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Húsavík is an island town in Norðurþing of Iceland. Which lies in Þingeyjarsýsla district of Northeastern Region near Skjálfandi bay. Also, Húsavik is nearby to Hofsa at the East. While Dalvik, Siglufjordhur, and Saudharkrokur are at the West. Although, the northern part of Húsavík is open to the Sea. While the South is near two long Rivers. One of them is Jökulsá á Fjöllum River; the second longest in Iceland. However, Húsavík is an ancient town in Iceland just like Ikote Ekpene in Akwa ibom. Moreover, Húsavík settles on a mountain and also on a narrow, long and deep inlet that is between cliffs.


Husavik Iceland Weather

Do you know that in January and February the weather could be less than 1°C. However, it is always windy, freezing and snow during winter for a long period. But summer is short in Húsavik and is always cloudy. Best time to visit this part of the world is July and August. Húsavík is a very good place. Just like the name Iceland. The country is truly an Iceland.

Húsavik Iceland map

Húsavík lies in Northern Iceland in one of the 8th region of Iceland called Northeastern Region. However, it lies on the shore of Skjálfandi Bay and borders the Arctic Circle. Raufarhofn is at the North, and Vopnafjordur is at the East. Meanwhile Akureyri and Olafsfjordhor is at the West. While Jökulsá á Fjöllum River and Skjalfandafljot River is at the South. Also Húsavik is near to Greenland from the sea.

Population in Húsavík Iceland

Do you know that as famous as Húsavík is; it population is so small. However, having a population which is more than 2,307 people. They are mostly into fishing. But also make money through tourism. Húsavík which used to be a village is now a Town to many tourist attractions and is a source of revenue to Norðurþing municipality.



Fun places to visit in Húsavík

  • The Húsavík Whale Museum
  • The Exploration Museum
  • Húsavík Port

However, things to do in husavik iceland are fun. GeoSea Geothermal Sea Baths is something anyone will love to experience. Whale adventure is actually for adventure seekers; it will help you get close to the Whale and you can take a very close picture too. Another thing to do in Húsavik is to check-in; to the wooden restaurant that is so traditional. And enjoy the best meal of Iceland. Do you think you can swim; then you are just at the right place. There are swimming pools, skiing activities and golf course to keep you company.


Húsavík Iceland Festival and Culture

Húsavik town usually celebrate Mærudagar in July which is one of the best month to visit. Mærudagar is known as Candy Days in English. However, people from different part of the country usually come to witness and participate in the festival. It is one of the biggest festival in this town. Nevertheless, foods, drinks, music and nice decorations and always use to spice up the event in grand style.

The people in this town also enjoy whale watching. While many takes it as an occupation others take it for fun. Also, they love playing football here and the town is home to ÍF Völsungur; a local football club. Inspite of all, the town boast of tourism and fishing. Although, there are industries that the people live on.

Food in Húsavík

With the Greenland Sea just opposite Húsavík when sighting from Skyline; the town is rich in all kinds of seafoods. They eat fish and chips, shrimps, and salad. Their food includes salmon, lobster, cod, and haddock. However, the hunger for Kjötsupa, Harðfiskur, Svið and Hákar are foods Húsavík can’t do without eating.

Language in Húsavík

Fact remains that the people of Iceland speaks English very well apart from their official language which is Icelandic. Also other languages spoken includes Polish, Denish, Spanish, Lithuanian, German, Basque and French; from student who practice the language or from immigrants.

Social Amenities and infastructure

There are lots of social amenities in this town. Such as Airport, restaurants, cafe, hotels and museum. The maritime museum and folk museum both lies in húsavík. Also, this town houses the Húsavíkurkirkja wooden church. A very popular tourist site in Húsavik.

Húsavik iceland hotels

  • Fosshotel Húsavík
  • Húsavík Hotels
  • Gamli Skólinn Húsavík
  • Arbol
  • Húsavík Guesthouse
  • Spirit North Yoga & Guesthouse Húsavík
  • Cape Hotel
  • Bjarnabúð
  • Askja Apartment
  • Post-Plaza Guesthouse

There are husavik guesthouse in iceland. Anyways worry less as you will always find husavik cottages iceland. If you can’t afford the luxurious hotels.


Húsavík whale watching

Whale watching is something every citizen and visitors of this town loves doing. However the bay has different kinds of species that lives in húsavík. Furthermore, Húsavík has earn the name “Whale Watching Capital of Europe”. Nevertheless, it attract tourist from different part of the world. Therefore, making the authorities in this region to build the Húsavík Whale Museum. There are lot of húsavík adventures in this region.


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