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UgboAtani village Arochukwu lies in the South West of Arochukwu; the heaquarter of Arochukwu LGA. In Abia state the South Eastern part of Nigeria. The village is in Amuze district. Atani village is sorround by other neighbouring villages. These are Isinkpu, Ugbo and Amukwa. Atani is one of the 19 villages that make up Arochukwu. However, there are more than 19 towns and villages that make up Arochukwu LGA. Also, there is a Atani in Anambra.


Villages in Arochukwu

  1. Atani
  2. Agbagwu
  3. Amankwu
  4. Amasu
  5. Amanagwu (Okpara Ezeagwu)
  6. Amoba
  7. Amukwa
  8. Amuvi
  9. Asaga
  10. Amangwu
  11. Ibom
  12. Oro
  13. Obinkita
  14. Isinkpu
  15. Ugbo
  16. Ugwuafor
  17. Ugwuakuma
  18. Ujari
  19. Utuhugwu

The people of this community specilise mostly on farming. They have mass production on rice and palm oil. Also, other farm produce like cassava, cocoyam, vegetables etc. Although, most of the south eastern state in Nigeia. Mostly produce same farm product but different quantity.

Population of Atani Village

The population of Atani village is quiet small. The Occupants are not more than 2,000. Most people living here are older people. Most of the youth from this community base abroad. The village Chief is Eze Charles Kanu (Eze Ogo of Atani). While the paramount ruler is HRH Eze Aro, Mazi Ogbonnaya Okoro. His throne sits on Oro  Arochukwu one of the 19 villages. He overseers all the affairs in Arochukwu. People from other town and village visit this community; for one reason or the other.

Festival and culture in Atani Village Arochukwu

The indigene are from Aro clan. However, they take part in the Arochukwu festival (Ikeji Aro). And also cultural activities, that is celebrated annually. The new yam festival usaully take place every September. It last for about 3 weeks to mark the end of the year. The festival attracts both visitors and indigene from diaspora. Although this festival is celebrated in the 19 villages of Arochukwu. It unites the people together and helps old friends connect again. There is a special masquerade in this community. The masquerade is not common in Igbo land except in Akwa Ibom. There is also the youth football match. The competion is very amazing too.

Towns and villages in Arochukwu LGA

However, this is a list of places in this land. But it is not a complete list. There are many community that makes up the town.

Amuze District

  1. Oro
  2. Obinkita
  3. Amankwu
  4. Amoba
  5. Ugbo
  6. Ugwuafor
  7. Amukwa
  8. Amangwu
  9. Amuvi
  10. Atani
  11. Asaga
  12. Isinkpu

Imearo District

  1. Agbagwu
  2. Amanmagwu
  3. Amasu
  4. Ibom
  5. Ugwuakuma
  6. Ujari
  7. Utughugwu
  • Eziama
  • Amodu
  • Amatiti
  • Amasa
  • Amankwu
  • Amakpofia
  • Amaeke
  • Amaebem
  • Abuma

Languages in Atani Village

The people of Atani speak Igbo language. Except for visitors who may also speak their language. For example am Akwa Ibom person speaking Ibibio. However, there are other foreign languages taught in schools. Meanwhile, the English language is the official language in this place.

Religion of Atani

Atani citizens are mostly Christian. They go to Presbyterian Church and Assemblies of God. Although, few traditionalist live here. It is a peaceful land. Also has a low crime rate.

Food in Atani Village Arochukwu

Although, the people of this community eat Igbo food. However, there is no special food to talk about. But there is this thing you may like here. Okazi, Nsala soup and Orha soup is a nice meal here. Atani has a way of making you feel welcome. Also, they are good cook.

Social Amenities and infrastructure in Atani Village Arochukwu

There are hotels in this village. Also with pipe borne water and electricity. There are schools in this community. The Indigene live a happy life. Although, there is no good road in this village. This is really bad as people find it hard to link up with the town. The community wish for 24 hours power supply. Although, this is hard to get for now. We look out for a better Atani. Few years from now.

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