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Best honeymoon destinations in USA is always very fun. As you get to visit many beautiful places that are stunning. USA which is everyman’s dream land; is a beautiful country for both black and white race in North America continent. Although, there are always many choices to make when planning a honeymoon. While you may choose America. Others may go for Africa, Asia and find beautiful PLACES TO EAT IN DUBAI or the BEST HONEYMOON DESTINATIONS IN EUROPE. Remember, it all a choice to choose from the beautiful environ on Earth. Often times people go as far as Australia best honeymoon destinations. Just to have the best they crave for.

However, do not let the getaways of US honeymoon places slip from your finger. A grip is always a memory to last forever. Furthermore, Citizens in USA who choose their honeymoon destinations in USA often save cost of Visa and other expenses. Enjoying the natural landscape of the state. By visiting various site attractions such as beach, museum, parks, zoo etc. There are over 22 of them to visit.


  1. Grand Canyon
  2. Mount Rushmore
  3. Statue of Liberty
  4. Pike Place Market in Seattle
  5. Venice Beach in Los Angeles
  6. Niagara Falls
  7. Mesa Verde
  8. Space Needle
  9. Hollywood Sign
  10. Faneuil Hall
  11. Zion National Park
  12. White House
  13. Walt Disney World Resort
  14. Kennedy Space Center
  15. Yellowstone National Park
  16. Navy Pier in Chicago
  17. Carlsbad Caverns
  18. Times Square
  19. River Walk in San Antonio
  20. Golden Gate Bridge
  21. Great Smoky Mountains National Park
  22. Marriage Island

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But if you are a visitor and entering the United States of America for the first time; then worry less as you will really have great fun during your honeymoon. However, make sure you have enough to spend as prices of things may differ here. ALSO READ ABOUT, BEST CITIES TO LIVE IN US

Best honeymoon destinations in USA

  1. Sitka
  2. Jacksonville
  3. Anaconda
  4. Oklahoma City
  5. Houston
  6. Phoenix
  7. San Antonio
  8. Suffolk
  9. Presque Isle, Maine


This is one of the biggest landmark city in Alaska. However, close to the state capital Juneau. Other places near this beautiful city include the Chichaof Island and Baranof Island. However, this city is also close to Russia. As it was formerly a place in Russia. While in this quite environ you will enjoy talking a way to the Sitka historical site. Popularly called Sitka National Historical Park.

If you are a Catholic; then St. Michael’s Orthodox Cathedral is just the best place for you to worship. Do you know that this City and town in Southeast, Alaska is also close to the Pacific ocean. However, it’s also opposite Alaska Gulf. The city is well known for its culture. Sitka boast of it Aquatic centre and scenic natural habitat. Although, it uses the Alaska airlines and ferry to transport people. Sitka is one of the best honeymoon in USA because you can go hiking, fishing or explore the scenic landscape of the city with your partner.


Jacksonville which is the capital of Duval County lies in Florida. It is the most popular city in the state and has the highest population. Jacksonville which has over 1.5 million people living in it environ is a business hub. Nevertheless, it is also a tourist destinations. That’s why honeymoon is suitable in this region. Also, the city is popular for it’s cultural activities. Museums, and beaches are common here.

The two popular beaches are the Jacksonville and Neptune. If you love swimming, then you will enjoy the envrions of Jacksonville. This Northeastern city is close to the Atlantic ocean. It is also home to a golf course. The Ponte Vedra will be a good place to step in while in this city. This city was named after the 7th president of the United States. Jacksonville is rich in natural landscape. It is an affordable city in Florida and a perfect destination for honeymoon. The luxurious hotels and tantalizing restaurant; can put smiles on your face as you visit them. Both young and old are welcome in their resort centres.



Anaconda sounds scary. It’s reminds one of the popular movie title Anaconda. Acted using snake as a tormentor. Anyways this city lies in Deer Lodge County. It is found on the southwest part of Montana. In 2010 the city had 9,298 population. While each household claims $34,716 income. It is popular for it mining. It shares boundaries with Opportunity and West Valley. Anaconda is a mountain city known for mining copper.

The city was found by a popular miner Marcus Daly; as a suggestion from the US after filling for a plat. The city is home to different mining companies. However, things to keep you company in this city are the Washoe theater, Mountain Walk, etc. If you like going to the cinema; then you will enjoy a lot of film from Washoe theater. Also, the restaurant have nice meals to offer. This is one of the best honeymoon destinations in USA; on our list because living expenses is cheaper.

Best honeymoon spots in USA

  1. Maggie Valley
  2. Hanalei
  3. Branson
  4. Key West

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is the state capital of Oklahoma in US. Life in this city is fun all through. People prefer to live cowboy kind of life. The city is rich in architectural buildings such as the Alfred P. Murrah Federa Building. Although, the city has suffered bomb blast before. But it still stand tall having it best bronze chairs of Oklahoma City National Memorial. You need to also see the pools of the city and the Survivor Tree. However, the Blacks have a small percentage of occupant; while the majority are the white.

Oklahoma is one of the best 50 places to travel to. It’s beautiful apparel, clothes, and jewelry are charming. Also, you will find quality clothes for children here. While in this city do enjoy the nice restaurant with cool music on the background. Its cuisine are very delicious and delightful.


