Azikoro Village



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Azikoro town is a community in Yenagoa. It lies along Sanni Abacha Highway. You can also use the Isaac Adaka Borough Expressway. To reach the town. It depend on where you are coming from. The town is very close to Ekeki, Amarata and Agbura. Also it is close to Okaka, Ogu, Otiokpote and Swali communities. Azikoro is nearer to Delta state. Through Warri-Patani Road. The closest town from Delta to Bayelsa is Patani. Although Rivers State to Bayelsa is a bit far compare to Delta. However, one can locate Azikoro town from Rumuokwuta.

Azikoro Village


The town is in the oil rich state Bayelsa. Particularly at the north east of Yenagoa. The community is part of Niger Delta. Azikoro makes up the 62 district in Yenagoa. The town is a combination of 8 compounds head. Azikoro is a developing town.

It origin is from Epie clan. Although, Azikoro, Ewoe and Okaka. Were once a community in Okaka LGA. However, the people later relocate to its present site. The community has one chief as the ruler.  The paramount ruler of the community is Chief Clever Austin Amadoko HRH. The present CDC Chairman is Smart Nicholas. While the new AYM president is Comr Gentle Levi Samuel.

Population of Azikoro town

Azikoro is a community full of vibrant youth. The Indigenes of this town are involve in many things. Since there are all kinds of job for one to do. The educated ones do white collar job. The town is relatively a small community. It population is less than 20,000 occupants.

History of Azikoro

After many years of brothely love. The drive for a better life made Azikoro left Okaka community to were it is today. As the main source of living then was farming and fishing. Also Ewoe left Okaka and they were all separated. Everyone then establish her community. Although, there were no proper division of LGA. During the time Bayelsa was created. Ewoe was grouped to Ogbia LGA because of the location and landmark. Due to the grouping they now speak Ogbia language. Furthermore, they usually invite Azikoro and Okaka to their festival. And Azikoro do invite each of then as well.

Festival in Azikoro town

The people of Azikoro carry out Epie tradional rite. The Obunem Epie annual festival. This community also do annual wrestling, football competition and new yam festival. There are many things to know about this town. Furthermore, the town is a Christian community. The Indigenes are industrious.

Languages in Azikoro town

The people of this community speaks mainly Epie language. They also speak English and other Nigerian languages. Although English is the official language. There are other foreign languages taught in schools.

Foods in Azikoro town

Azikoro town have a rich cuisine. These are event meals, traditional and normal day meals. There’s no doubt that; this community eats ijaw cuisine. Their foods include Boli, Kalabari and Oghwevwri. Also there are many foods to eat in this town. Others are Ekuoka, Ukodo etc. You can check some of their foods HERE.

Social Amenities and Infastructure in Azikoro town

Azikoro community is a fast developing town. Although the community is yet to have stable electricity. There are also some good roads. There are schools and hospitals in Azikoro town. The government are trying to develop the town. The closest airport to the town is Amassoma and Port Harcourt. There are many hotels for relaxation as well.


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