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Best honeymoon destinations in India – once in a moon time when in the mid of a mere life called “love”. However, it gives us a fairy tale experience. Especially, at wedding ceremonies and couples wish it never ends. However, that gives them honeymoon – an opportunity for couples; to connect with one another and have a blissful moment. In between the rush to have the perfect dream wedding. ALSO READ ABOUT, MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACES IN SAN DIEGO

The feeling of joy and pride of beginning a new life takes control of your mind. Perhaps the plan for your honeymoon might have escaped your mind. How you wish someone could surprise you by putting things in places for you. And making the best honeymoon plan for a romantic destination. After all, its your resting period; so you should enjoy to the fullest. However, you can always call on an event planner to cook up things for you. We hope you will enjoy or think about a few of this places in India for honeymoon.

The best honeymoon destinations in India for your ultimate romantic hiatus:

  • Andaman Islands. Shimla
  • Kerala Udaipur
  • Srinagar
  • Dehradun

However, the few destinations on this list about India for your honeymoon; will wow you and give you the very best memories you will never forget. India is never a bad destination and will never be. Go explore the beautiful land of India.


It lies on the shores of Arabian Sea Coast. An attractive beach that anyone could ever think of while in India. Goa is known for its beaches with nice night view. However, the nature reserves and wildlife of this destination makes everyone dream of visiting. As couples it will be an attractive place to see the wonders of the earth. Also, Gao has characteristic colourful hotels and houses, green fields, great beaches, and a lovely atmosphere. However, newlyweds couples spend their honeymoon days with sand and clean blue water under the sun-kissed beaches. Also, this scenic place always makes life very fun.

Best honeymoon destinations in india October

The Andaman Island is the best honeymoon destination in October. Well, are free to make your choice.



The Andaman island is the hub of adventure sports like kayaking scuba diving, snorkelling, and marine life. Andaman is the most trending honeymoon destination in India. With sunny beaches for married couples. The perfect time to be in Andaman and Nicobar islands is usually from October to May.

Tourist attractions in India


Any historian will really love this place. Or if you are good at remembering things and telling stories. Then you have a lot to learn while in Udaipur. Also, this city is home to lakes. People prefer to call it Venice of the East. Its a city in which most building are design like a palace. However, it sits on the picturesque Lake Pichola. You should try staying at “The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur” the overlooks of pristine water and the lush gardens.

There is usually a welcoming ceremony for couples. Especially, by using the rose flower to shower on the couples and sing beautiful songs for them. Wow, isn’t it nice that Udaipur does such things. Upon that having nice sights that are best for photography. And are meant for couples that loves monuments, forts, palaces, and gardens. What else are you looking for.


This is an ancient destination in India. Earning the award as tourist best honeymoon destination. Shimla is an attracting honeymoon location for couples. Also, Shimla has a beautiful and fascinating hill station. The hill station is a place in India where every year lots of couples come to celebrate their honeymoon. However, Shimla is a peaceful, natural beauty of India.

When you are in Shimla you feel like one day isn’t enough to see and feel all the beauty put in place for romantic moments. After visiting this place, you don’t need anyone to tell you how beautiful it is. As your eyes will see the wonders itself. While in Shimla couples are expected to visit lakes, other beautiful scenery and also enjoy boat rides.”Ooh Shimla your beauty is beyond imagination”.


Kerala makes use of the slogan ‘God’s Own Country’. Just like a Abia State in Nigeria and the US. Kerala is another beautiful honeymoon destination in India. No doubt, Kerala is a low crime area for couples to explore. There’s a backwater that is specifically made for couples. No one sees it and turn back. They are the best of it kind in Kerala. Kerala is home to wild elephants, exotic birds, the odd tiger, and snake-boat races. It’s hard to deny Kerala’ for the most peaceful honeymoon destination.



Popularly called the City of Lakes; which is in Rajasthan state of India. However, an ancient capital of the kingdom of Mewar. Which was in the former Rajputana Agency. However, Maharana Udai Singh II found the city in It 1558, in the Sisodia clan of Rajput. This was when the capital was moved from the Chittorgarh city to Udaipur. It was at this time that Chittorgarh was besieged. However, the city also has nice tourist attraction for Honeymooners.


While sitting on the banks of the river Jhelum, a variety of options are there to do in Shrinagar. You can take a ride on the amusing Shikaras which is on Nagin and Dal Lake. Or by watching birds that flies in Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary. Also, a walk at the beautiful Mughal Gardens will never disappoint you. Furthermore, couples can also visit the old monuments; in the city such as the Jama Masjid, and Hazratbal Shrine. You will feel the emotions at the Shankracharya during your Honeymoon, and when carrying out the full moon Shikhara Ride.


Which is the capital and a city in Uttarakhand, is beautiful place in India. It lies in Garhwal region. However, it is 236 kilometres north of New Delhi. Also, 168 kilometres from Chandigarh. Dehradune is one of the Counter Magnets to the National Capital Region (NCR). However, it is being develope as a new centre of growth to improve and ease the migration for honeymooners.

Best honeymoon destinations in India

This is the most scenic evirons of India. Like the beach, lake, and island. Others could be game reserve, museum and resort centre.

Best honeymoon destination near India

  • Siem Reap in Cambodia
  • COYA Dubai
  • Ho Chi Minh City


Best honeymoon destinations in India in May

Just like October, May is quite a good time. You will really have a lot of story to tell. Better still you should be in Gao so you can have the best in May.

Best honeymoon destinations in India June

June in India is not a bad time to visit. Just plan your holiday well and you will enjoy the best of it.

Best honeymoon destinations in summer outside India

  • Minethauk Village, Inle Lake
  • Bentota in Sri Lanka
  • Malé Island
  • Ella in Sri Lanka
  • Liangshan in China
  • Ngapali Beach
  • Six Senses Laamu
  • Yangshuo in China


Best honeymoon destinations in India for December

December tourist places in india are always nice to visit. As the atmosphere is always sparkling. Here are a few check-in; you can always visit.

  • Shillong (Meghalaya)
  • NohKaLikai Falls
  • Jammu

Hope you have an everlasting moments as you visit the choice of places you want with your ever after.

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