Afuze town lies in the heart of Owan East as headquarter of Owan East Local Government area in the Edo state of Nigeria, it is located on Auchi-Sabongida



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Afuze town lies in the heart of Owan East. It is the headquarter of Owan East Local Government Area. In the Edo state of Nigeria. It is located on Auchi-Sabongida Ora road axis. However, it is few kilometers from the Benin City. Afuze is the descendant of Emai. Also, it is a dominate in the Owan East of Edo state. Who shares common boundaries in the North with Akoko-Edo Local Government Area. The Owan East consist of 69 towns and villages. That make up the eight clan. They are Emai, Uokha, Ihievbe-Ogben, and Igue. Others are Ikao, Ivbi-Mion, Ive-Ada-Obi, and Otuo.

Population in Afuze town

Together they put up a population that is more than 154,385 people. The people of Afuze live majorly on farming and hunting. And they are well known for the large production of tobacco, cocoa, and cashew.


Afuze has been a modern town in the past. But today it is a minor town in Nigeria. Afuze had the world class Olympic village. That was build by Brigadier General Samuel Ogbemudia (rtd.) And also Afuze College of Physical and Health Education. Which was commission by ex-military ruler Gen. Yakubu Gowon (rtd.) on January 20, 1974. Alhough, it is known today as Michael Imoudo College of Physical Education. And the town also has Afuze Technical College.

The Olympic game village in Afuze was initially build to prepare the city for National Sports Competition. This act promotes peace and unity after the civil war. However, the athlete was to camp in the Olympic village. And also to make use of facilities in the physical and health education college.

Afuze town is a mix occupant of children, youth, and old people of different age bracket. Who are either into farming, craft work, hunting, motorcyclist, etc. This is the kind of business or occupation that is common in Afuze. Some of the children and teenagers do not really fancy education. They see education as a thing of the white people. Therefore they want to live their local lifestyle. Instead of living someone else life.

Food in Afuze town

The Afuze people specialises in the Edo cuisine. Which are white or yellow garri, yam porridge, and pottage. Also they eat cocoyam porridge rice, beans, yam, pound yam, and eba with melon. The vegetable or okra soup is mostly eaten in Afuze. Fish, antelope, grasscutter, pig etc. are their special meat. The land is bless with what to eat.


The people speak mostly Benin language. They also speak their neighboring village languages. Which some are Uokha Ora, Ihievbe-Ogben, and Yoruba.


There is a greater figure of people into Christianity. Than other beliefs of life. Afuze has traditional worshipers who are strong spiritual men and few Muslims. The elderly men in the village are mostly into the indigenous worship of strange gods and practice animism.

Festival in Afuze town

Afuze town celebrates their age group and different festivals. Some  which are Oghae for children, Aovbukpode for adult, Eseokhai for New Year and Oimiyan masquerade.
Oimiyan is a popular masquerade festival in Owan East. However, it is performed and celebrated by both young and old. The festival is a very popular one that draws attention from far and near to the community. Afuze is a wonderful land and is very rich. Today it indigene are well to do people in Nigeria and in the diaspora.


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