Natural Landscapes are nature's beauty depicted in the picturesque manifestation of Geo-morphological land forms littered across the earth



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Natural Landscapes in Nigeria are nature’s beauty. Which is depict in the picturesque manifestation of Geo-morphological land forms. However, it litters across the earth. These sights are diverse and range from extreme heights to depths. Also, producing amazing wonders. However, it develop over very long geological ages and varied origins. They have over the years provide man with options. In his quest for comfort, relaxation, adventure, and survival. While interacting with the world around him.

Nigeria is rich in an abundance of these land forms. From the mangrove swamps of the south. Through the hilly terrains of the central part to the low-lying Sahel of the north. Several exotic presentations of nature can be seen. Natural Landscapes shows the beauty and analyses of our locals and nationality. When the aesthetic appearance of a land’s vegetation, topography, contours, etc. are improve. The actions could be said to be landscaped.


Origin of Natural landscapes in Nigeria

Natural Landscapes in Nigeria is not an artificial art, However, it is a native gardening. In which plants, shrubs, trees, grasses, and ground cover are use. For the improvement of the land. It exists without the activity of man on it. Unlike places created or landscaped and maintained by special bodies.

However, Natural landscape in Nigeria does not require fertilisation and pesticides. Some of the special attractive landscape in Nigeria are Niger Delta, Ethiope River in Delta state, and Kaduna waterfalls. There are also Kafachan, Southern Kaduna, Mandara moutains, Osun Grove, Obudu Calabar, Kuri Wakko Dunes, and Yobe state etc. All are good example of what this literature is explaining. Also the grass, trees, shrubs, plant etc. Were naturally form without a native gardening. The presence of this places in a nation add values and improve tourist.

Maintenance and Cost of Natural landscapes

Maintenance and Cost of Natural landscapes in Nigeria is tough. It has a high cost of maintenance. Truly it is said that the construction of Neverland of late Micheal Jackson is very expensive. However, it more expensive; when comparing to the maintenance of any of the above list of Natural landscapes. Although, most of the Natural Landscapes in Nigeria. Were designed and constructed perfectly by the Creator of life. Therefore, the inhabitant have been safe the idea, strength, resources, and expense. Which can be use in putting up something like the earlier mentioned Natural landscape in Nigeria.

Irrigation implementation is not necessary. On a walk to the beautiful Olumo rock town. While chitchatting a friend ask “Do one necessarily need to water the great Olumo rock”? Or that of Dutse rock so it can grow”. Obviously you don’t need to. Those are natural and it can only be done naturally. That is why irrigation is not necessary to the natural landscape. And this can save the government from many expenses.

Importance of Natural landscapes

The visibility of Natural landscapes beautify our locals and nation. One will agree that indeed Natural landscape beautifies our surrounding. This is because of the photos we have seen. Also for some of us who have had the privilege to travel to some of these places. It does not only beautify but it adds values to a nation.

It calls for tourist among the nations. What will prick a man to live America and come to Africa. If not for the beautiful and pleasant things he has heard. And view about something somewhere. Therefore decides to make a historic journey so to be fully satisfy.

It can also be use as a source of revenue to the localities. I concord that beautiful places like this could be transform. It can also serve as tourist center. In other to generate income or revenue for a country. Places like these are Olumo rock, Yankari Game reserved, Kajuru Kaduna etc.

All through 2016, we have attempted to present; just a few of nature’s gifts spread across all parts of the country. Mountains, hills, rivers, waterfalls, Vegetation, and caves. All of the varied cultural and physical significance to the inhabitants. Please join us on the journey through Nigeria’s unique natural riches.


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