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Places to eat in Dubai are always what pops up; in the minds of individuals who are new arrivals in the city. Dubai which is one of the Emirates and most populus city in UAE; is a tourist destination for many. Furthermore, Dubai is known for its Artificial Intelligence architectural works. However, having the tallest skyscraper in the world. The city is home to many islands and Palm trees; forming a scenic environ.


Facts about Dubai

Also, there are many luxurious hotels and sweet sensation restaurants in Dubai. The city which is bordered by Alantic ocean is a must visit; for a traveller. Do you know that Dubai which is just 108 billion dollars in GDP; is bigger in size than the capital city Abu Dhabi. Although, Abu Dhabi is the richest city on Earth. But people visit Dubai more because of the landscape of the city. Nevertheless, the resort centres have taken time to set up an attractive restaurant; to feed you with your choice meal in it’s best anytime you visit.


Eatries in Dubai

  1. Pier 7
  2. COYA Dubai
  3. Dubai Fish Hut – Oud Metha
  4. Al Dawaar Revolving Restaurant
  5. La Petite Maison
  6. Al Grissino Restaurant & Lounge
  7. Indego by Vineet
  8. Ruya Dubai
  9. Little Miss India
  10. Sloane’s
  11. Bombay Brasserie
  12. Maiden Shanghai
  13. Amaseena
  14. The Talk Restaurant
  15. Palm Grill
  16. Ostro Restaurant
  17. Doors Freestyle Grill

Nice Restaurant to eat in Dubai

Pier 7

Pier 7 Dubai Marina is a restaurant with over 3144 rating remark. The restaurant is among the Marina Promenade. Which lies on Sheikh Zayed Rd in Dubai. Pier 7 according to it’s name offers seven ways to dine. While in Ateliers M you will get an irresistible fine french foods. Such as Crab Croquettes, Wagyu Rib Eye, Butter Poached Lobster, Oxtail Ravioli, and Hamachi Tartare. Also, the Pan Seared Duck Breast with its Foie Gras Butter has a great taste.

The restaurant strife for the most beautiful place in Dubai. In Asia Asia you get Pan Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. However, listing from Moromi Miso Black Cod, Beef & Truffle Dim Sum, Crispy Aromatic Duck, Duck & Dragon Maki etc. Finally, Abd el Wahab, Fumé, CARGO and The Scene by Simon Rimmer also have their unique dining style.

COYA Dubai

Coya which is in Restaurant Village, Four Seasons Resort in Jumeirah Beach Road, lies in Jumeirah 2, Dubai. Is a Peruvian resort center with 1,441 rating from people. The restaurant is a signature of Latin American, promoting its culture and foods. However, Coya focus on the modern spin of Peru foods. Also with Spanish, Japanese and Chinese ingredients to give a delicious treat. The restaurant seems to dominate in the Restaurant Village. Also, this is one of the places to eat in Dubai.

Here are the Opening Times

Lunch: Monday – Sunday: 12:30pm – 4:00pm
Dinner: Saturday – Tuesday: 7:00pm – 12:00pm
Wednesday – Friday: 7:00pm – 12:30am
Pisco Bar & Lounge Opening Times
Saturday – Tuesday: 12:30pm – 1:00am
Wednesday – Friday: 12:30pm – 2:00am
Also, Members’ Club Opening Times are
Saturday – Tuesday: 12:30pm – 1:00am
Wednesday – Friday: 12:30pm – 2:00am
While Brunch is
Fridays: 12:30pm – 4:00pm
Fridays which are meant for brunching in COYA is the best you will get anywhere during the weekends in Restaurant Village. Offering the finest cocktails and sweet sensation cuisine. With unique settings in Grand style. The Disk Jockey will make you enjoy the rest of your moment.

