List of villages in Germany. Planig. Planitz. Gelbelsee. Gösselborn. Ebernburg. Rothenbergerhof. Förderstedt. Carlshof. Köddingen. Arsten



List of Villages in Germany is a quest. For a while now it has been trending. People have interest in visiting Germany. This is because of the beautiful places and tourist centre. While others want to settle there because of the system of government. Life in Germany is Rosy and many are migrating to Germany. In this article we will list some of the villages in Germany and give some details about it. Although, if you are interested in knowing about a particular place in Germany. You can contact us for more information.

List of villages in Germany

However, Germany is the reason for the “Western World”. It lies in Western Europe, particularly the Baltic and North Seas. The country shares border with Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, and Luxembourg. Also, it is close to France, Netherlands, and Switzerland. Germany is the top 9 richest country in EU. The country is rich in natural gas and nickel deposits. Also, there is lots of potash, copper and salt in this part of the world. The tick forest and mountain looks adorable. The mountains, rivers and sea beaches attract visitors who are on tour. Here are the list of villages in Germany we have decided to write about.

  1. Planig
  2. Planitz
  3. Gelbelsee
  4. Gösselborn
  5. Ebernburg
  6. Rothenbergerhof
  7. Förderstedt
  8. Carlshof
  9. Köddingen
  10. Arsten



Planig is a settlement that lies on Appelbach. The village is in Bad Kreuznach District. This is in Rhineland-Palatinate State of Germany. It is very close to Am Winzerkeller. Planig is not a popular place in Germany. However, it is a nice place to visit in Bad Kreuznach. The village is calm and life is cool here. Though there are few people living in the place. Planig is one of the villages in the Nahe river wine area. They are rich in wine production. There are many Christians here as w8ell. Luxurious hotels are find in Bad Kreuznach which is it district.


Planitz is a village that is close to Ebner Agrarhandel. It lies in Käbschütztal municipality. This is in Meißen district in Saxony. There use to be a Planitz in Zwickauer town. However, Planitz may be a village. But it’s still lively and enjoy access to many hotels and restaurants in it neighbourhood. The village receive visitors who also tour on Meißen. Some tourist find the village worth visiting. The people in this community are not violence people. The cost of living here is not high. But the place is usually cold.

List of villages in Germany. Planig. Planitz. Gelbelsee. Gösselborn. Ebernburg. Rothenbergerhof. Förderstedt. Carlshof. Köddingen. Arsten


Gelbelsee village lies in the middle of Buch and Denkendorf. The village is in Eichstätt Landkreis. Landkreis is a German word that means district in English. This is in the Upper Bavaria of Bavaria in Germany. The village is in a very important district in Germany. The place is cold though. Snow falls there. There is also forest in this area. The village is close to lot of tourist centres in Eichstätt. Some of the tourist attractions include Altmühltal Nature Park and The Eichstätt Cathedral. The Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt is also in this district. 


Gösselborn is a village in stadtilm of Ilm-Kreis district. This is in Thuringia of Germany. The village is close to Geilsdorf, Singen, and Hengelbach. The village is close to Frankfurt am Main International Airport. That is when using the map. There is a village church in this locality. The Church is a Gothic building that was built in 1688. Also, there’s a half timber house in this village. There’s river Ilm near this village. You can find luxurious hotels around this village. The restaurants in this area are amazing. The environ is cool and life is peaceful here.


Ebernburg is a small village in Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg. This  is in Landkreis Bad Kreuznach of Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany. The village lies on Schloßgartenstraße and Berliner Straße. It is 327m from Rotenfels and 245m to Rheingrafenstein. There are quite a number of hotel here there’s a 3 star hotel around this village. They have nice restaurant with assorted food. The topography of the village is like a hill. However, the village dates years back. And also has a monument which is the Ebernburg Castle. The Ebernburg Castle plays an important role in this village. Ebernburg is cool and life here is fun to the Germans.



Rothenbergerhof is a village that is very close to Auf Weißmauer. The settlement shares boundary with In der Meulwies. Also, it is close to Dirmingen. Rothenbergerhof lies in Berschweiler district of Marpigen municipality. It is also part of the St. Wendel in Saarland of Germany. There are lot of luxurious hotels within this locality. Also, there are nice restaurant and relaxation centre here. The Jagdhaus, Tholey Abbey, and Weiher-Tour (Winterbach) are reachable in Marpigen. Pilgrims mostly visit this area too. The village is nice.


Förderstedt village lies very close to Staßfurt. Also, it is close to Calbe and Nienburg. This is located in Salzlandkreis. The state of Saxony-Anhalt in Germany. This locality is a salt producing area. However, Staßfurt  use to produce the largest amount of salt. The people living in this village can easily visit Schloss Gröna for fun. The Historical landmark in Calbe is a nice place to check-in. Also, there is a zoo close to this village too. The Staßfurt Zoo is close to Förderstedt. The zoo has animals of different breeds that are eye catching. There are two museums close to it. The Löderburger See is a nice water skiing site to visit.  This village is such an amazing place to visit. This is because of the tourist centres around it.


Carlshof is a village in Mecklenburgische Schweiz. It’s lies between Schorssower Weg and Stammbachweg. This is in Güstrow. However, the village is in Rostock.  A district in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern of Germany. The village is open to nice tourist centres. One can visit the Rostock Zoo from this village. Also, the Warnemünde Lighthouse at the Warnow River is an amazing place to visit. When you visit the village, there are many things to spice your holiday. You can check-in the Farm-themed amusement park for all ages. Then there’s also an ancient Church in the 14th century were you can visit too. Please note that the tourist attractions are not in Carlshof but you can visit it if staying in this village. There are luxurious hotels and restaurants here too.


Köddingen is a village on Vogelsberg. A mountain in Vogelsbergkreis County in Central Hesse. This  is in Hesse Germany. The village lies on talweg. It is close to Helpershain and Stumpertenrod. The village is on a volcanic Mountain. The Hoherodskopf is not far from the village. Also, there’s High Vogelsberg Nature Park within the vicinity of this village. Millions of visitors visit the mountains in this community. There are trees and thick forest here. When coming to this location, one needs to come along with mountain clothing and shoes. This is because of the mountains around here. There are luxurious hotels within it neighbourhood. The restaurant here will make you relax too.


Arsten is a village in Obervieland district. The village is close to Habenhausen and Kattenturm. Also, it is close to the Ochtum Park. The village is mostly called Bremen Arsten. Maybe because it is in Bremen of Germany. The village is open to visitors. The number of foreigners living here is high. Arsten is a cool place for people to retire. There are lots of tourist centres that will keep you. There are delicious meals in their restaurant.Arsten lies in one of the most beautiful state in Germany. Also, there are lots of luxurious hotels and and event center. The village is a fun place to visit or live.

List of States in Germany  

  1. Berlin
  2. Bremen
  3. Brandenburg
  4. Bavaria
  5. Baden-Württemberg
  6. Hamburg
  7. Hesse
  8. Saarland
  9. Saxony
  10. Lower Saxony
  11. Saxony-Anhalt
  12. Schleswig-Holstein
  13. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
  14. North Rhine-Westphalia
  15. Rhineland-Palatinate
  16. Thuringia


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