10 most beautiful cities



The 10 most beautiful cities in the world are mind-blowing. Each city has a captivating feature of its own. They have unique buildings, landscape, and vast water bodies. The cities’ lovely scenery leave visitors astonished. Although everyone has got their personal favourite. However, cities in this article will certainly make you fall in love.


 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

 Rome, Italy

10 most beautiful places in the world

Firstly, Roma is the capital city of Italy. It is also the most beautiful and largest in the country. So many unique features accentuate the city’s beauty. For instance, the historic buildings are a sight to behold. The piazzas and world-class arts are also a big part of the city’s beauty. Above all, the Vatican City is certainly an appeal to visitors. On the other hand, Rome’s culture is the best thing about the city. The food and its people are however not to be left out. A place truly deserving of its praise.

 Rome’s Cultural Attractions


This is an impressively large architectural achievement. It is one old temple that’s part of the Campus Martius. Pantheon is pretty much the most complete ancient Roman structure in the city. Moreover, the structure stands erect without vaults or any visible arches. Another interesting fact about the Pantheon is the tombs. To clarify, there are two tombs of Italian kings embedded within the structure.

 Capitoline Museums

The Palazzo dei Conservatori and Palazzo Nuovo are situated in the same vicinity. Together, these two buildings make up the Capitoline Museums. And they house some ancient sculpture and art. They are however some of the city’s most important art. Also, the positions of these buildings directly face Rome’s town hall. As a result, the location of these buildings gives the city an elegant sight.

 Galleria Borghese

It is located on the eastern edge of the Villa Borghese park. This art gallery is old but one of the finest in the city. Further search tells it is one of Rome’s great treasure houses of art. A sight that puts Rome as one of the 10 most beautiful cities in the world.


 Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy

Several highlight makes this city very beautiful. A few of Florence attractions include; The Cathedral dome, the River Arno, the Piazza Della Signoria and the fine church of Miniato Al Monte. For instance, the Arno River cuts across the entire city. Wherever you find yourself you will catch a glimpse of beauty. From the streets to the pinnacle of buildings, there is breathtaking scenery. Above all, Florence continues to be popular for its art. What the city offers will certainly please art lovers.

 Things to see

 The Duomo (Santa Maria del Fiore)

This architectural design continues to wow visitors. Even at a second and third glance, the beauty is astounding. It’s in the centre of the city. The sight of this creation is quite apparent even from a distance. Despite this, people continue to fill the place. Another noticeable feature is its exterior colour. It blends with the surrounding buildings. And this just beautifies the vicinity all the more.

 The Uffizi

This is the finest picture gallery in Italy. It is also known as the Galleria Degli Uffizi. Essentially, the Uffizi is a gallery of paintings. It is however supplemented with classic sculptures. With most galleries finished, there are several rooms to display them. Additional features include improved cafes and bookshop.


 Paris, France

Most beautiful cities

The capital of France is arguably the most glamorous city in Europe. Throughout the city are art and architecture. Also, the streets and boulevards depicts lovely scenery. On the street is where you feel the city’s true pleasure. Moreover, the proximity of the city’s quarters is an advantage. As you get a good experience of every part. Also, the intellectual and artistic life is beauty in itself. Paris deserves to be on the 10 most beautiful cities in the world.

  Things to do

  • Climb the Eiffel Tower: This is an improbable structure. It gives you an unforgettable experience.
  • Parc Rives de Seine: The venue lets you partake in several activities. You can go jogging or cycling. And also just enjoy the view. During your stay, a cruise on the river is also possible.
  • The Louvre: Explore the world-class Louvre collection. This includes the famous Italian Renaissance paintings. Ancient Greek and Roman sculpture are also not to be left out.
  • Train to Versailles: Here, the French royal palace is incredibly beautiful. Its massive size and attached culture is awesome. In its vicinity is also an exquisite garden.

 Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

A city that is famous for its annual festival. Although there is more to Edinburgh than comedy and arts. That is to say, the city is beautiful beyond its scenery. On the other hand, Artur’s seat is about the best position in the city. This is because it offers a perfect view of the landscape. And this is located on the eastern part of the city.