Dubai Fish Hut – Oud Metha

is popularly known for its sea food. The Oud Metha Dubai Fish Hut lies on Street 8, Near Ismaili Center. Which is behind the Lamcy Plaza Parking Slot in Oud Meta Area. The restaurant offers it’s best variety of sea food. Which are Sea breams, Tiger Prawns, Crabs, Shrimp, and Squid. Meanwhile, the fishes are Hamour, Kofer, Sheri, King Fish, etc. However, the foods are gotten from the Gulf of Dubai and Arabian sea. The food is prepared with special spice to give you high quality delicious food. Also, the company does home delivery services. You can book for your table before arrival. Their food can be combined with any main course.

Tourist destinations in Dubai


Al Dawaar Revolving Restaurant

is a hotel restaurant in Hyatt Regency Dubai. It lies on 25th – Al Khaleej Road. This resort centre can easily be recognise from distance. While in Al Dawaar you can choose; from variety of regional cuisine of your choice. Starting from beverages like Vanilla-Hibiscus, and Minty Lime to any delicacy. You have access to many international buffet. If you are with your family; you can take non alcoholic grapefruit mojito. Other drink include passionfruit lemonade, soft drini and ice lemon tea. It’s starters are asian salad, arabic mezzah, and garden greens. Also, one of the places to eat in Dubai

La Petite Maison

La Petite Maison started in 2010. It is a very cool restaurant with a Cote d’Azur feel. However, serving a mix of an Italian and southern French cuisine. This beautiful mansion in Gate Village lies in 8, Dubai International Financial Center. The hotel is know for it’s french and Niçoise cuisine. While in this restaurant you will be served seafoods, pasta and meat. Also, be ready to get olives, lemons, artichokes etc fresh from the Mediterranean.

Al Grissino Restaurant & Lounge

Is an Italian restaurant that lies in Emirates Financial Towers of Dubai. It is rated as number one Italian restaurant in Dubai. The restaurant offers extensive cuisine on sea food, meat, pasta and risotto. It has the coolest Tube Bar in town. Having the best industrial design and unique shape. You will really a nice dinner in this restaurant. Also, you can come back on Friday and dine on The Italian Brunch. Along side with live bands performance. The international team are always there to get you going with the environ.

Indego by Vineet

Indego by Vineet is an Indian best restaurant. That lies in Grosvenor House Dubai. The rich culture and tradition of the Indians are revealed in this resort. If you are a lover of Indian traditional foods; then this is the right place for you. Expect to eat PANCHRATNA DAL SHORBA – Bombay chilli toast. A kind of food made from five lentils. Or a CHAAT TRIOLOGY – which is a there flavour chaat with potatoes; the presence of papdi hayand dahi bhalla ice cream makes it more delicious. Other delightful meals include corn cravings, samosa doughnut, paneer pasanda, fish kasundi etc. There is a lot to eat from this restaurant.

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Ruya Dubai

Which also lie on Al Emreef street is a Turkish restaurant. The special Anatolian cuisine is the best kind of Turkish meal. The settings for relaxation is wow. The restaurant has scenic environ that will feed the eyes. All foods eaten comes from the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. While here, you can sight view from the terrace; viewing the Dubai Marina. Get a grape wine while satisfying your stomach with tasty foods. Do you know you can book a table before getting to Ruya Dubai. Also, the bars has the best of Turkish cocktails. Nevertheless, it’s wine are the finest and pure. This is a party after party restaurant. As their mixology are doing excellently.


Little Miss India

Is a beautiful restaurant in Fairmont The Palm Hotel. Which is in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. The place is popularly known as Best Indian in Dubai. Little Miss India is a restaurant in a 5 Star hotel. Which is situated on an island. This is the perfect kitchen to satisfy your stomach with your family. However, it is home to the best of indian flavors. All foods are made by traditional techniques. Special and tantalizing taste awaits you in this restaurant. Also, this is among the good places to eat in Dubai.


