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Pollution is something that is harmful to human health, most polluted cities in Nigeria and their air quality index have really affected Nigeria and its population. However, this has led to lots of damages and illness in the country. Nigeria often refer to ask Giant of Africa has committed; by making some of its environment go dirty and inconvenience for citizens and foreigners to live. Although, it is in only few places in Nigeria.

Causes of Air Pollution in Nigeria

Most air pollution in Nigeria are caused by fossil fuels combustion and agricultural activities. When we talk about fossil fuels these are petrol, coal, combustible from other sources etc. It is no doubt that many places in Nigeria are underdevelop and far from civilisation; especially the Northern and few estern places. Nigerians who consume petrol and charcoal everyday have really affected the ecosystem of the country and therefore causing pollution.

Furthermore, the rotten agricultural produce that are been littered also lead to air pollution of bad smells. Do you know that the air from the exhaust; of a moving vehicle can be so dangerous to human when inhale. All this happens in many cities of Nigeria and are causing more harm than good. Others are in mining and the factories. Here are a few report from WHO about most dirtiest cities in Nigeria.

Most polluted cities in Nigeria

  • Onitsha
  • Kaduna
  • Aba
  • Umuahia
  • Owerri
  • Enugu


Onitsha which is the capital city of Anambra; is a very busy port city and a commercial hub. It is so unfortunate that the busiest city which is doing well financially has forgotten it environmental duties and therefore causing the city to be the dirtiest in Nigeria according to WHO with the result PM 10: 594; PM 2.5 : 66. Also, it is the worst air quality polluted city in the world. This means that the air inhale in the busy environ of Onitsha is harmful to the body. Therefore, citizens should be careful with the way they pollute the environment.



This City is among the beautiful cities in North. The reason for being this dirty seems not clear to me. Although, it is no doubt that Kaduna is a transport city where people move goods from different part of the state to. Kaduna is 5th on the list as the world dirtiest city. However, having the Air Quality Index result as PM 10: 423; PM 2.5 : 90. This shows how pollute the environment of this city is.


Aba we know to be a commercial city of Abia state. Which sometimes refer to Small China. However, you can ALSO READ ABOUT, LIST OF TOWNS IN ABA to understand better. The city came 6th position after Kaduna on the list. Aba is a beautiful city with nice building structure. Although, the city has not been able to maintain sanitation. This is the cause for finding itself in the list of most polluted cities in Nigeria. Also, with AQI to be PM 10: 373; PM 2.5 : 49.


It is so shocking that the two most popular cities in Abia state, Southeastern part of Nigeria falls into this number of 1 to 16. Umuahia which is the capital city of Abia is the 16th dirtiest city in the world. Therefore, this portray that Abia state is not a sanistise place to live. If two of its popular cities are in the top list; the other places will not be cool to breath fine. Here is the result according to WHO Umuahia PM 10: 274; PM 2.5 : 40. Maybe because the cities are commercial centres; that could be the reason why they are as dirty as that.


Owerri is the capital of Imo State also in the South eastern part of Nigeria. It is home to many resort centres and is a fast developing city. However, it is among the 5th dirtiest city in Nigeria. Also, with the air quality index of PM 10: 158; PM 2.5 : 44. It is so surprising for this as many part of the city looks very attractive. Despite the fact that Owerri is home to Imo Concorde Hotel.


Enugu City popularly known as the coal city is 6th in Nigeria with PM 10: 115; PM 2.5 : 15. However, the city is one of the most developed cities in Nigeria. But unluckily it has failed the keep its environment clean and is the 6th most polluted city in Nigeria.
It is sad that most developed cities in Nigeria are yet dirty.

Most polluted cities in Nigeria and their air quality index

Onitsha – PM 10: 594; PM 2.5 : 66
Kaduna – PM 10: 423; PM 2.5 : 90
Aba – PM 10: 373; PM 2.5 : 49
Umuahia – PM 10: 274; PM 2.5 : 40
Owerri – PM 10: 158; PM 2.5 : 44
Enugu – PM 10: 115; PM 2.5 : 15
Nsukka – PM 10: 117; PM 2.5 : 14
Ile Ife – PM 10: 103; PM 2.5 : 26
Abakaliki – PM 10: 88; PM 2.5 : 28
Afikpo – PM 10: 72; PM 2.5 : 25
Nnewi – PM 10: 57; PM 2.5 : 24
Orlu – PM 10: 52; PM 2.5 : 16

Polluted cities in Nigeria

Ile Ife

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  • You did well in your findings. But I guess the major cause of pollution in Nigeria is the mindset of the people.

    A lot of us believe the the government is the only one responsibe for everything.

    • That’s another point; the government and the masses needs to work together to achieve a better society.

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