Corvey Museum palace that is located in Hoxter North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany is founded by Emperor Louis the Pious in 815-822. It origin started



Corvey Museum palace that is located in Hoxter North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany is founded by Emperor Louis the Pious in 815-822. It origin started back in the days when the Saxon War was fought and won by Charlemagne or Charles I or Charles the Great, King of the Franks, however, a plan was made to set-up an Abbey but this plan was only executed during the reign of his son Louis the Pious.

History of Corvey museum palace

The first Monks were welcome in 816 which were from the Benedictine Abbey of Corbie Abbey in Picardy, France that was dedicated to Saint Peter. The issue of the location made the Monks move in officially in 822 to a location called Villa Huxori this place was then called Nova Corbeia a Latin word meaning “New Corbie” in old German but it is pronounced “Corvey” so this was how the name came about.

Corvey grew rapidly as a result of the gift and donation that was made by individuals, an Abbey school was founded in 823 and the library was also established. Corvey produced the highest number of scholars then. Though the 30 years’ war devastated the Abbey, in 1665 Christoph Bernhard Von Galen became the administrator and reconstructed the Abbey. In 1792 Pope Pius VI raised the Corvey in a Prince-bishopric manner and it was not seen as Benedictine Abbey anymore.

The Era of Prince-Bishopric

Afterward, there was a change from Prince-Bishopric to the Princely palace that happens during the Biedermeier era. Corvey used as compensation for the territory lost in the west of Rhine since it was awarded to Victor Amadeus, he rebuilds the building as a Schloss (palace) this happened during the period of 1815-1834. His successor Victor von Hohenlohe Schillingfurst was giving the title Herzog von Ratibor und Furst von Corvey meaning Duke of Ratibor and Prince of Corvey; this was how Corvey became a palace and property of the Hohenlohe family.

The residential rooms giving to Viktor Amadeus and the wife Elise were in the west-wing of the convent building. Today Corvey is managed between to owner which are the Catholic Parish and the Duke but this has not make it very easy.

Culture and Tradition of Corvey museum palace

Corvey in 9th and 12th centuries had a very strong cultural, spiritual, economic and political center in northern Europe. The Christianisation of the northern and eastern regions of the continent were mostly originated in Corvey. Today it is the cultural focus in its location and also the most important heritage site. It a 7,000 square meter site with a museum which is it most important cultural and tourism institution in East Westphalia-Lippe, the special music festival perform in the Imperial Hall, the perfect work of art and other numbers of the event drew a large number of visitors every year to the site.

Work hours in Corvey museum palace

Corvey is opened on first of April to 1 November at 10 am daily except for October which Monday’s are not included, its door is opened to anyone who wants to book an appointment out of the Palace schedule time. There are majorly three tours a day in Corvey at 11hr, 12hr tour is called the World Heritage Tour WHT and 15hr and this place is also used as a conference center, hotel and for the wedding ceremony.

Corvey museum palace Awarded UNESCO title

It cost a lot as the owners spent a lot of money to develop the old Imperial Abbey to what it is today, the advice of Doctor Wimberk, the charitable act of Duchess Alexandra and every other individual and both meetings and other activity where held to succeed in its dream. However, Corvey Museum Palace has made more than 35% increase from visitors since it was approved as UNESCO World Heritage title in 21st June 2014 and it made the 39th list in Germany to be giving this award.

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