This is another Seafood restaurant; in Grosvenor House Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Sloane’s is known for showcasing it’s fresh foods as they come. The golden and stainless steel makes the food sparkle. Making it more attractive to the visitors. Therefore upsetting the stomach to be hungry. Also, it gives a clear view of how decent the restaurant is. There’s this desire to taste the hot prepared seafoods. Such as prawn tempura, indian fish and Seafood Paella. Also, expect a hot or cold breakfast like the waffles and crepes. While fresh fish, pizza, rotisserie, chicken and beef could be serve as lunch or dinner.

Bombay Brasserie

This restaurant finds its way to Burj Khalifa Street in Dubai. Which is not too far from the Burj khalifa. Bombay Brasserie is a classic restaurant; in the tourist city of United Arab Emirates. The environ portrays a dramatical atmosphere. Giving the best innovation of a restaurant. The open Kitchen with a very large size looks welcoming. Also, the botanical bar is the finest. The lighting in the restaurant gives you a decent mind. Expecting a nice treat from the kitchen. While in this lounge; you can order for cocktails, champagne and finest wines of your choice. The tantalizing square is supported with a rooftop pattern. This is a global eatery were you wine a grand style. The buffet breakfast is in it best concept. The terrace seating will give you a clearer view of the Downtown Dubai.


Maiden Shanghai

This Chinese restaurant lies in Palm Jumeirah of Dubai. It is famous for modern Chinese treat. However, you can book your table and chill with your family. No doubt Chinese is recognise for it nice ingredients and spices. Maiden Shanghai which is carrying the name of very popular city; in China portrays the culture of China. The traditional recipes speaks. This beautiful restaurant in the heart of the Palm Jumeirah gives an amazing view from the Marina. Its Karaoke room illustrate the presence of China. The indoor bar, and private dining area looks cool. While here, you will have special time enjoying the foods and drinks. And pleasant music. This is one of the best places to eat in Dubai. The purest and finest of wines and cocktails are served here. Giving you the best atmosphere is what Maiden Shanghai restaurant are good in doing.


Is a restaurant in The Ritz-Carlton; a popular 5 Star hotel known for it uniqueness. The restaurant showcases the culture of Arabian through its food. It is design with Bedouin inspired tents with Arabian melodies. However, it is the belly dancers gives a romantic scene in the restaurant. Leaving you with love feelings. The night buffet is always glamorous. From the sparking beautiful lights installed. The outdoor is perfect for a get together affair.


The Talk Restaurant

lies at the Jumeirah Beach Residence in Dubai. This restaurant portrays more than just food. It also promote the tradition and culture of the Arabians. This eatry is design as an open kitchen. Showcasing the tantalizing foods prepared. Also, making it a theatrical show. Starting from Breakfast to Dinner usually a buffet service. The menu includes variety of treats from different part of the world. Where ever you maybe in the restaurant; you will never feel lonely. Or be left out of the fun.

Palm Grill

Palm Grill is another restaurant inside The Ritz-Carlton Dubai. A very attractive restaurant close to the beach. It is the only restaurant that is along the beach. Pilgrim Grill reveals the beauty of Arabian Gulf. However, giving a stunning sight of the Dubai sunset. The restaurant is popular for “no shoes” system. While in this hotel you will eat variety; of Sea foods and drink cocktails and the finest wine in it season. During twilight; people who live closeby prefer to chill at resort centre. Palm Grill is one of the nice places to eat in Dubai.

Ostro Restaurant

Ostro Restaurant lies in Al Khareef 1st Street, Barsha Heights in dusitD2 kenz hotel, Dubai. A special experience to behold in ostro Mediterranean hotel. However, the restaurant is an international awareness. Serving special delicacy from Asia to Mediterranean. Giving the visitors a lovely feel. After a long day at work or before going to work. Ostro restaurant is also among the best places to eat in Dubai. However, this restaurant also offes open kitchen settings. Leaving a reminder in the heart of its customers. This is a good place to relax with your family and friends. It’s also offer other services.



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