Towns in Ogun state



There are a plethora of towns in Ogun state. Most occupants of the state are however based in the urban areas. Be that as it may, smaller towns are not left a void. Ogun is a state in the southwestern part of Nigeria. Abeokuta is the capital and the largest city in the state. Also, the state appellation is “Gateway to Nigeria”.

Lagos state is on the south part of its border. While Oyo and Osun are on the northern side. There’s Ondo on the east and Republic of Benin to the west. However, the total population of the state records 3,751,140. This is as a result of the 2006 census.

Ogun state has a profusion of industrial estates. Also, being a manufacturing hub in Nigeria, it is an independent revenue-creating state. The number of factories is similarly superfluous. An example of these companies is Lafarge cement factory in Ewekoro. Other examples include; Procter and Gamble in Agbara, Nestle, and Memmcol in Orimerunmu among several others.



Ogun State was created on February 3rd 1976. Its creation was however from the old western state. And this happened during Gen. Murtala Muhammed regime. With its location in the southwestern part of Nigeria, it has quite the landmass. Ogun state covers about 16,762 square kilometres. As it borders other neighbouring states.

A large number of occupants are a part of the Egba and Egbado subgroups of the Yoruba people. This is as a result of the disintegration of the Oyo empire. A fit made possible by Sodeke. He was a hunter and leader of the Egba refugee. Moreover, the empire is now the north-central part of the state.

On the other hand, Ogun state has Yoruba as its primary language. The language, however, has several dialects. To clarify, Ogun state has six ethnic groups. These groups are the Ijebu, Remo, Awori, the Egbado, Egun, and Egba.

 Local Governments

There are 20 local government areas in Ogun state. Here’s a list of them;

  • Abeokuta North
  • Abeokuta South
  • Ado-Odo/Ota
  • Ewekoro
  • Ifo
  • Ijebu East
  • Ijebu North
  • Ikenne
  • Ijebu North East
  • Ijebu Ode

With no particularly hierarchy, this is the list of the last 10 L.G.A.

  • Imeko Afon
  • Ipokia
  • Obafemi Owode
  • Odogbolu
  • Odeda
  • Ogun Waterside
  • Remo North
  • Sagamu
  • Yewa North
  • Yewa South


 Towns in Ogun State

There are over 30 towns and villages in Ogun state. This includes the state capital which happens to be the largest. However, there are some more eminent than others.

 Ijebu Ode

Towns in Ogun state
Ijebu Ode

According to history, Ijebu-Ode is a combination of two names. The names were Ajebu and Olode. Apparently, they were leaders of the early settlers of the town.

In terms of Land Mass, Ijebu is the 2nd largest in the state. There’s also Arable land for farming. While Ijebu Igbo also has several villages and hamlets.

A large part of the rural areas engages in farming. Some of the produce includes; Cocoa, Cola Nut, Palm Oil, and Bamboo stick.

Ijebu is home to spiritualists. From Clerics to Alfas and herbalists, they are a hundred of them. The people say there is no problem that cannot be solved. Besides, everyone has to believe in something. There are certainly fake ones amongst them.

 Remo Land

The Remo kingdom has about 33 villages. And they were once called Remo Metalelogbon. the people of Remo had to migrate from Ile Ife. This is because of the quest for survival and sovereignty. They also needed to grow, expand and be independent. Most importantly, the tribal war was a key factor in their migration.

The paramount ruler of Remo Land is the AKARIGBO. To clarify, he is the head of all kings in the land. However, the first Akarigbo was Idogbein. And he was married to Onigbo. On the other hand, she happened to follow Obanta into Ijebu land. That is, she was one of the migrants.



In 1830, the people of Egba started to settle at Abeokuta. Afterwards, each section had a part of the town to settle. Also, they developed a good system of communicating with each other. As this aided their general governance as well.

Abeokuta has a vast area of land. The land stretches from River oba on the North to Ebute Meta on the South. Furthermore, there is the Osun river on the East to Ipokia. And lastly, The same Osun river stretches to River Yewa on the west.

Furthermore, there are four sections that form the Egba Nation. They include EGBA OKE ONA, EGBA GBAGURA, EGBA OWU. Lastly, there is EGBA ALAKE (Eku, Aarin and Agbeyin).

 Other Towns in Ogun

  • Ago-Iwoye
  • Sango Ota
  • Iboro
  • Iperin
  • Ofada
  • Ayetoro

 Prominent Towns

No town is particularly more important the other. However, there are some more well known than others. You may say they are probably more significant. This may be due to their population, industrialization or history. Some of these towns are listed here;

  • Ikenne
  • Abeokuta
  • Iperu
  • Ilaro
  • Sagamu
  • Ijebu-Ode


 Festivals and Carnivals in Ogun State

Festivals are an ethos that depicts the culture of the people. Several traditions have their unique way of displaying this. It is also a prevalent activity all over the country. Towns and villages in Ogun state are however not exempted. Some of them include;

  • African drums festival
  • Agemo festival
  • Ojude Oba festival
  • Egungun festival
  • Lisabi festival

 Egungun Festival

Festivals in Ogun
Egungun festival

This festival is celebrated in Ijebu Ode town. It usually occurs in May. Basically, it is a masquerading event. And it involves whipping and dancing amongst the contestants.

 African Drums

The event takes place at the June 12 cultural centre. Its venue is situated at Kuto, Abeokuta. Subsequent occurrence takes place annually in April. The duration of the event lasts for 3-4 days. As they showcase various African drums. This includes the tallest drum which is about 16 ft.

 Ojude Oba

Similar to the African drums festival, it also occurs annually. However, the location different. It happens in Ijebu land. And takes place at the palace of the Awujale (king). Ojude Oba festival comes up every third day of the Eid il Kabir celebration. Most importantly, every family goes home for this carnival. This is irrespective of their religion or political status.


 Tourist Attractions In the towns in Ogun state

There are so many tourist attractions in Ogun state. With its several historical monuments, it attracts tourists from all over the world. Ogun state is certainly a travel destination. The towns in Ogun state have so much to offer. Here’s a list of them;

  • Abeokuta Museum
  • Osuuru Water spring
  • Centenary Hall

Olumo Rock:

Towns in Ogun State
Olumo Rock

This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the state. It is located in the heart of Abeokuta. Olumo is an imposing rock with lots of caves and historical artefacts. Evidently, the name means “under the rock”. The rock served as a sanctuary to the people of Egba. As a result, people continued to find refuge there during the tribal war. After the 19th century, the settlers of Abeokuta grew. And people gradually spread out of the location.

The Ebute Onite tourist Beach: The Oni resort is a waterfront located in Ijebu waterside. Historically, the resort was discovered by fishermen a long time ago. However, it was later redesigned into a resort for tourists. On the other hand, there are several chalets to accommodate as many visitors as possible.


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