 Things to do

Edinburgh is a beautiful place to see. It is an interesting place to be likewise. During the festival is one of the best times to have fun. However, the city offers so many things at any other time. Music and theatre are peculiar activities.

  • Visit the Palace of Holyroodhouse
  • Celebrate Hogmanay
  • Explore Edinburgh castle
  • Unwind at Dr Neil’s garden
  • Soak up views of the city’s skyline

 London, England


This city is the largest capital in the European Union. It stretches for a distance of thirty miles. And this is from the east to west. The population is however just under eight million. Also, London is amazingly diverse. Among the things London offers are; Ethnic, linguistic, cultural and culinary delights. Furthermore, the city has so many magnificent features. And this lets London claim to be one of the 10 most beautiful cities in the world.

London is filled with great historical landmarks. As a result, they attract lots of tourists. Some of these landmarks include; Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral, and The Tower of London. However, the city continues to reinvent institutions. The Royal Opera House and the British Museum are part of this new creation. And they beautify the city all the more. Therefore, tourists are more aware of these additional features.

On the other hand, the atmosphere is also very special. The eateries and pubs also have heaps of atmosphere. And they have both become a great attraction. Theatre companies and exhibitions also give rise to tourist attraction. Dance troupes, music, and clubbing are certainly of no exception.


 Prague, Czech Republic

Most beautiful cities in the world

There is no surprise it makes the list. A city that is referred to as two-faced. This is because the night and day give different experiences. During the day, you could take a long walk through the quaint streets. Also possible is a view of the Vltava river. Meanwhile, the night gives you a buzz feeling. Also, Prague is a city that leaves its visitors in bewilderment. As tourism and investment gives the city heaps of praise. Besides, the market square, old passages, and rivers add to its beauty.

 Beautiful Attractions

  • Charle’s Bridge
  • Museum of decorative arts
  • The Prague castle
  • Wenceslas square
  • St Vitus’ cathedral

 Venice, Italy


Italy is a very lovely country. Also, it has so many beautiful cities. For example, Venice happens to be one of them. As a result, millions of tourists visit yearly. Besides tourism, the city has a romantic setting that is hard to resist. Similar to other cities on this list, Venice boasts of classic architecture. The wonderful sea-view is also a perfect picturesque.


 Brisbane, Australia

Most beautiful cities in the world

Queensland Australia has Brisbane as its largest city. With its size, the residents continue to grow rapidly. An integral beauty feature of the city is its modern high-rise architecture. However, the lush green spaces and colossal Brisbane River are also included. High-rise buildings and crowded streets usually defines the city. The community-oriented suburbs on the other hand accentuates Brisbane’s beauty. As the terrace and fortitude valleys are all part of the suburbs. In short, it is one of the 10 most beautiful cities in the world.

 Other Attractions

  • Brisbane River
  • Nightlife
  • Gay and lesbian proclivities
  • Festivals

 Kyoto, Japan

Beautiful places in the world

This is the capital of Japan. It is also the centre of culture in the country. This city has so many impressionable features. Among the features are the mountains and traditional temples. These mountains are however easily accessible. And the temples can be found on the eastern part of the city. These temples are an overwhelming legacy of ancient Buddhists. Kyoto is filled with majestic palaces and large gardens. Also included are the city’s most valuable works of art. Moreover, the country is very cultured.

 What to see in Kyoto

  • The International Museum of Manga
  • Zen gardens of Daitoku-Ji and Ryoan-Ji
  • Nijo-jo (seventeenth-Century Palace)
  • Imperial Villas of Shugaku-in Rikyu and Katsura Rikyu

 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Beautiful cities
Rio de Janeiro

With no doubt, Brazil has both natural and man-made beauty. The location of this city is a big advantage. And this is because it is surrounded by gifts of nature. An example is the Copacabana beach. The forested Parque Nacional de Tijuca is likewise natural.



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