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A lot of people who live outside Asia have a flare for; the very vibrant Chinese culture, lifestyle, food, language and even people and Chinatown. I have a friend who has been turning down Men who ask her hand in marriage; simply because she desire to marry a Chinese Man. Although, it might seem foolish but I think if you have a passion for; a particular culture or ways of life you should find a way of becoming part of it. Nevertheless, it’s actually not easy to become part of a group of people; who have different values of living from our own biological values. But as an adult one can decide to become part of any cultural group that you desire.

However, this could be either by marriage or acquisition of citizenship. Or by just legitimately partaking actively in the lifestyle of the people. Furthermore, if you live outside Asia and seek for a Chinatown; were you can either relocate to or visit constantly for tourist purpose, then you should look around where you can visit. In these article, I’ll be giving details on where you can find a typical Chinese town outside China and Asia as a whole but still feel like you’re somewhere in traditional Beijing.


China Town market

  • Chinatown, Buenos Aires
  • CHITO Chinatown, Luxembourg
  • Chinatown Supermarket of Manhattan
  • Paragon Gourmet Market, Paris
  • Paddy’s Market Haymarket
  • Dragon Market Guide

Chinatown restaurant

  • Flower Drum Restaurant Melbourne
  • Derrick Avenue, Johannesburg
  • Dolan Uyghur Restaurant
  • Jade Dynasty Restaurant
  • Chinatown Gate, London
  • Good Mong Kok Bakery
  • La Flor de Loto
  • Madam Tusan
  • Zen Garden
  • Nam Kee

Chinatown San Francisco, United States of America

Since the mid 19th century, San Francisco has homed the largest Chinatown in the whole of north America. However, spotted around Stockton and Grand Avenue the town has become overpopulated; with tourists and foreign immigrants seeking to settle in the US. In 2016, a plan for expansion was innovated by the US government. You can decide to either lodge in boarding houses, motels or at the famous Fairmount hotel in Chinatown in San Francisco while visiting.


Chinatown New York, United States of America

In the city that never sleeps; we find colourful red streets in Lower Manhattan where the Chinatown in new york that never sleeps is located. However, since the late 20th century, the town has been growing rapidly almost covering the Little Italy on its side. Furthermore, the town hosts the best Chinese cuisine from every indigenous Chinese regions; late night clubs, strip clubs and has turned out to be home to a lot of Asians living in Chinatown NYC New York.

London, United Kingdom

In London, we stumble into the town which was once immortalised by fictional works of art by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; who always visited when he needed something tougher to smoke from his pipe. Previously, the town used to be in Lime house but is now located at the west end. However with a new vibrant feeling that contributes greatly to the SoHo allure. Furthermore, the traditional Cantonese occupants provides mind blowing dumplings; to feel the belly as well as dim sums. Which are the best in the whole of UK.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Africa isn’t left out in creating space for exploration of other cultures; despite its own very elaborate and vibrant cultural life. Here in Johannesburg, a large number of Chinese immigrants have moved into the city and has created two Chinatowns in one city overtime. The Old Chinatown homes gold mines of Transvaal and its located on Commissioner street while the New Chinatown houses the best modern restaurants, markets, night clubs and bars on the eastern neighborhood of Cyril Dene.


Melbourne, Australia

As early as 19th century, being a city filled with passionate foodies. However, the city had started hosting Chinese chefs to provide; mouth watering dumplings and over time a town has grown for the Asian community to occupy peacefully. Up from Bourke street to Spring street, the town booms with north Chinese restaurants; filled Cantonese delicacies and now offering newer mix of Sichuan dishes.

Havana, Cuba

Throughout Latin America, the Chinatown seems to have experienced greater glories with Chinese enterprises booming around the city. Although, the smell of China is no longer as it used to be. One can still feel Chinese because of the business empires that succeed the 1959 revolution.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

After the second world war, the Chinatown began to bustle with gambling houses, opium dens and Chinese restaurants springing up. Although, the government of Netherlands has managed to eradicate a lot of those criminal lurking residencies. Yet there are still a few hidden ones you can’t really tell where. These days its more of the restaurants you’ll find from the perennial red light district up to the vibrant Nuwmarkt square in Amsterdam.

Vancouver, Canada

Being the third largest China town in north America after San Francisco and New York’s. The Chinatown here reflects purely Chinese traditions, history and lifestyle. The town is vibrant with restaurants, stores and bars all of Chinese descent. Infact, we can easily say that this is the most typical Chinatown in the whole of North America.


Lima, Peru

In the heart of lima, we witness the largest ethnic population of Chinese immigrants throughout Latin America. Popularly known as the ‘el barrio chino’, there are over 6000 Chinese restaurants and other enterprises. In here there’s, a mix of Peruvian and Chinese culture and these can be easily seen in the food they eat such as the common Chifa. This Chinatown has been growing steadily since the early 20th century.

Lagos, Nigeria

Asides, Johannesburg’s, Nigeria also hosts a couple of Chinese towns in different parts of the country. In the city, there’s a four wall built in the Chinese style demarcating the China towns architecture from the other Nigerian style architecture which has a large amount of Brazilian influence. The town is built basically for commercial purpose as you can purchase any goods you desire from here that is made in China. Restaurants, fabric stores and showrooms are built into stalls. The Chinatown founded early in this 21st century is located along Ojota, Lagos . Business here is bubbling depending on the kind of enterprise one runs, although a couple of Chinese has returned to their country due to the economic status of the country while others has moved to other Chinatowns in different parts of the country .



China is heading towards becoming a top world power and is breaking boundaries beyond its horizons. The country is also investing wisely in other countries boosting its economic status rapidly. It is, therefore advisable that we as capitalists tap into the system by endeavouring to invest in Chinese business which are likely to favour us simultaneously. In most of these China towns the cost of living have little or no difference from other parts of the cities. When next your mind starts thinking about escaping to China either for holidays, commercial purpose or for the sake of migrating don’t hesitate to try the life of Chinese people near you. It would even be favourable to you as you can easily run back to your original locality incase if any hazard that might occur.

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