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The towns in Oyo state are very popular in Nigeria. A few of the cities are quite popular outside the country. For example, Ibadan, the state capital is one of the largest in Africa. Oyo state is an inland state in the Southwestern part of Nigeria. Just like others, Oyo has other states on every side of its borders. Firstly, it has Kwara state to its north. Osun state sits on its eastern borders. While Ogun state is in the south. And you have part of Ogun and Republic of Benin to the west.

In 1976, Oyo State was formed from the Western state. Osun state was also a part of it but eventually got split in 1991. Moreover, Ibadan was once the centre of administration of the old western region. That is during the British colonial rule. On the other hand, most inhabitants of Oyo state are from the Yoruba ethnic group. And the indigenous mostly comprise of the Ibadan, the Oke-Oguns, the Ibarapas, and the Oyos.


 Local Government Areas

Oyo state consists of 33 local governments. Below is a list of some;

  • Ogo Oluwa Ajawa
  • Lagelu Iyanaofa
  • Atiba Ofa Meta
  • Oyo West Ojongbodu
  • Ido Ido
  • Ibarapa Central Igbo Ora


The local government was carved out of Lagelu local government in 1989. Its headquarters is in Egbeda town. And the postal code of the area is 200109. Further information put its land area at 191 km2. While the population in 2006 is 281,573. Egbeda has 11 wards. And there are counsellors that govern each of them.

 Ogbomoso North

This is the largest local government in the city. It is also the economic backbone of the city as you would expect. The most populous local government has a land area of 235 km2.  Also, Ogbomoso has one of the best educational institutions in the state. That is Ladoke Akintola University (LAUTECH). Another is the Bowen University teaching hospital.

 Ona Ara

With its headquarters in Akanran town, it has a land area of 290 km2. The 2006 census put its population at 265,059. And the area’s postal code is 200.


With a land area of 23 km2, it has a population of 142,070. The local government’s headquarters is at Iresa-Adu.

There are quite a number of towns in this local government. Some of them include; Igbon, Iresa-Apa, and Iresa-Adu. And each of them has peculiar traditional rulers. With this leadership comes Royal titles. Here are some of the royal titles,

  • Aresa (pupa) of Iresa-Apa
  • Olugbon of Igbon
  • Aresa (dudu) of Iresa-Adu

Furthermore, the main economic activity of this area is farming. And the main produce is Yam, Maize, Tobacco, and Palm oil.

 Other Local Governments;

  • Iseyin Iseyin-Okeogun
  • Ibadan South-East Mapo
  • Orelope Igboho-Okeogun
  • Iwajowa Iwereile-Okeogun
  • Afijio Jobele


 Towns in Oyo State


Iseyin is about 62 miles north of Ibadan. Initially, it had a population of 236,000. After a while, it increased to 302,990. That is an increase of over 64,000 from 2005 to 2011. Also, it has a landmass of 1,419 km2 (548 sq mi).

The town is in a central location and is easily accessible. The road networks from Ibadan and Ogbomoso are typical examples. In and around the city, they make use of the land for different purposes. For example, industrial, agricultural, and institutional purposes. The title of the monarch of Iseyin is “The Aseyin of Iseyin”.


This is the largest town in Saki East local government area. That is the Oke-Ogun region of Oyo state. Sepeteri has its location between several other towns. Some of these towns are Ago-Amodu, Oje-Owode, and Igholo. There are however other towns on other sides. And they are Ago Are, Iseyin, and Shaki.

The town is a homogenous one. As the people here are mainly of Yoruba ethnicity. And their primary language is Yoruba. Although, there are other language speaking groups present. Very much like other Yorubas, they are also descents of Oduduwa. One peculiar thing about the Yorubas is the extended family.

 Ori Ire

Ori Ire serves as a town and local government simultaneously. With a town within, it has its headquarters in Ikoyi. On the other hand, the land area is 2,116 km2. And it has residents that number 150,628. To clarify, these stats date 2006. The postal code is 210.

 Other towns include;

  • Igbeti
  • Atiba
  • Itesiwaju
  • Atisbo


 Top Sights in Oyo State

There are a plethora of sightseeing locations in Oyo State. As the towns in Oyo state house many of them. Below are a few of the top sights in the state.

 Mapo Hall

Towns in Oyo State
Mapo Hall

This Hall is the colonial style of the Ibadan city hall. It is found on top of the Mapo hill in Ibadan. That is the state capital. Engineer Robert Jones was responsible for its design and construction. In June 1925, the foundation stone was laid. As Capt. W.A Ross was in charge of this. After that, the Hall was commissioned during the colonial era. Once again, Captain Ross made this happen in 1929.

Meanwhile, the hall was completed during the leadership of Oba Shiyanbola Ladugbolu. That is the Alaafin of Oyo and Oyewole. However, his excellency Sir Graeme Thomson declared it open. The classical architecture of the hall is a constant reminder of early British influence. The administration of Ibadan as part of the Oyo Province felt its impact.

 Agodi Gardens

Towns in Oyo State
Agodi Gardens

Another name it is known for is Agodi botanical gardens. It is a tourist attraction in the city of Ibadan. It is a perfect location for families. This is because the environment is serene. And it sits on a whopping 150 acres.

Families patronise here mostly during vacations and weekends. Some of the facilities include a swimming pool and floating balloons. Although this seems more for kids, there are things for adults as well. For example, tropical trees can be used for picnics.

 National Museum of Unity

  • The place is filled with traditional cultural objects. These objects are however diversified through the different tribes. And they all make up the state and country as a whole.
  • There are colossal historical artefacts.
  • The perfect place to learn about the country’s history.

More sites;

  • Trans-Amusement Park
  • Irefin Palace
  • Bower’s tower
  • IITA Forest Reserve


 Tourist Attractions

 Cocoa House

Towns in Oyo State
Cocoa House

This is a 26-storey building. Also, it was once the tallest building in tropical Africa. The property belongs to Odu’a Investment Company Limited. As it use to be known as “Ile Awon Agbe”. That is “House of Farmers“.

The house is located in Ibadan. Meanwhile, its erection came from proceeds of commodities of the then western state. Example of these commodities is Rubber, Timber, and Cocoa. With a few others of course.


Tourist attractions - Oyo

This is an amusement theme park also in Ibadan. A fun fact is that it is sometimes referred to as Nigeria’s Disney World. Wonderland is still a popular entertainment venue in the state. Moreover, there are several fun things to do. With the likes of ferry wheels and roller coasters, you are sure to have a good time. Another fun ride is the merry-go-round horses. With many others as dragon boats, space station, and paranormal wheels.

 Oyo State Map

The map also shows the towns in Oyo State.

Oyo Map
Map of Oyo State


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