populous city in the country having more than 708,127 occupants. The city is home to UNESCO award. Do you know that The Cenotaph in George Town was built just to honour the fallen Allied after the world war.


Best honeymoon destinations in october in USA

Oahu, Hawaii

Best honeymoon spots in October

  • The Sentiero degli Dei
  • Obudu Mountain Resort
  • Husavik Port
  • Mahe Island
  • Marina Bay Sands

Top honeymoon destinations for October

  • Thousands island, Canada
  • Banyan Tree Resort
  • Museo de Ciencias Naturales
  • Esplanade, Singapore


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