Sambisa Village which use to be the home base of the most dangerous terrorist attackers in Nigeria popularly called "Boko Haram" is located about 14km away from Kawuri village, which is linking Maiduguri-Bama road in the southeast of Maiduguri,



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Sambisa Village which use to be the; home base of the most dangerous terrorist attackers in Nigeria. Which is called “Boko Haram” is located about 14km away from Kawuri village. The nearest place to Sambisa is Muttiri. It is less than 5km. The village links Maiduguri-Bama road. It lies in the southeast of Maiduguri. The capital of Borno state northeast Nigeria.
Sambisa is also close to the southwestern; part of Chad Basin National Park. It also share a boundary with Gwoza at the east. The village lies on the west of Sudanian Savanna. And also, on the southern border of the Sahel Acacia Savanna in Nigeria.

The Sambisa Forest lies in Sambisa Village. However, it is govern by 4 local government area. This is because of it large landmark. It has about 518-686 square kilometers. Furthermore, the LGA governing the village include Konduga, Jere, Damboa and  Askira/Uba. The landmark also occupy some parts of Yobe. Others are Gombe, Borno and Bauchi state. While along the aisle include Kano, Jigawa, and Darazo.


Resources in Sambisa Village

The village is occupy with heavy short trees. They are acacia, baobab, birch, bushwillow, and date palm. Also, there are monkey bread, opepe, rubber, tallow, etc. Sambisa also hosts birds of different species like Abyssinian ground hornbill, and Arabian Bustard. There are also African collared dove, black scrub-robin, Francolin, Guinea fowl, and Village weaver. Also, there mammals like African bush elephant, African leopard; baboon, Grimm’s duiker, hyenas, and monkey in Sambisa. This is what makes Sambisa is a Game Reserve.

The village is good for Agriculture. It is a good example of arable land. If not for the case of Boko Haram this land will be a nice site to explore. Although the future will tell. The natural resource here makes the land a tourist attraction. This place use to fetch money to the 4 local government area; governing the land in the past.  The vegetables, grains and other crops grow in this village. Most of them are; sweet potatoes, groundnuts, cowpea, cassava, and tomatoes. Also there is spinach, onions, millet, rice, sorghum, wheat, etc.

Population in Sambisa

Sambisa is more of a tourist center than a settlement. The population in Sambisa village is few due to the attack of the terrorist. And this also affect it neighborhood. The people who live in this village do Farming, Hunting, Fishing, poultry farming and Logging. They mostly live on stem crops and fruits.

Food in Sambisa village

The Northerners in Nigeria have rich delicacies. The people of Sambisa are not left out. They take delight in eating Brabusco, Denderu, Masa, Miyan. And also, Yakuwa, Miyan Zogale, and Tuwon Acha.

Language in Sambisa village

They speak Kanuri, Shuwa Arabic, and Wandala. While the migrant speaks other languages like the Yoruba and Igbo. Many reporters and researchers also travel to Sambisa for many reasons known to them.  As a result of this many languages are heard among the occupant. The village has many tribes which include Margis, Kanuri, Gamarabu, Fulani etc.

Religion in Sambisa

Sambisa village is an Islamic own village. The village has more Muslim than any religion. The mosque is easily traceable than any religious worship center.

Festival in Sambisa village

The common festival here is Dubar Festival. It usually take place around the north and in Maiduguri. The festival is celebrated annually. It is usually in remembrance of a war between the ancient kingdoms.

Life in Sambisa is forsaken. However, we hope for a better Sambisa in the future. As the colonial master always intended.


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