Houston a beautiful city in Southeast, Texas lies very close to the Galveston Bay. It controls the adminstrative affairs of Harris. It line 4th as the most populated city in US and 6th in North America continent. The city has a population of over 2.3 million. However, while in this beautiful city; you will be opportune to see the Space Center Houston and the NASA. An astronaut flight control complex.

Also, the downtown has amusement places such as the Houston Grand Opera. Theater and Historic District having it old and finest upscale restaurant. Other mind blowing places are Sam Houston Monument, Houston Ship Channel, and Downtown Houston. Never forget to check in its universities which are Rice University, and University of Houston. The Toyota Center shows a good sense of information technology. While The Galleria, Broken Obelisk, and George Bush Park will make you feel relaxed and sip chilled drink.

Top honeymoon destination in USA

  1. Yellowstone National Park
  2. Navy Pier in Chicago
  3. Carlsbad Caverns


Phoenix is the capital and most populated city in Maricopa county of Arizona. However, the Salt River Valley is also part of Phoenix. The city is popularly called the Valley of the Sun. Having a population of over 1.6 million. However, Phoenix is twice of Tucson in size. Making the list of the 5th most populous city in USA. It also gain the recognition of the state capital with over 1 million occupants.

Doyou know that Phoenix is a good agricultural arable land. Also, the flow from Gila Rivers improves the fertility of the soil. Never forget to visit the Sonoran Desert of Phoenix. Although, it a very hot desert. If you don’t check in to these places then you were never in Phoenix. Saguaro cactu and Papago Park reveals the beautiful Phoenix. Chase Tower makes it look like a paradise while Saint Mary’s Basilica is just too perfect. Haven’t you heard about its Downtown, Rosson House, the Arizona Science Center, and the light rail. All magnificent the beauty of the city. Also, the McDowell Mountains is a cool place to visit.

Best honeymoon spots in the USA

  1. Carefree
  2. Dry Tortugas Islands
  3. Chetek
  4. Hocking Hills State Park
  5. Sanibel Island

Top honeymoon spots in USA

  1. Marriage Island
  2. Faneuil Hall
  3. Zion National Park
  4. White House
  5. Walt Disney World Resort

Best honeymoon getaways in the US

  1. Forth Worth, Texas
  2. Grand Junction, Colorado
  3. Greenville, South Carolina
  4. The Florida Keys
  5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

San Antonio

A Bexar County headquarters; is the 2nd most populous city in Texas. It is close to New Braunfels. A name from its Spanish ancestors. It is also 2nd most populous city in the southern part of the United States of America. Which has over 1.5 million residents. However, this city is 302 years on 1, May 2020. It is an ancient city which was founded by the Spanish.

However, the city is know for its history and rich culture. Ones the biggest and fastest growing city in the US. San Antonio was ones a city like the New York; were everyone wants to visit or live. The city lies in the southern Western part of the state. However, Austin is less than an hundred mile away from San Antonio.

Furthermore, San Antonio is home to this nice sites. The Riverwalk, SeaWorld San Antonio, The Pearl, Torch of Friendship and Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Each of them promote the city in different ways. However, it is home to UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Asa visitor it will be nice to check in at the Tower of the Americas. I know the Marriage Island is just a perfect place for you. San Antonio will be happy to have you as an increase figure to it 32 million visitors a year. The nightlife here is one of a kind. Maybe the NBA champion San Antonio Spurs; will be great for you. , Or maybe you could wait for this annual San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo.


Suffolk which is without a county; lies on Hampton Roads. It is the largest city in Virginia state of America. However, it is not depending on the state economic affairs. It is the power house of Virginia. However, the 2017 census proves that the city has less than an 100,000 population. Although, setting a figure of 90,237. But Suffolk has a great landmark. This makes it the 14th largest city in the US.

However, the city is close to Norfolk, Chesapeake, Newport News and other places. It is also close to the Virginia Beach. While in this city you will feel the presence of James rivers. Suffolk is an English name. Which means the ancestors are from the English colony. History has it that Suffolk use to be a warehouse. Preferred to be called Constant’s Warehouse. However, it initial dweller was John Constant. But it was rename after a Royal Governor. Whose name is William Gooch ‘s home of Suffolk. Which is a county in East of Anglia in England.

Do you know that Suffolk was once very popular for the production of tobacco. In today’s world; Suffolk is known for Peanut processing and Transportation hub. Which are railway and highway. Suffolk finds its way to the best honeymoon destinations in USA with this.

Presque Isle, Maine

This is the largest city in Aroostook. But the smallest US landmark city with just 75.8 sq mi. This city which lies in Maine state of the US. Is well known for commercial activities. However, with just 8,998 in 2018 the city is doing pretty good. It houses the University of Maine and Husson University.

While in this city you can choose to visit Northern Maine Fairground or the Aroostook Centre Mall. Hey just relax, because the city is small doesn’t mean there are no fun places. How about trying the Downtowns; to see nice envrions like Crown of Maine Balloon Fest. Also, you have other choices such as Nordic Heritage Center, the wind turbine, etc.


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