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Ilota town is a beautiful town in Ilorin LGA. It’s the capital of Kwara State. The town is in the western part of Nigeria. The Lagos highway is not too far from the town. It is also west from Abuja, 22km drive away will take you to Ilorin the city capital. Ilota finds itself as one of the town; that makes Ilorin to be the largest metropolitan in Kwara. It is one of the 21 towns in Gaa Akanbi district of Ilorin.

Population in Ilota town

Ilota has an approximately 118,097 population. However, Ilorin is approximately 856,900. While there are 4.4 million people in Kwara. Some of the nearby places to Ilota include Aga, Arugbo, Alaya, Ajimasin, Apala, Budo Are and Budo Soto. Others are Bada ajegunle, Dongari, Fufu, Emere, Faloku, Ga Gata, Bubu, and Femite.



History makes us remember how Ilorin was Fulani Empire. Until the war that was led by Sir George Goldie. Which put an end to the forces in 1897. The entire town and Ilorin LGA experience emigration after the long commotion back then. However, the town and the city of Ilorin has regain strength. And today the city is reviving with peace and harmony.

Religion in Ilota town

Indeed the place is actually Home of Peace. Islamic is the most practice religion in Ilota follow by Christianity. Also, there are few traditional worshippers. The first mosque in the state capital was Ile-Elewa. The second is Alfa Alimi’s mosque. And it a Juma’at mosque that was build in Ilorin. Cherubim and Seraphim churches are more popular in this town than other Christian gathering. Most churches around are Anglican, and the Celestial Church of Christ. Also, there are Evangelical church winning All (ECWA), Methodist, Seventh-day Adventist, Catholic and more which are not mention here.

Occupation in Ilota town

The people living in this location are Farmers, Cattle rearers, Traders, and Teachers. There are also student of both secondary and tertiary education. They have Motorcyclist, Tricycle riders (Keke Napep), Civil servants, Lawyers, Medical practitioners, Surveyors etc. The Ilota’s are good in pottery business. There work put smiles in the faces of the Ilorin people. The textile industry also trend in the city and Wara production (Cook milk).

Food in Ilota town

The people eatsAmala, gbegiri, yam, wara, tuo, etc. Fact remains that the kind of food in this land is a combination of Hausa and Yoruba food. Any type of Yoruba best meal is also eaten in Ilota.

Language in Ilota town

Most languages spoken in Ilota include Yoruba, Fulah, Hausa, Igbo, and English. Note that the languages spoken are due to migrant. Which come from different part of the state. The major language of Ilota is said to be Yoruba. Since they are classified as Yoruba ethnic group and Hausa also is not left out.

Festival in Ilota town

Ilota or Ilorin in general, has a very rich culture. Some which are Yawo dance. And other traditional festival. But because it is strictly an Islamic state, the Islamic festival are more perform than the traditional festivals.

Social amenities in Ilota town

Ilorin International Airport is very close to Ilota. However, it lies in the west of Ilorin. Also, there is a total of 5 airport that is close to Ilota town. There are good roads, pipe borne water, and many other basic amenities. Also, there are electricity, schools, hospitals, etc. The state generally is a developing state. So let’s hope it civilisation will affect many more town.


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