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List of villages in Nigeria. There are many villages in West Africa. Nigeria is not elxcluded.You do not need to travel round the country to know this. A prove is people living in your neighbourhood. Most of then are not from your villages. Although you can find out. If you really want to.

List of Villages in Nigeria

Sambisa village
Amaozara village
Ugwueke village
Iboro Akoko village etc.

Check out the villages in Nigeria. They are nice environ. The country has it all. Meanwhile some of this places deserve attention. To make it more attractive for visitors.

tourist centres

Sambisa Village

The Sambisa Forest is Found in Sambisa Village which is governed by 4 local government area because of it large landmark which is said to be 518-686 square kilometers, the LGA governing the village include Konduga, Jere, Damboa and Askira/Uba Local Government area. The landmark occupies some parts of Yobe, Gombe, Borno and Bauchi state while along the aisle include Kano, Jigawa, and Darazo.

Amaozara Village

Amaozara is one of the 19 villages that makes up Alayi in Bende local government area, the village is divided into four compounds which are Ezi Egwu, Ezi Okoro, Ezi Uhu, and Ezi Ukwu. The village is not too big but has some natural beautiful site that is important to mankind, such as forest, hills, spring water, lakes and ponds.

Tourist Centres

Dutse rock
Corvey MuseumPalace
Emir Palace of bauchi. etc.

There are many nice tourist centres in the world. Nigeria is home to many of it. You can check some here. Such as Dutse rock, Corvey Museum Palace and Emir Palace of bauchi.

Ugwueke Village

Ugwueke village is in Bende local government area of Abia state, southeastern Nigeria. The town faces Ezeukwu and Isuikwuato at the west, Amaokwe Item at the East, Akaeze and Ishiagu in Ebonyi State at the north and Alayi at the south. The nickname for this village is “FOOD BASKET” since there is an abundance of food in the land. This land is a great Agricultural site that needs attention by the government. At a high level.

Iboropa Akoko

Iboropa Akoko is one of the major settlement in Akoko land in the Southeast of Yoruba kingdom. It is a neighbouring village to Ikare Akoko. The people live majorly on farming. The community is mostly occupied with people. With few youths and a large number of children. Any teenager who finished high school in this community will like migrate to a better community. This is because they want to experience a new lifestyle.


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