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Snake Island is in Lagos. A popular city in Nigeria and the economic focal point. Which generate a large portion of the nation’s GDP. However, the state was formerly the capital of Nigeria. Before it was move to Abuja. It is also popularly abbreviated as “Lag” and pronounced that way. History makes us understand that Lagos means Lake. However, it was name by the Portuguese. But before then it indigene calls it “Eko”. Eko is the Yoruba word for Lagos. And it means Island.

Also, the state is a port city. However, the area is mostly surrounded by waters. The land is highly bless with water and entrepreneurs. Lagos does not really have natural resources. However, the state has lots of opportunist. Today Lagos is one of those fastest-growing cities in the world.


Among all the beautiful places in Lagos, we find the Snake Island an astonishing place. These is because of few reasons and its nature. First, one may think that Snake Island in Lagos. Simply implies that there is an Island fill up with snakes in Lagos. But no, that is not it. Today we will know why this place is astonishing. Among the beautiful and luxurious places in Lagos. Snake Island is also part of Amuwo Odofin landmark. That is opposite Tin Can Island in Apapa. Fact remains that it is not developed as other Islands in Lagos. Some which are Banana Island, Lagos Island, Victoria Island etc.

Social amenities in Snake Island in Lagos

The place is a typical example of what your village or any village could look like. The Island lacks government attention. And need basic social amenities and infrastructure. Such as hospital, school, waste disposal, power supply etc. Also, there should be job opportunity for the occupants of this Island. This is because they are living a life out of the normal Lagos live. Lagos is a city. But the people here are not living city live. Example of job in this Island are motorcyclists, boat rides, fish mongers, crayfish traders, local hairdressers etc. Any indigene who is looking for a better job goes to Apapa. In search for greener pasture. This community is blessed with trees and green leaves. Which the indigene can cultivate for food.

Neighborhood of the Island in Lagos

The Island consist of many communities. They are Nanti, Igbologun etc. Some of the communities have inactive Healthcare center. And poor schools around. Well fact remains that there are graduate and undergraduate. corpers, government officials etc. living in this Island. However, they are all happy with where they are. Technology is not too far from them. This is because they have a neighbouring district. That are dealers in technology product. But reasons why Snake Island that is surrounded by civilised town still remain that poor can only be told by a Prophet.

How the name Snake Island was originated

The Island originates its name from the shape of a snake. This is because the communities on that island forms a snake shape. Therefore the name Snake Island was giving to the island. It is not because of the presence of snake that is found on the Island. In the past, 2004 precisely Snake Island was a global view. When Guilder Ultimate Search carried out a live adventure. The Island also carry out training on how to swim which is known as Sea School.


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